Slave labour as a psychic

I’m quite keen to develop my business as a personal counsellor, psychic etc. Someone pointed me in the direction of a Sky television company. “Psychic Today.”   This is featured on Sky Channel 650.  I was quite intrigued by this because I enjoy working ‘remotely’ in other words completely blind with people I know nothing about. I applied to go on the system and received a standard docket of information, the rules and regulations they had to apply, what you can and cannot say or promise, sticking to the broadcasting standards and all that.

I then came to the page on payment. The idea is that people prepay, or use the premium rate phone number typically £1.50 per minute. For a call lasting up to 10 min I would get £.25 per minute. If the call lasts over 18 min it goes up to a £.30 per minute. If my mathematics is right, the system takes £1.20 and the psychic or adviser gets the balance. The client pays 80% to the company including the telephone firm that provides the communication, and 20% to the person who does the work.

I remember when I started doing psychic readings in 1970 I charged £20 for an hour. I’m now charging something around £80. The most I can earn with Psychic Today is from one continuous hour – £18 – which I personally would find exhausting.  I can well and truly call this slave labour or exploitation.

There is another type of problem that absolutely anyone can ring in and inevitably they will want to know what their future is without being prepared to do the work to make a good futur. For example “will I meet someone?”  or “will I come into money?” These people have not got the first idea about the laws of living and think you can have something because you want it. It is almost impossible to filter out this type of questioning and I would have a very short fuse with these people so that’s the second ground for my being reluctant to take part.

I understand I’m going to be called in a few days to discuss my application and I know what my first questions will be. I think the conversation will be short.