In mourning for lack of transport


The garage rang me up this morning to tell me that the new Volvo that I had bought so enthusiastically for a total cost of £2000 is a write-off because there is a blown gasket and the whole engine would have to be disassembled. Not worth it.

So now I have two cars. One is a runabout with no MOT and therefore no insurance. The second car has an MOT and insurance but is not roadworthy. One of the hidden problems of the Corona virus situation is that people are not buying and selling so many vehicles and tending to wait for things to improve. Doing the usual searches on eBay I noticed the lack of new entries. I also noticed that garages are seeing people by appointment only.

I thought of getting a hire car while I’m sorting things out but as I am over 75 years of age,(it goes up once a year) I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but insurance is not available so Françoise who is six years younger than myself have to be the rents of future vehicles.

It is of course conceivable that we have just become lazy but unlike London where we both lived, here you need a car to get to places and the bus services are not as frequent as one would wish as the Queen would say. Thank goodness I don’t have any outstanding gardening jobs.

I have been hovering around in no man’s land today and have been watching trash TV. I normally maintain my 5G websites on a daily basis but have not got round to it so far. I’m sure I will manage tomorrow but today I just don’t have the focus.

Ian R Crane, who some of you may know as the originator of the Alternative View conferences, has been stricken with cancer recently. Brian Gerrish proposed to set up a fund in his name in order that he can get away from the NHS and take some private treatment. The initial target as £10,000 but as I write the sum received is about £27,000 which is brilliant. It just shows how many people regard him and his achievement with such respect and dare I say love.