Main Stream Media Lies and the Middle East

 11 June 1664

Up and to the office, where we sat all the morning, where some discourse arose from Sir G. Carteret and Mr. Coventry, which gives me occasion to think that something like a war is expected now indeed, though upon the ‘Change afterwards I hear too that an Embassador is landed from Holland, and one from their East India Company, to treat with ours about the wrongs we pretend to.

Mr. Creed dined with me, and thence after dinner by coach with my wife only to take the ayre, it being very warm and pleasant, to Bowe and Old Ford; and thence to Hackney. There ‘light, and played at shuffle-board, eat cream and good churies; and so with good refreshment home. Then to my office vexed with Captain Taylor about the delay of carrying down the ship hired by me for Tangier, and late about that and other things at the office.  Pepys Diary

Pepys entry is very matter-of-fact and there is nothing much for me to comment on so this morning I want to spend some time talking about a conference of the mainstream media’s treatment of Middle East matters particularly Syria. if you’re bored by politics I can understand that but I’m trying to identify the principles behind what we read and even what we think so please bear with me.

The meeting took place in the “Cheese and Grain”, Frome, which is a general-purpose  hall that easy used for practically everything including pop concerts and exhibitions. There must have been 250 people in the hall and it’s one of these oversubscribed events where helpers drag in more chairs and set up more rows the back.

First, a little niggardly grumble about the organisational side of the meeting which was in general pretty good. There were six speakers and the meeting was due to start at seven o’clock but the chair lady decided to wait 20 min because ” there were people still queueing to buy tickets”. My attitude is, tough! If you arrive late why should you waste the time of those who did discipline themselves to come on time. If you work it out that was about 80 wasted man-hours you could say.

The vast majority if not all the crises in the Middle East are manufactured and financially supported by outside countries including the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States.
This is part of a Western Governments’ scheme with the connivance of the disgraceful and duplicitous Tony Blair (see the Chilcott report of his conversations with George Bush) to destabilise and take over seven Middle East countries. If you want to see a video of that, slick General Wesley Clark who was given advance notice of these plans in 2001 but originating from the Zionist “Project for the New American Century”.

Omran Dagneesh the poster boy for Aleppo’s suffering, getting sympathy for a bombing raid that never happened. His father got so tired of the lies of the media that he denounced the whole thing as a fraud. Amazing how the picture (on the left) went viral and got a prize for photography, it should actually be a prize for make up.

One of the ploys is to present the leaders in charge of the countries as Hitler figures whom the ordinary people really had no business voting for in the first place. The incessant demonisation of Russia continues including the claim that they interfered with the American elections in spite of the fact that they have not been able to produce any evidence.
Crisis events are carefully manufactured  and filmed  by professional companies including a specialist company called  TraumaFX, who specialise in  casualty simulation services arising from shootings, burnings, and any other type of mayhem you can imagine.

Such events and happenings are passed around the Main Stream Media without question and presented as truth. John Snow of Channel 4 got first prize in a poll for knowingly presenting fake news. The other culprits are of course the BBC BBC, Fox, NBC and CNN.
MSM rely on advertising contributions from the corporations and so they cannot afford to be too critical of their activities.
The meeting was fortunate to have the services of Peter Ford, former United Kingdom ambassador to Syria. He said he was basically persona non grata with the MSM but since news channels are competing with others and within themselves and they have 24-hour today to fill they are keen to get anyone with any remote knowledge of the area, there are still some opportunities to speak the truth.  As he said rather cynically, the media use us so we can use them. It is like a game and people peddling minority interests should take every chance of reaching people.

Our views of countries are deliberately distorted for example in the case of Syria not mentioning the effect of the Western imposed sanctions which bring real hardship on the people. The mention of the huge effort that the government of Syria is making to feed and look after the people would spoil the image of Assad as a Hitler figure. The weapons of Mass deception are consistent in their manifestations and spread fake news round the world at lightning speed via unquestioning media.

Other speakers described the CIA Operation Gaslight which is which is the plan to keep people afraid by continuous use of the words and images that bring about fear and terror. This will eventually destroy our individuality and the courage to speak the truth. Check out other delights here.

It behoves the general public  to question everything. Peter suggests that we identify media presenters and writers whom we can trust and learn to listen to their words, and also use our intuition when something doesn’t sound right. If it doesn’t sound right, and it probably has a flaw somewhere or could be a downright lie.

The organiser Patrick Hennington asked us to support alternative media, subscribing if necessary and sensitively spreading the word.

There were a fair mixture of people at the evening. I met a woman who when I asked where she lived said “nowhere”. She pointed to a white van and said that I drive round the country staying with various friends because I cannot afford accommodation. I’m getting fed up with it, she said, because it’s so small and so cold in the winter.

The chap sitting next to me in the audience spent all the time flicking through his messages on his mobile phone and did not engage anyone in conversation or eye contact.

One person at the back with very long hair and very scruffy jeans insisted on talking to his friend during the performance and was stared and frowned at by other people.

I asked a question about Russia today and Vanessa said that they were the one saviour who actually reported what was going on.

The audience was very knowledgeable and was sensitive to the nuances of the speakers. A speaker could not ask for a more sympathetic  audience.

There was a woman from South Africa who did not realise  that this was a conference about Syria not  South Africa and she complained about the political conditions there and how many white people had been killed and so on. She went on and on  about her situation to Vanessa Beeley, one of the speakers, and spoke at her or should I say ranted at her without listening to what she Vanessa was saying. We had to go so just had to  push in and just say our goodbyes, which was very unsatisfactory.

Thinking is becoming quite a rare quality these days, and thinking clearly  is even more of a big ask. Are we going to find the courage to think?


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