Homeopathy at a gentle rate


I sent off to my homeopath a report of everything I had eaten and drunk in the last five days together with a report of any adverse symptoms and any medications that I took.  I had a really bad night last night with excessive bloating and had to go for a walk to try and joggle my stomach around enough to dislodge the gas. For the first time ever I took allopathic medicine late at night because nothing else worked. After 20 min, the pain stopped instantly.

This morning we had a conversation on the phone about my condition. Homeopathy is very subtle, drawing the body’s attention to certain imbalances most of which have been around for a great amount of time. The first medication was based on arsenic and the second will be based on lycopodium. The consultations have an almost prosaic feel about them, pondering rather than prescribing, feeling our way around things and trying to figure out what caused what. In a way I’m in no hurry because I’ve had this problem now for nearly 20 years so if I have to wait till next Monday to start another phase of the treatment I’m not complaining. However one thing I have discovered, ice cream is out. I love ice cream so much but it makes an evil fermentation inside me which produces the  bloating. If I keep to meat and to produce plus a salad to start with and fresh fruit I’m all right.

We had a very good weekly ZOOM meeting on 5G and Covid this afternoon. We had about 14 people, the largest attendance ever, and that is after only eight weeks; the standard of discussion was very high. I allow people to watch the video for one week and then it is replaced by the next video. I would like to keep them all but who would listen to them? They also take up a lot of space, the best part of gigabyte and storage costs money.

I love welcoming people into a group and the team spirit is increasing as people get to know each other more. I warned them it would take time but it would be worth it.

It is clear from the recent lockdown in Leicester that this was just a test to see if people would put up with being unlocked and then locked. There is no doubt in my mind that this will go on, save a massive push back, until a vaccine can be produced which of course has nothing to do with Covid 19 but everything to do with eugenics and the alteration of DNA.  It breaks my heart to think of all the concert halls and theaters which are doing no business and starving us of our culture. Not to mention the football clubs, Wimbledon tennis, all the wonderful things that we do each summer all stolen from us by lies.  As I’ve said before, the 2 m rule was invented out of thin air and has no basis in science whatsoever.

On Friday, we’re taking our beloved car, our Volvo of five years, to a place in South Somerset to sell for scrap. If it was Cuba, it would be running for the next 10 years but I felt it was better to buy a new one – or newer one should I say – because the cost of spare parts and servicing were mounting and it would not have passed the next MOT. We had to clear all the junk out of it and there was a lot of items including things I have been looking for for some time and thought had been lost.