A rainy day – watching videos

Monday 27 June 1664

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There are so many videos I would like to watch but there is scarcely time to do so never mind live a normal life and earn a living. There’s about 20 hours of catch up TV on my Sky box. Anything on the commercial channels I record so I can flip through the dreadful advertisements which often have nothing to do with the spirit of the program. I’m sick of seeing adverts for cars, sofas, cleaning fluids, PPI insurance, and it actually spoils my evening.

Last night I watched two or three Youtube videos about 911. It is interesting that as the years go on, the number of 911 videos increase because more and more evidence is coming up about the fakery of the whole thing. Just type in 911 in Google and you will get no less than 274 million results. One was from an experienced ex-pilot saying that it would be impossible for the plane to fly into the towers at such a speed at such a low altitude where the air is denser. He said the engines would have to have been six times as powerful. He also said that no plane hit the Pentagon because where as the cockpit is made of plexiglass, it is the two heavy engines that would have made two separate holes as opposed to the 16 foot wide circular hole that was seen and also that there were no remains of the plane within the building.

extra ordinary cascade, river like, upward and outward motion from a building that is just supposed to be falling down

I watched another video about Dr Judy Wood who points out that 95% of the World Trade Center one and two buildings did not actually hit the ground but dissolved into dust as did the vast majority of the metal furniture and the steel girders. This clearly points to a high energy effect of some sort, powerful enough to reduce the Earth’s magnetic field in the vicinity at the same time. If the public were told this however they would not entertain it because such was the shock of the event that I believe people’s minds were actually raped or interfered with.

The term “Conspiracy Theory” was developed by a government agency at the time of the Kennedy assassination to ridicule those who actually dared to think for themselves. All I would ever say that anyone is “do your own research and make up your own mind”

I visited yet another garden where the need was to cut hedges, and what hedges they were extending for about 100 m. At one end of the garden the man had some bamboos. There are bamboos and bamboos. Some are predatory and some sit nicely in a little bundle minding their own business. Trouble is that some of them spread underground, not so stealthily as Japanese knot weed but bad enough and we noticed that this customer had in his garden single spikes of bamboo that were popping up in the middle of the lawn. If anyone has tried to dig up bamboos they will know that under the surface you get a solid mass a bit like a huge ball which almost needs a mechanical excavator to be removed. My advice would be to never plant bamboo unless you assure yourself of the genre or you contain them in large tubs.

Noam Chomsky. Polymath and astute philosopher and commentator.

Back to politics again. The best reality check I can think of is listening to the videos on Youtube of Noam Chomsky. He has a brilliant intellectual mind and has no fear in explaining the world as it is versus how it is presented to us by the pathetic mainstream media.  have a look at him talking about ISIS. CNN has been ridiculed I’m glad to say because it’s junk news has been shown to be exactly that. There is not much that the CIA can do about Chomsky because he’s so popular but they will be quite glad as will the corporations when he finally ascends into the heavenly realms or wherever it is going. Fortunately, his legacy is substantial and if and when America returned to its senses his unravelling of the lies will be relied upon.

I went to give a quote this evening for a gardening job by a delightful chap called Raj whose wife is a domestic airline steward. I explained exactly what I would do to his garden in terms of giving it a short back and sides. I gave him what I thought was a very modest quote for doing the work and taking away the spoil, £225. He then said to me that  a year ago someone else came to do the job  for £100 which they did not find satisfactory and which was done mainly with the chainsaw. I groaned inwardly. When I work, I have at least four different types of saws to address the types of wood and what is required to be done to the branches. These merchants give gardening a bad name. There is nothing I can do about it. Unfortunately as we have seen there are so many people who have no idea about the realities of running a business. Anyway, he said he would ask his wife so when I returned home I wrote a confirmatory e-mail. I may or may not hear from him again.


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