It’s garden time


Painting inspiration this morning at Pengover Green wildflower meadow!  Well, that’s an lovely way to start the garden theme by giving you a link to click on. What comes to my mind is the glories of nature. It only lasts about 30 seconds.

The National Garden Scheme, a charitable project where people open their own private gardens for a few days per year. People come along and pay four pounds or five pounds and in return can wander around for an hour or so and be treated tea and cakes. This time we went to a place called Wellfield Barn which was one of these places that is so close and so far from civilisation in this case Wells.  Virginia’s husband had departed this planet a few years ago but she gamely continues to do charitable events, show people round, tells the story how the house went from nothing 22 years ago to a lovely garden.  Until recently when she was unfortunate enough to break her leg she presided over concerts in the living room.

The atmosphere of this place was so convivial that you could take a group of complete strangers and in 15 minutes they would be talking like old friends. An enormous amount of love and caring went into the walls and you can tell it.

One of the other visitors had just returned from the Shetland Islands where he had spent two weeks with his wife. He decided the best way was to drive up to Aberdeen and take a 12 hour ferry. They visited in early June. I asked about the mosquitoes and they said there were none probably due to the relatively inclement weather with associated wind.

Anyway, here are a few pictures to give some idea of what it was like with commentary where necessary. These are in no particular order.

A sunset view. In the middle of the picture you can just about see Glastonbury Tor
The lady of the house, with whom you do not trifle, holding forth about the history of the house
a lovely little bubbly pool powered by an electric pump. Very discreet.

two people deep in conversation
the main house, with skyscape