Situations that give me satisfaction


The image shown has nothing to do with anything apart from the fact that it amuses me. This could be a warning to those absent-minded people who are thinking¬† of leaving their bike parked. I’m assured that this is not a doctored picture.

I have decided today to do a review of all those activities that cause me pleasure, or a sense of satisfaction. Are you ready for a fairly bizarre and long list?

#1 The first one (clue below) is putting out washing on a sunny and windy day knowing that nature will do the job in a couple of hours.#2 – understanding something for the first time, when the brain ‘clicks’ and when the dots are connected.
#3 – sharpening the blade of a knife and trying it on material previously impervious to cutting
#4 – seeing that all my electronic devices are fully charged
#5 –¬† making a nice straight line with a mower on a lawn
#6 – serving food to a person who appreciates it
#7 – giving an unexpected present to a person
#8 – finding something that you thought you lost
#9 – doing a psychic reading on someone to be told that I was spot on
#10 – setting my GPS to get to a place and finding that I do so within a minute of the projected time
#11 – having a good nights sleep
#12 – talking to a complete stranger and having a wonderful conversation knowing that you will never see them again and you didn’t know they were
# 13 – discovering something I forgot I owned when I was about to buy a replacement
#14 – designing a website and seeing it propagated for the first time
#15 – Actually remembering the name of someone you met ages ago
# 16 – cracking open a boiled egg to see that it is exactly right
#17 – opening curtains in the morning to see a clear blue sky

Interesting how few of these involve money.