Ominous signs in this festive season

I remember reading some years ago that the Christian festival of Christmas could not be advertised in any manner shape or form outside Christian churches in New York. If they did so, they would risk the possibility of legal action. Honaker the Jewish holiday which celebrates the victory in a bloody battle can be advertised by candles in peoples’ windows but for some reason another historical event of a world changing nature is forbidden. Why are things happening which appear to make no sense?

Sooner or later, you will come across the term New World Order (8,880,000 returns in Google). The idea of this cabal is to reorganise the whole world with one government, one currency system, one court, one religion, one language. It is basically a mad system arising from a lust to control. If we understand that the world is ruled by a tiny number of people whose psychology tends towards the psychopathic, then that is the key to understanding events. It certainly pertains when watching the so-called news which is in fact public perception control. So, I repeat. When something does not make sense it is only because we do not understand the controlling hands in the background.

The Australian state of Queensland sent directives to primary school principals telling them to take action against children, (yes you read that right), who talked about users or gave out Christmas cards referring to the birth of Jesus. Making Christmas tree decorations was also banned. When challenged on this, the state education Minister sought to step back from these decisions but the current position is unclear. Pray that these ludicrously extreme rulings will alert Australians to prevent any future attempts to undermine the freedom of religions of Christians in Australia.

Many of the social reforms of the 18th, 19th and 20th century in UK for example were made by Christians who had the courage of their convictions that everyone is important being ‘sons of God’  and should be looked after. Unfortunately, the level of faith is going down in terms of its replication in public life and I fear that people will only react when there is no water left in the barrel. Anyone who believes anything should stand up for the right to believe even if they don’t agree with it.

I met a Christian friend of mine on the allotments and he said to me, have a happy Monday (referring to Christmas Day). He is so frightened of upsetting people that he couldn’t even say the word Christmas or Happy Christmas. Political Correctness was a Marxist idea thought up in 1923 as a device to destroy Western society from within. It consists of inventing people or classes of people who might be offended and therefore the language or the very tendency to think, is modified and curtailed. Hence, people like me who stand out and actually say what they think are regarded as oddities.  Fortunately, there are enough of us left at the moment to make an impression if we so choose but I believe that in another couple of generations  the robot mentality will prevail. The young people are mostly getting their feelgood dopamine  from pressing buttons on a computer or device or receiving an e-mail.

I believe that peace and quiet, silence, is so necessary to allow a ‘spiritual reboot’. Inner silence is a great teacher. Most of the time we are stressed and over stimulated with material that for the most part has no value to man nor beast.

Do we respect ourselves enough to allow time for contemplation? Is it necessary to fill every moment with activity?  Do we provide our children with holidays and occasions when they can just enjoy nature and where they can leave their mobile phones or their devices at home? My opinion is that the mobile phone in particular and devices in general are more addictive than drugs. I once saw an 18 month old baby scream when an iPad was taken away from him.  Is there any hope for us human beings to continue as a family and as a community. So far, the signs are not good. No one is going to ‘save’ us. WE need to save ourselves – by waking up.

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