Withdrawal symptoms

We returned on Monday and arrived back lunchtime after a comparatively short 2 hour 10 minute direct drive from Plymouth to Midsomer Norton. I’m not writing this Thursday evening and I have to say that unusually I haven’t had the strength and energy to write a diary hence the lack.

I’m always glad to arrive home but I know my spirit needs some time to catch up and so intense was our experience that I felt disorientated for the first couple of days.  The difference between Totnes, which might as well have been on another planet, was so profound that it is very difficult to settle back into the ordinariness of this area.

The world news is not exactly good which does not help but also I am starting a new regime of avoiding certain foods and because I’ve been in bad habits for so long I found the whole thing quite exhausting, so this morning, Thursday, when I got up, I didn’t have any energy to speak of.

Last night, Wednesday, I had not got my discipline right and as a result I couldn’t sleep for the whole night so it is very nice that today I seem to have got the formula right which basically means avoiding dairy foods and certain fruits.  It’s chalk and cheese as the British say or if you wish night and day. I find the condition of my stomach has an enormous effect on my total energy and I felt like death warmed up this morning first thing.

I had to take my car into servicing because there were strange revving  between gears even though it is an automatic car and I feared that I would be faced with a big bill. In the event, it was nothing more than an adjustment that was required and I was faced with a very modest bill of about 60 pounds. I’m a little bit traumatized about the cost of motoring since I’ve had two cars that have failed me recently so hopefully this car I have recently bought will sustain us for some time to come.