Amazing car colours – the perfect summer fete


View Pepys diary for today by clicking on the date. Friday 17 June 1664

Today (Saturday 17th June 2017)  is a perfect summer day, just right for fetes and fairs, and general celebrations on the flimsiest of excuses not to mention sitting in traffic jams going to and fro from the nearest beach.

We had a choice of nine events but chose this one because we had never been there before. It was situated in the churchyard of the very affluent village of Rowberrow. Once every two years they have a combined classic car exhibition, art show and family fete.

I don’t know whether it was the exceptionally bright sunshine, but the colours of the cars seemed way above normal standard that I’m accustomed to seeing in the high Street. Here follows a largely pictorial diary with my <fanfare of trumpets> very first video to give some idea of the atmosphere¬† of this event.

There were about 80 cars immaculately prepared and sparkling in the bright sunlight. I’m not a classic car enthusiast, but I know a loved car when I see one. A fellow observer said that he would hesitate to drive a car worth ¬£100,000 for fear of having an accident. So, off we go. The cars are shown in no particular order.

There now follow two shots. The first is a very old grinding wheel but it looks like there’s much more to it than that. Secondly following a visit to the church I noticed on the porch this very beautiful prayer which moved me very much
the prayer of St Francis of Assisi
I see from the pinholes that someone has very disrespectfully put other notices over the bottom. Tut-tut. It is a wonderfully inclusive summary of how we should behave ” we are members one of another” as I think St Paul said

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