List of words you might not know

I love words. Here are a few that I had not been aware of

anomalistic – adjective. Departing from the normal: aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, atypic, atypical, deviant, divergent, irregular, preternatural, unnatural.
Catatonic – psychomotor disorder, meaning it involves the connection between mental function and movement.
daemonic –¬† An evil supernatural being; a devil.¬† 2. A persistently tormenting person, force, or passion: the demon of drug addiction. 3. One who is extremely zealous, skillful, or diligent: worked away like a demon; a real demon at math.
Democide – governments that kill their own people
Demotic – relating to the kind of language used by ordinary people
Effulgent – shining brightly, radiant
exoteric – intended or likely to be understood by the general public
Iatrogenic –¬† (of a disease or symptoms) induced in a patient by the treatment or comments of a physician
ochlocracy -government by the populace; mob rule.
Ontological -relating to the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being.”ontological arguments”
Penumbral – 1a : a space of partial illumination (as in an eclipse) between the perfect shadow on all sides and the full light. b : a shaded region surrounding the dark central portion of a sunspot.
Tropological¬† –a mode of biblical interpretation stressing a moral meaning inhering in the metaphorical character of language