RUH Hospital Bath – making efforts to communicate


An interesting thing happened in the bus on the way to the hospital for my monthly eye checkup. A young woman with a pram got on to the RUH bus from Odd Down. After several moments struggling in her pockets and holding up the bus she found she had no cash. She apologised for wasting the drivers time and made to get off the bus again whereupon a man sitting behind me decided to go forward to the driver and pay her return fare, probably about £2.50. I watched her carefully and was not very sympathetic because it looked as if her movements were rehearsed. I remember thinking to myself “I wonder how many times she has done that”. I saw people try this on for all manner of reasons when I lived in London and I suppose the cynicism of this carried over. On this occasion, I kept my mouth shut.

Anyway, I always find a visit to the hospital very entertaining and I keep a close eye on the internal publicity and so I’m going to show you a number of photographs consisting of features that caught my eye.

one person in need comforting another person in need
how many spelling mistakes can you spot? There are seven.
this is the outpatients of the eye department, a place where I have spent many hours staring at the subtitles of the TV that you can see on the wall, and waiting my turn to be seen.

I am glad to say that the eye condition has improved so I did not need an injection this month. I shall return in five weeks.


The city of Bath is now in high season. You can tell that by the number of rather unruly groups of 16 and 17-year-olds. I do wonder how much they benefit. There are always queues of Japanese tourists.The river is doing something rather strange. I don’t whether it’s soap bubbles or some strange anomaly in the current.When I have my eye examination, I need to have a relaxant and this means the eye cannot adapt itself to the light levels – so everything is glaring. It takes about six hours to wear off.

Anyway, home Jeeves home and to enjoy the garden.

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