The therapy of cleaning


amusing design on an adjacent wheelie bin

I don’t know whether there is some sort of psychological reason for this, but I have always been interested in cleaning things.  I like to make a difference.  This lady had been living in a bungalow for about 30 years and have never had her patio cleaned.  It takes up to 5 minutes to clean each stone.  First of all you clear off the grime, then you see where the mould has started to grow and you apply the jet wash to that. No two stones are the same.


I had a long chat about the coronavirus with a Ph.D. It is interesting that the method of transmission is uncertain and it may be that the viruses originate in the body and are bought on all bought out or activated by stress or change in electromagnetic field strength.  There is legislation of mandatory vaccination in Denmark although they don’t even have a proven vaccine.  There are also talking about it in the United Kingdom but the same applies so I don’t think it will come about for a couple of years and by the time the hue and cry will have died down. I think that it is very important to talk things out and not bottle up worries into yourself because the mind works effectively when thoughts are shared.

Having said that, I think that most people are too scared to think out of the box at the moment, as I mentioned yesterday.

My eyes are tired. The rest of me is fine.

And now to eat and to watch TV