A slightly crazy evening flower competition, and vaccines


So I am a member of our local garden society here in Midsomer Norton and we meet in each other’s houses to gossip, share garden experiences and generally have a good time.

This time we met in the house of Jill, who has lived in the same house for 45 years. Everyone had to bring a selection of flowers which was judged by a professional writer and horticulturalist who by happy coincidence lived next door. He had a very happy disposition and the judging was what I can best describe as ‘slapstick’ making jokes at exhibitor’s expense and enjoying every minute of it. We entered into it and enjoyed the playful insults. The evening ended with a presentation of a bottle of bubbly to Annie the winner seen here with the judge.


On more serious matters the sheer amount of evidence that vaccination does damage mounts by the day.  If you still think that it is a ‘good’ thing to be vaccinated then check out this list. In essence the vaccine kills or damages more people than it protects. The body has an immune system which just needs to be allowed to do its job.


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