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Do we in England need this, do we in California need this. I don’t particularly want my town turned into a microwave oven and yet the plan is to put thousands and thousands of microwave transmitters every hundred metres or so both in town areas and country areas. They will be put on lampposts and are already being done so in Gateshead where people are already experiencing sleeplessness, nose bleeds, lassitude. Microwave radiation is carcinogenic, can lead to loss of hair and most of all loss of sperm count.

The local government have refused to answer enquiries about the health and safety testing or evaluation of the safety of these microwaves. This in There can only be one reason. Their silence has been bought. We have one of the most disgraceful and secret invasions of the whole country where our every move, action, can be traced by the so-called Internet of things. It really makes me sick that people use our tax payer money to basically destroy health, and we pay for it. I just read in the Daily Telegraph that they need 400,000 extra phone masts to bring 5G network to rural Britain. How many thousands of people are going to have to die before they do the necessary studies on the biological effects of microwaves. It more or less cancels out all the extra money promised to the National Health Service. This is a true disgrace.


A Three scam day

I had some interesting contact on Facebook today. Someone sent me a request from Mark Zuckerberg himself asking if I’d heard of a new promotion scheme which involved a prize. I recognised that she was reading from a script so while she was on the line I cut and pasted the script onto Google and low and behold it was a scam. I politely wrote back saying that I didn’t think I was the sort of person who wanted to take part.

As if that were not enough, I had a communication from a very nice person connected with the Fishermen’s Church in Alaska of all places who wanted to know if I knew about the United Nations grant scheme. Same thing, I typed in ‘UN grant scheme’ and found it was also a scam in that you were heavily penalised if you did not pay the money back. I sent the gentleman a link and promptly blocked his contact details.

I had two more females one from New York and one from Los Angeles both saying hello to me. I have now learnt to look at their profiles and if they are lying on the ground half dressed or half naked depending on your view I don’t even bother to reply. They are out to catch people for $$$$$ and$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. catch them, use them, dump them.

I just had a very nice man from Seattle offering to sell me some marijuana in discrete packages. I said it was very kind of him but not on this occasion thank you.

I then got a very nice thank you letter from a member for whom I’ve done some work. I want to send a special thanks to an awesome gentleman Brian Snellgrove….You gave me so much to think about and you are spot on with your information you shared with me….I thought about it all night, and shared it with my best friend today…she was as awed as I was…If I might ask, I’d love to get more info from you…I admire your gift, and it’s so appreciated……Thank you from the bottom of my heart

No one can say that a day on FB is boring. All human life is there. I’m going to make great efforts to enrich my group by giving lots of people and looking after those who seem to be sad and upset.


I realised that the key to growth is co-creativity. We are all part of God, part of God light so there is actually no distance between us. It is light talking to light. I feel elevated at this moment because I’ve just been listening to a talk by the Frenchman and Remote Viewer Gerald O’connell. I did a couple of trainings weeks in America and would like to have done more. He said did Gerald that our remote viewing abilities our in us since man first came on the planet; is just that we had suppressed them. He says that mother nature is not just the planet Earth but all universities all over the place and mother nature is the supreme part of the godhead. Lovely stuff to read and watch. That’s what television is all about.

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