Chemtrails and a day out


So this is what the wonderful authorities are doing. I went out very early this morning, about 6:30 AM, and saw a plane spraying chemicals. You can tell chem trails apart from vapour trails because the chem trail stay in the sky for a long time. They consist of barium, aluminium, strontium, and other chemicals designed for various nefarious purposes. You may ask, how did I know that it was not a normal plane. Because I looked it in my computer and saw which is a live record of every single aircraft that flies anywhere in the United Kingdom including helicopters. The plane that I saw to the east of Bath going south was not registered. I invite you to type in “chem trails” and see for yourself.

This being a nice day, we went off to Brean which is the West Coast of Somerset overlooking the Bristol Channel and adjacent to Weston-super-Mare.  We walked along the long promontory at the end of which is  Brean Down Fort now in partial ruin, designed to exclude any enemy including Napoleon from the Bristol Channel. Sea mist is an extraordinary thing. You see it out to sea rather like a fog and and suddenly without warning it comes in over the beach and everything is obscured. The  temperature goes down about 10° and what wasn’t nice day is transformed into what could be the middle of Siberia. It is a very strange sensation. We did not even bother to go into Weston-super-Mare which would have meant a significant detour instead we went home via my favourite pub of all time run by a very affable man called Jason. It reminds me of being in the back of beyond of Australia. I do not normally get excited about pubs but the atmosphere of this place is most pleasant and Jason the landlord really does try to do the best you can for everybody. He admits he is somewhat prone to depression when the quarterly VAT bill comes that he would try to give good value for money and I ends this brief diary with a few images.Yes, you read that right, cider with strength of 7.4%

Jason bought this for a song from a hotel that had gone bankrupt

Odd and quirky art from the back area of the pub.

Out to dinner with friends from the Gardening club at my favourite The Old Down Inn and so to bed,

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