Courgettes – a showery day – a dystopian day


This is my wife’s very original way of growing courgettes without letting them touch the ground and rotting. The garden is doing phenomenally well as is the allotment; every couple of days I bring another tranche of runner beans in.  We have learned through long experience that they have to be picked while young otherwise they get stringy and unpleasant to eat; so far we are having great success.

Today we had the most incredible rain showers which were in a way refreshing. Water was pouring down the conservatory windows so after the rain I have a look and found that the down pipe was blocked by a plastic component which was duly fixed.

Our friend from London is here and we enjoyed looking at Francoise’ slideshow of her time in Zambia with Village Water which was an organisation that helps villages who have no water to build a pump and maintain it. This transforms the standard of life and enables them to sell vegetables that they grow in order to buy seeds to get off the poverty level. It was most satisfying to see this. She and my wife made biscuits flavoured with lavender which my friend is going to take home with her. They are actually quite nice and you can smell the lavender.

Thursday is the big day when I go get my car. We are going to have to go to Bournemouth so that necessitates a hire car. I had a look around our local showrooms here and the price of £4,500, the amount of money I’m going to pay, does not seem great at all because I see tinny examples of cars with more mileage, admittedly younger, going for more than this figure so in the great world of buying this is a very modest amount.

I have had my local solicitor write my will.   I don’t think anyone can get it completely right but I have tried to include people according to their need. I’m not sure how much money will be worth in the years to come because we are undergoing a major reset in the infrastructure of the world where we no longer deal with money but pay with our identity by that I mean a scan  of our head plus we cannot go anywhere until we have a vaccination passport and life as we know it will not be the same.

I was disgusted with the government for not giving pay rises to nurses after hypocritically clapping them for their supposed great work during the coronavirus. In fact they were just sitting around doing nothing. I read that 250,000 nurses are thinking of resigning due to bad pay. This is part of the plan to dismember the NHS. The government have ordered millions of doses of vaccine even though I read an article today saying that as we had not had successful vaccines for flu there was no certainty that we would have vaccines for the so-called Corona virus.  Anyone who is interested in this please see my new website and you will get all the information you could possibly want and some that you would not want.