planning for London

We are starting to plan for our visit to London starting on Wednesday through Sunday afternoon. I always take too many clothes and end up wearing one or two items and I never seem to learn. Sunny periods and showers so we had to take wet weather clothing and dry weather clothing. Great. Air B&B might seem a good deal but people have cottoned on to the fact they can charge pretty much the same as hotels and you need to be very clever to find somewhere for say £40 a night. If you look, these bargain rates are in the less popular areas of London or a little bit distant from public transport but no worries that far because the London transport system has to be efficient as there are so many people to move around.

There is so much on that you could spend the whole day going round to art exhibitions, special events, movies that you can’t see anywhere else, restaurants and by the way you don’t have to spend a fortune to travel around London is much more expensive than for example New York in fact most places.

I just heard from a friend who had a massive operation on her spine; she is a very old friend from Norway and she has invited us to stay with them. Normally, February and March would be under 5 feet of snow but such is the variation in weather it looks like there might be clear of snow.  They are very hospitable people and we might pop over there to Oslo for a few days.

I swear the time flies faster the older I get. The whole day has gone and I haven’t really had any time for reading because there is so much to do. I actually love doing nothing because I’m doing a lot. My mind is always active and jumping in three different directions at once so I’m never bored. Thank goodness my wife and myself are equally independent. We’re quite happy to sit in a separate rooms watching videos on our computers, listening to good music, reading stuff.

I watched and David Icke talk about Edward Heath and how the Chief Constable of Wiltshire finds that he’s 110% guilty of children sacrifices. Great pressure will be put upon the chief constable to recount what he’s saying but let’s hope he stands up for the truth. when you come to think about it, if you want to think about it, how was it the Jimmy Saville was allowed such access to Royal circles and high political circles for so many years? he was not only a paedophile but a procurer of children for others. You’re not telling me that no one at the BBC was aware of this for 30 years? What a world we live on and how deceptive appearances can be. On that happy note, to bed.

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