Ideas for your next summer Fayre

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Up, and this day begun, the first day this year, to put off my linnen waistcoat, but it happening to be a cool day I was afraid of taking cold, which troubles me, and is the greatest pain I have in the world to think of my bad temper of my health.

Samuel Pepys puts up with pain that would send most of us running to the A and E department of the local hospital but he just takes it in his stride. At our event below was parked a high dependence ambulance nobly staffed by volunteers.

Today is Saturday, 8 July  and the day when all the good folk of Midsomer Norton enjoy themselves at the annual summer fayre. I have nothing particularly profound to share with anyone today. I have written before that local events need certain basic features in place and we certainly came up to the mark here.

I had an interesting chat with a young man who was showing Eagles. I commented that they had better eyesight than we did. He said that if we had sight as good as they, we could stand on top of a ten story building and see an ant moving on the ground.

Anyway, here are some of the constituents for anyone including those interested in organising. You might get some good ideas. The photographs are in no particular order.

remarkable talent from the locals

very good pen and ink

a clever reflection

busy weaving

tea scones and cakes

judging cakes and bread

judging potatoes and beans

judging orchids

delicate flowers

soft fruits

in the same hall, judo youngsters

a very hawkeyed eagle

face painting taken to a new level

Punch and Judy

children being encouraged to play a musical instrument

local brass band

our modernised skateboarding park

a climbing tower

rather interesting visuals for the Women’s Institute