A lecture on bird song

On the last day of our membership of the European Union, we went along in the evening to listen to talk on birdsong. I was fascinated with one bird that imitates the songs of other birds to give the impression there is much more than one bird occupying a particular territory, and  so ‘better keep off’.  I asked a question ‘ why robins knew when I even picked up a fork and work in cooperative attendance when I start doing their work for them and revealing lovely juicy worms in freshly dug round’.

Robins seem exceptionally tame and have lost their fear of humans. It was a jolly enough evening with about 30 people in attendance in Midsomer Norton Town Hall.  I saw one or two people there who sat on their own, not really summoning up the guts or the energy to talk to other people. Who knows what is going on in their minds? Perhaps it is lack of confidence.

On Monday evening I will have a chance to give a three-minute talk to the town council about their proposal to declare a state of climate emergency. I don’t think people want to realise that scientists and politicians (and anybody really) can be bought off. If you are given a large grant by a corporation you are going to come to the conclusion that they want you to come to. The carbon dioxide gravy train  is huge, some say the profits could be $6 trillion a year so why not spend a few billion on propaganda?

Today I received an article about a group of Finnish researchers who said that anthropogenic (human caused) climate change could only account for 0.01%C increase in global temperatures. I think I’ll throw that at the meeting on Monday.  Basically, people don’t want to think afresh and be disturbed from their comfort zones so I am going to get some flack …..so what’s new. Whatever you say, some will agree, some will disagree, someone like you, someone not like you.

We are blessed with mild weather and Saturday is forecast to be sunny and on that day we shall go off to Glastonbury to celebrate the first stirrings of spring.