Clutton Horticultural Society

We had not been for absolutely ages but decided to go because the theme was humour and romance in the garden.   One picture is worth 1000 words and that is why I enjoy slideshows which can help you improve your own garden in a small way or fundamental way if not now than later.

I’m on my double dose now of medication which means that my acids, no longer troubles me. It’s a bit like brute force but anything is better then the burning pain of acid. I’ve been recommended to take acupuncture treatment which are someone said will help me to digest what is going on in the world, which I cannot stomach. Funny how these sayings are relevant. I was able to consume the bread and cheese buffet without any consequent pain.

I met Martin from the computer department at Bath University and shared my interest in finding some help with a new database which I need in the event of going ahead with the guide to retreats in the UK. He said he would pass the word around. He also gave some very wise advice,  which strangely enough I had not thought of, to look around and see what is available already.  I quickly discovered the Retreat Association which does a pretty good job listing up to 200 retreat centres in the UK

There is another one called the Christian holiday guide which lists a few places in the UK, about 13, a strangely named site called which lists about 20 retreat centres. The last edition of the Good Retreat Guide was published in 2010 and I think that events have overtaken this guide in that the Internet has become far more sophisticated and publication of such material is much easier. Due to Martin’s few words of advice, which he probably didn’t think was very important, I saved myself a lot of time and energy contemplating a plan that is probably no longer realistic in terms of energy input.



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