piles and piles of books

I knew the day had come. My obsessive desire for buying books, it is so obsessive as I realise I bought the same of the book 3 times. They were in rough order at first but now it is so difficult to find them, searching through about 1000 brightly coloured book covers. I almost need a team of trained librarians to come and help me.

The two big piles in the middle illustrated above are what I call my 9/11 pile. These are the books that describe how the world is not as we are told by the mainstream media. They include all David Icke’s books and if you pile them up they would be about 7 foot high. To the right of that is a pile about travel, or only a part of them. The pile on the right is books about reincarnation or some of them. To the left we have a pile of directories, again in 2 piles, and then to the left of that we have various editions of the Bible, and interpretations of the Bible. In piles you cannot see, books on mysticism, healing, psychic matters, and a very specialised section on Hitler and Stalin.

There are further substantial piles of books on art, a special section on Carlos Castaneda, and about 70 biographies.  I have about 20 m of shelving at the moment which is not nearly enough so off to IKEA on Sunday to buy yet another cheapo pine shelf I think about £55. In addition to that, I must throw some books away, books from whom I have derived all that it is possible to derive and it is very unlikely that I will read them again.

This will bring me down to about 800 books and this time they will be in clearly marked sections. I have already started reading them because the air is clearing. I’m reading about the autistic savant Daniel Tennent who can master a language in a couple of weeks and is happily living with his boyfriend Neil at the moment according to his latest book. Although I have some duties to perform with this diary, the 5G record, and AV people I have decided to go into hibernation or semi-hibernation this winter and do lots of reading. Mercifully and thanks to the good Lord, my eyes are not letting me down.

I went to a clinic in Bath and saw an Indian chap who gave me a very thorough osteopathic treatment and encouraged me to correct my stance. At the end of an excellent treatment he asked me about my psychic talents and said that he was interested in chakras. He told me that he had just attended a funeral of someone who has died aged 21 and that both he and the parents of the victim were both devastated. In spite of praying to God, my osteopath was still sad. He asked if there is anything I might be able to do. I said I would be delighted to but would he very much mind writing to me by e-mail since I was still in a post-treatment state and not able to concentrate as clearly as I would like.

a very impressive swan halfway down the high Street. We noticed that since our last visit, two more shops had been closed

I returned home and we decided to go to Wells. In retrospect perhaps I should not have gone and should have rested instead but I took a very gentle pace and only after an hour or so did I feel myself becoming shaky and visit was curtailed.  We had a very good lunch at our health food restaurant. This was preceded by a very generous beef pastie at a bargain price of £1.50. You could say I was being a bit greedy that my stomach now seems to be bullet-proof and I seem to be able to give it a small amount of overuse without it complaining.  Such a change from a week or so ago when I could scarcely keep anything down.

Today was a lovely sunny day and although cold, was windless so the temperature of 3 to 4° did not bother us at all.

An evening in front of the fire watching the discussions on Brexit in Parliament and reading my book.

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