Off for a ‘break’ if that is possible in this UK version of Germany 1933

We had a fairly good meeting of our ZOOM men’s group last evening Thursday. The flow goes where it goes and a member who is a headmaster of a school in Frome talked extensively about the behaviour of the children of the traveling community. The report was much different from that which I had been led to believe. Children are more diligent in their learning and better behaved than many from mainstream families. In the last three years he has not had to expel one pupil from that community.

Anyway as my batteries are lower than they should be now is now time for some meetings with valued friends. Off for a few days to Devon, perhaps for a trip to the moors, and certainly to be in the company of like-minded spirits.

I have done my usual thing of packing far more clothes than I need but hey its a car so for comfort and security I pack everything. We are staying at a Premier Inn which lives up to its name. Lovely comfortable beds. Firm and yielding at the same time.

There will be a pause in these writings as usual. My faithful house-sitters are not familiar with the workings of a computer so the next entry will be the middle of next week.