A fairly normal day walking along a canal

To Dundas Wharf and Aqueduct, along the Kennet and Avon Canal. A lovely afternoon if a little breezy. Miscellaneous views taken on a two-hour walk.

Valley contains the canal, a river, a railway. Victorian ingenuity.
A narrow boat spot with a garden area attached.
This must be one of the longest boats – 70 feet.
A mum and her chicks
Good weather is the time for cleaning and repairing the boat.


Warleigh Weir, ideal for swimming and for family picnics.
A caring notice by the Canal and River Trust

Definitely does me good to have a day off from gloom and doom. I noticed there were not so many paranoid people along the canal path – rather still too many cyclists who had no bell and who drove too fast for my liking. You have to have your wits about you on sunny days.