Situations that give me satisfaction


The image shown has nothing to do with anything apart from the fact that it amuses me. This could be a warning to those absent-minded people who are thinking¬† of leaving their bike parked. I’m assured that this is not a doctored picture.

I have decided today to do a review of all those activities that cause me pleasure, or a sense of satisfaction. Are you ready for a fairly bizarre and long list?

#1 The first one (clue below) is putting out washing on a sunny and windy day knowing that nature will do the job in a couple of hours.#2 – understanding something for the first time, when the brain ‘clicks’ and when the dots are connected.
#3 – sharpening the blade of a knife and trying it on material previously impervious to cutting
#4 – seeing that all my electronic devices are fully charged
#5 –¬† making a nice straight line with a mower on a lawn
#6 – serving food to a person who appreciates it
#7 – giving an unexpected present to a person
#8 – finding something that you thought you lost
#9 – doing a psychic reading on someone to be told that I was spot on
#10 – setting my GPS to get to a place and finding that I do so within a minute of the projected time
#11 – having a good nights sleep
#12 – talking to a complete stranger and having a wonderful conversation knowing that you will never see them again and you didn’t know they were
# 13 – discovering something I forgot I owned when I was about to buy a replacement
#14 – designing a website and seeing it propagated for the first time
#15 – Actually remembering the name of someone you met ages ago
# 16 – cracking open a boiled egg to see that it is exactly right
#17 – opening curtains in the morning to see a clear blue sky

Interesting how few of these involve money.


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  1. Hello Brian,
    I’m very pleased to have stumbled onto your blog. I’m a native Londoner, 65 yrs old now. But in my hey-day youth I was enjoying a thoroughly energetic social life in great part through my London Village membership. I was about 17 when I came along to the Grosvenor Hotel and joined up. To this day, I still know some people I met at LV events. I teamed up with chap called Brian and we hosted a whole string of wonderful events at his flat near Marble Arch.

    My thought is that the 1970’s hosted the inevitable social storm for the baby boom masses which followed the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. (Curiously, I’m presently working on a project viz Mary Quant and the King’s Road – but that’s a side track.)

    Fast forward 45+ years and I posted some my memories on a WordPress blog called London Village Revisited. (Links below.) In the intervening 45 years I lived in the US for 32 of them, influenced by someone I met at an LV posted event near Kew Gardens. I wrote about that in a post called “Life Changing Events.” Not a medical drama as was yours, but life direction changing for sure. Then just a week or so ago, I was in a book shop on Marylebone High Street. Blog link below…and that time all came back again.

    If you’d care to, I’d like to send a few Q’s about those for a blog post. About the day to day operations and any special memorable events, which are what my posts are about. And do you have any of the old programs around? Not sure how to made it happen, but would like to post up some of the old ad’s; including mine.

    You say in your blog LV maxed at 3500, but that is an underestimation I think. Members brought along friends who brought along roommates. I’d say it impacted 10,000 at the height. Which in mid-1970’s was a good chunk of the active young folks in London. I had a fabulous time, so a chance to say Thank You for making it happen for me, and the scores of people I met along the way.


    BLOG – Main Article

    BLOG – Life Changing Moment…

    BLOG – LV Ads.

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