End of the world scenarios

Sunday 19 June 1664

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fire in Portugal 18 June 2017

Today I arose early at around 4 AM, the heat being stifling due to the continuing heatwave, or should I say two or three days with the temperature above 30°. It is not on the same scale as Portugal where 62 people have died from fires.

My Galaxy, which I turn to prior to cranking up my main PC, figures out what I like to read and presents me with a relevant series of headlines and videos to chose from. Some examples re the USA’s numerous evils came up.  I shall never forget ex-President Obama’s preacher saying that the phrase “God Damn (short for damnation)  America” was much more appropriate than saying “God bless America”.

I was reading how TPTB are currently closing branches of Walmart’s with the excuse that they need some plumbing to be fixed which will take six months. Surely even the dumbed down American public most realise this is a fake excuse. What is happening according to first-hand reports is that the buildings are being gutted and redesigned as concentration camps complete with watchtowers. If you don’t believe me Google the matter and you will find pictures aplenty. There are also a system of national secret underground tunnels which connect one centre and another for the mass transportation of people. The beings  who run America are preparing for Marshall Law. It’s called operation Jade Helm for those of you who want to Google it further.

Here in the UK I read that the Prime Minister is taking her time announcing the chairman of an official enquiry. Until that time, the firms conniving in selling flammable cladding to the West London tower block are free to destroy e-mails and evidence of their crimes. Anyone who thinks for one tiny moment that the Conservative party care two hoots for the common person is either brain-dead or extremely naive.

It has been clear to me for years that the  whole world is being ruled by psychopaths to whom war is just an instrument for control. America have only started 43 wars since World War II which is hardly a model of restraint but then it’s what they do together with unseating democracies and bringing in puppet regimes which they do even better.
This brings me to the whole question of death or shall we say losing this  temporary  vehicle which is the human body. I feel this world is overdue for a reboot and if the whole thing blows up tomorrow I will celebrate. I’m only able to say this because I have thoroughly digested and accepted the idea of the continuity of consciousness, the so-called life after death, of life between lives, which I might add I am looking forward to extremely. I know that we’ll get what we deserve and if we end on a high level, putting others first, being unselfish and so on we will end up in a different place to actions caused by selfishness and the seven deadly sins (cleverly called deadly because they kill).
Each time I read something ghastly happening in the world and realise what hidden moving hand is causing it I actually feel better because  once you face what is likely to happen you hve the ability to be at peace with it. I pity the poor souls  who believe the junk the mainstream media churns out. When they realise what is really going on it will be too late and they will be transported by fear into a place that will not be pleasant. We get no notice of the circumstances of our demise and I think we should be prepared at all times for our sudden transition otherwise we will always be inhibited  by the fear of death.
Françoise and myself went to see a lovely gardening job last night. The garden is a complete jungle and the grass is about 1 m in height. I shall be taking ‘before and after’ pictures of our work. The couple are both over 80 but as bright as buttons, very sharp intellectually but kind as well. through their garden there is a lovely stream  arising from a spring in the garden above and going through the property. It’s a lovely place and it will be a privilege to bring it back to the Garden of Eden type state that it was last year 2016.

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