A visit to Nailsea

In accordance with our quest to visit places we have never been to,  we took the 9.10am  379 bus to Bristol and then a local bus to Nailsea.  The morning was very foggy, so much so that from the buses we could see very little.

Nailsea is a small residential town with a population of about 20,000. It is unremarkable save for the town centre – surely built in the 1960’s where the usual variety of shops, banks, a post office, coffee bars.

What stood out was a very fine vegetable shop – less a shop more an inside stall – full of difficult to get hold of vegetables even in Bath. The prices were good.   We bought 3 avocados for £1 and various exotic vegetables. The young man in charge was so proud of his stock and we enjoyed being served by him.

We followed this by a visit to Wetherspoons, where we feasted on fish and chips. My goodness the fish was fresh. A bit of a lengthy wait, about 15 minutes, but that shows how spoiled I am with the service here in Midsomer Norton.  The price was £16.59 including a tea for Francoise and a glass of white wine (175 cl) for me.  Satisfaction all round.

Understand that Saturday and young children go together.  They make a noise. That is part of a family outing. Put up with it and smile.

Back to Bristol and then home. The fog had come down again so again, in the fading light, nothing much to see.

An unsophisticated day but a pleasure nevertheless.