A brief walk in a country park

We felt the urge to go for a walk, to get out of the house and away from our computers. We went to a place called Ammerdown Park, about 2 miles east of Radstock which was probably owned by Lord somebody a few generations back.

It has a nice mixture of tracks, paths, and a very tall hundred foot high memorial to someone or other. The markings were too blasted by the wind for us to decipher the writings.

what on earth has happened here it looks like six trees in one
normal tree rings
very well managed woodland
we sat on a well placed bench and reflected on the lovely countryside with the wind blowing

We had a very pleasant experience of meeting three generations of Polish people in one family group. There was grandmother, mother and father with four children. They cared not a jot for social distancing. We discovered them searching for wild strawberries and passed the time with them. The husband wanted to demonstrate his newly bought drone to his friends but the wind was too strong.

a field with dozens of different flowering plants
steps to make the gradient easier in the main wood

I was suffering a little bit because I’m halfway through a course in homoeopathy. My instructions are to take one arsenicum per day for five days. This was because of my continuing struggle with my stomach. The homoeopath warned me that my condition would get worse before it got better and she was as true as her word. I hope things get better tomorrow meanwhile I have to tough it out and suffer the bloating and vomiting.