US8.25 million from Mr Abdulla Bin Khalaf Al Otaiba


And here was I, peacefully minding my own business.  No, holding my head in my hands hearing that HS2 is going to get the go-ahead ….. then along comes a solution to my problems, financial ones anyway.

I am Mr Abdulla Bin Khalaf Al Otaiba, I am Bank Branch Manger of
National Bank of Abu-Dhabi
And I want to inform you that an amount of US$16.5 million will be
moved To your Name as the Foreign Business Partner to our late
Deceased customer Mr. Richard Brokav, I need your help to receive this
money as his next of kin as we shall share the money in the ratio of
50%:50%. Each you will receive this amount Through a Bank wire
transfer. Its Real Business Deal.
Please for more Details I need your Data so I can give you more details.

1) Your full name,,,,,,,
2) Your mobile number,,,,,
3) Your country origin,,,,,,,,,
4) Your Office addresses,,,,,,,,,,
5) Your Passport Copy,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I am amazed that some people fall for this.  Millions of pounds are embezzled each year from people with crazy stories that don’t bear any logic.  All the senders need is 0.01% of recipients to respond and they’ve made their money.  The way they work is to ask for a transfer fee in order for you to receive the money, then probably another fee with some fancy name. After that, you will never hear from them again.

To make sure you are not scammed,  check for spelling mistakes, they are a sure giveaway.  You may want to read this article about scams and how bold people are these days.


To my Tuesday morning coffee morning. I turned up bang on 10 o’clock, the official start of the meeting, which was I found already in full swing. There were only four people but they were talking animatedly.  There is no question that there are some people who are natural communicators, I feel it is those who are confident of their own position, and if there are just one in a room, this is enough of a catalyst to get everyone going.  We had a choice of three lovely cakes, and for the first time in my life I was tempted to bake a cake.  The lady who made it says that she uses oil, plain flour, walnuts, grated carrot, mashed bananas, and basically to just mix them all together and pop the in the oven.  She cooks at 160°C. It’s never too late to take up a new hobby . I do all right with my bread, now is the time to experiment with cakes.

My goodness this is ‘weather’. Talk about sunshine and showers.  We had two examples of hail this morning.  I read in the paper that a plane had arrived from New York at Heathrow 80 min early because it was basically blown over the Atlantic by a 200 mile an hour jet stream.  What about the poor planes going the other way.


To Royal United Hospital in Bath for my injection for my macular disease. I had to pay an extra visit because they couldn’t fit me in last week.  During the visit I met a young nurse, a slip of a girl, who had an absolutely brilliant attitude to service and if she goes on she will do very well in life.  She just checked my details and apologised for the fact that she had to go through things again. She was genuinely patient and caring not just mouthing the words. I felt that she reached out and extended to each and every patient.   She remembered my name the first time, came back twice to ask if I wanted tea or coffee, and asked me if I was too cold or too warm and could she close the window.

She had nothing to prove, she just had to manifest what was within.  I made reference to this when she asked me if there was anything more she could do, I responded that she should just be herself and that will do.  She was absolutely fine as she is. She preened herself when she heard this and confirmed that she was aware of this. This can only happen if a person is loved and cared for when young.  Insecure people are such a handful.

it is not a very glamorous thing to ask someone to keep their hands clean so a designer has gone to great effort to make an attractive surround to make people take notice

In the waiting room, I chatted to the lady next to me. From the way she was being spoken to I thought it was her first operation but evidently – no – she was used to it but disliked having it. I told her I felt the same way but the momentary discomfort was more than cancelled out by the fact we were retaining our sight. We discovered that we were both bibliophiles. She goes regularly to the local bookshop; I go regularly to Amazon.

I enjoy having my eye injection.  The only bit I don’t like is when they have to put a plastic sheet over your eye and pin back the eyelashes so they do not interfere with the needle. After cleansing the eye with several doses of iodine, the doctor puts a mark over the parts of the eye that needs to be injected.

Then, the needle goes in; you  get a little psychedelic effect from the liquid spreading through the eye (at £600 a pop you expect something).  That money is American opportunistic pricing for you. The more we need it the more they charge. Because they use anaesthetic there’s just a little tiny prick and that’s all there is to it.  Then they take the dressing off and check the eye by holding up their fingers and asking how many you can see. You then sit up and are given some gel to take which gives ‘relief of sensations of dry eye and other minor eye discomforts’.  You’re supposed to put it on three times a day for three days.  I always joke with the doctor and a nurse and tell them how much I appreciate them.  I told the doctor that my eye felt loved and cared for.

Off to home.  There were the most wonderful inky- black clouds scudding across the sky each containing a whole bomb of rain, hail and even snow.  The next moment, it was blue sky in the fading light – very dramatic.

I decided that tomorrow I will discuss my book buying habits.  I do tend to buy more than I read but that’s a story contained in my next installment.