New year resolutions and swimming at -0.7 deg C

I have just finished watching a film of a man, Lewis Pugh,  who has dedicated his life to drawing attention to global warming, and in pursuit of this he swims in the Arctic at temperatures lower than anyone else would dare to do. I have just witnessed him swim 1 km with a sea temperature of minus 0.7°C. He does it because he believes in it. Such actions give me motivation for keeping on trying amidst a world that is so riddled with corruption, hypocrisy and scandal that it is difficult to use this as a basis for any increase in morale.

I was listening to a religious broadcast today and the preacher was saying that sheep would only lie down if they feel safe. This they do when the Shepherd is there. This caused me to think, do I feel safe or am I picking up on the intrinsic and security of the world. It all comes down to whether you identify yourself with your body or your spirit. The spirit can never be destroyed; the body can. Jesus and the great religious prophets never promised that it will be life without problems or pain. The greatest blessing we have in spite of all the pressure is trying to make us mechanical is free will  and vison or maybe faith. We are not yet robots. Whilst we have freedom I think we should use it to make as big a difference as possible to the life of others and to leave the world a better place than when we arrived.

If I asked myself what I want to achieve in 2018 I would say more of the same. I like to learn, get to know more people of good quality, I have an unceasing lust for knowledge and buying books which I see no sign of diminishing, I would keep my body in reasonable shape, and take advantage of fully utilise all the amazing opportunities that come to me on a daily basis without announcing themselves beforehand.

If I knew what was going to happen in the next year I think I would die of boredom. If it were all mapped out and I could see the map I wouldn’t bother at all to do anything; the creativity and effort would be destroyed. I actually don’t want to know. I actually do want to be surprised. I actually don’t mind being confused because when you work your way out of it that is progress. I do not want to repeat the mistakes I’ve made so often and I can highlight one of them as the tendency to trust all want to trust people that I do not know and then being let down. It doesn’t matter how good or wonderful they seem, some people are flawed and so I am guarded and cautious but not I hope totally mistrusting.

Today I’m getting really stuck into the book of David Icke which has just come out called Everything you wanted to know. This is a 650 page volume, about the seventh book of his; his productivity is quite amazing. This is the dedication of the swimmer above. David is doing this for his children and grandchildren and who does not want to see the world reduced to a dehumanised robotic entity, drug and controlled, devoid of compassion and love.

The swimmer referred to above was fired up and determined by the feeling he had of needing to draw attention to global warming and the plasticiseation of the seas.  My only goal is to increase, or to stop the deterioration of the community by in my own way setting an example of caring for others. How this is done is secondary. I will continue to talk outrageously to complete strangers, to tell jokes, to cheer people up, just to say a simple thing of concern and try to make people’s day and to remember that they are valued and important. I have always done this ever since I was a youngster and will continue to do it until I transition from this body.

This yearning I will carry on into my next life if indeed I do return on this planet. Goodness knows there are enough to return to if we believe there are 20,000 possible planets in the whole universe in which life is possible. I would quite like to move onto a planet where they use telepathy. It’s much more accurate and less hard work than speaking words, activating sound waves, having your words picked up probably inaccurately by someone else. Telepathy is direct, spot-on and undistorted material and 100% accurate. With telepathy, you don’t need to speak the same language. The common denominator of the many people who have been abducted and taken to alien craft is that they didn’t have to speak. That appeals to me enormously. We speak of telepathy here on earth as it was something odd, but I think it is the norm and we have deprogrammed ourselves from being able to use it. Sad.

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