Sometimes I just want to go to bed

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Today was one such day.   I do not tend to look after myself and always have to be ‘on the go’. This morning the weather was variable. I did my normal chores but suffered from a stomach ache after eating baked beans and scrambled egg.  I do not normally have to make medication but had to this morning. By lunch time I had recovered – in part. I checked my blood pressure and got 142 over 72 which is the lowest it has been for some time.  On a bad day my readings can be 180 over 80. Not good.

As I had nothing do do and felt a little tired I decided at 2pm to …. go back to bed. So I, accompanied by two hot water bottles, closed the curtains and just lay in the semi darkness. I  did  absolutely nothing. I just shut out the world. I turned off the phone.  Francoise was in the garden. I was not expecting visitors. I had two blissful hours of …let the world go…   When I rose I felt quiet. Definitely more balanced.

I watched a very inspiring video by a Christian intellectual scientist called Dr Len Horowitz who lives in Hawaii. How few clear speakers there are and he is a shining example.

Yesterday I passed a hobby shop and admired the use of wool to celebrate the spring. A lovely touch. They say that the best things in life are free. That’s OK so long as you don’t have an empty stomach.

We spend this evening watching a presentation by Dr Michael Salla (exopolitics). We had a coal fire though it is not particularly cold. The rain comes and goes. When will we have a warm sunny day.  I remembered a very old artist friend of mine, Robert Slingsby, whom I met in South Africa when I lived there. I was motivated to write to him and ask how he was.  His web site shows huge steps forward.

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