A mixed day – Wetherspoons excels itself


I have decided to organise myself better by carrying around a small notebook and writing down all the little things that I need to do. Since my mind is active, some would say over active, quite a list can be made in a short time.

This morning I went to Wetherspoons for breakfast. They have decided to continue the half price offer Mondays to Wednesdays until November. There were not many people when I attended at 9:15 AM but the atmosphere was good as was the service provided by the young staff. I moved tables because of a very noisy child who came in to the stall next to mine; I did not want to be blasted by intermittent screams.

Off to the allotment to do something that I have been putting off which is to restore a rather untidy end to my allotment and remove unproductive fruit bushes. For some reason, I woke up this morning saying ‘today is the day’ and we did it in a couple of hours. I find that if you get your timing right, the task is not exhausting.

We have a problem with deer encroaching on our allotment. They have a special taste for sweetcorn. It is quite difficult to see where they come from as they are very clever at jumping.

I have decided to start advertising in the recently relaunched Midsomer Norton Journal. Response to my gardening advertisements this year has been very poor in fact I can say non-existent so let us hope that I will actually get some customers.

We have recently put a grounding sheet on the bed and I find that my sleep has improved and the normal need to go out to have a pee has declined.