A day of recovery- more corona stuff


The question is, are viruses living? They are ‘obligate intracellular pathogens’ so will die without a host.  They may sit on the back of microbes but as I understand it they themselves cannot enter through the air.  I want to look at this much more carefully before I make a further public stand.  It does seem that the coronavirus figures compiled in various countries have been differently based.  For example, in Italy, there is a difference between dying with the virus present and dying from the virus.  The two had not been distinguished in the statistics.

I went round the allotments today to check everything.  There were about three people there.  I must say taking everything into consideration, the weather and the travel restrictions, the allotments are quite good order.

The madness surrounding panic buying seems to have subsided.  There are in any event very few people around. Lidl had no queue to speak of so I just walked in. Sainsbury’s were the same with perhaps one or two people.  The doctors surgery was in siege with lots of red and white tape all over the place.  You are only allowed in to the surgery if you had an appointment, otherwise you have to post everything through a little letterbox.  Otherwise, you had to  phone. I’m not sure about the new Volvo.  It doesn’t seem to like going round corners very much and I hear a scraping sound.  It may be some simple mechanical rubbing or it could be something more serious.  There is no garage that I can go to so I am going to drive around with the old Volvo and take care so to speak.

I sent out a male chimp letter to all those signed up for my 5G website.  Today, for the first time, I have 2 1/2 thousand page reads and this after nearly 2 years of operation.  The messages slowly but surely is getting across helped by the fact that I have three coronavirus pages with the very latest news.  News is changing by the minute and it is clear that the majority of people are describing this event as a fake and that most cases of coronavirus are in fact a variant on the common flu.

I just uploaded a video of a former Vodafone boss blowing the whistle on 5G and Corona virus.  This rabbit hole is deep.

Very local news


I woke early and listened to snippets of business news mostly following the agenda of panic and fear.  Fear and insecurity is one of the best ways of controlling the population.  A discussion of how long business will take to recover and a suggestion that lockdowns would continue for six months but not in the aggressive form that it is at the moment.  Dozed in bed until 9 AM.

The temporary paperboy had a crumpled list and scrutinised it to see where my morning delivery should be.  Cup of coffee in hand, I rescued him from his misery and greet him in a cheery fashion.

I sent a letter out last evening to about 50 people in my men’s group and have had some sensible replies which I look forward to reading.  These times will be when mutual encouragement becomes very important and I hope the habit will continue after the hue and cry has died down.

To our local bakery to buy some sourdough bread. I mentioned to the server that another bakery had closed.  Evidently the woman who has taken it over recently has three young children.  They are difficult enough to deal with at the best of times.  Her husband is a lorry driver so she had to close the shop not for hygienic reasons but for family reasons we can say.

I telephoned Alan my tree surgeon to ask him if he was working normally.  Apparently, he is working normally and said that he thought there was a lot of hype by the government. We had a good-nurtured laugh and a joke.

There was a tap tap tap  from an unknown source so I investigated and found that someone was doing roof repairs, a little bit eerie it was amongst the silence.

We are off to finish the gardening job and hopefully I can put a little bit of money in the bank that will help pay the council tax which is due tomorrow or the next day. In the mornings, Francoise  will not do anything without two cups of tea so I wait until she has finished, washed her hair -the usual routine and then off we go.


Whilst I was doing the gardening job I wandered around to see what was going on.  The chap next door opened up and came out of the door for some reason.  I said to him that I admired the work of the hedge cutter who lived adjacent and I was trying to speak to him.  Although I was outside his property he suddenly jumped and said “don’t get too near me”.  I realise that this man was traumatised from the news.  These are people who will do anything they are told.

I saw lying in a garden a “Titan” petrol hedge trimmer. One of the beauties of the Internet is you can find pretty much anything you want and I was looking for someone who had used the trimmer, which seemed to me to be pretty well-designed.  I don’t much care for electric trimmers.  They don’t seem to be as powerful as petrol models.  I found the right Youtube video which answered all my questions. I was attracted by the £99 price. When the season gets into gear, I will consider it.

Anyway, the lady was very pleased with our work, she paid accordingly and off we went to the post office to pay in the proceeds. The lady behind the counter is Chinese.  She is always smiling.  Today, I could not tell if she was smiling because she had a mask on no doubt under instructions. I teased her saying that I could not see her smile and she had promised that she was indeed smiling.


I went to The Green Shop which is bravely staying open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from 10 AM to 4 PM.  There is a rule that only three people can be in the shop at the same time.  Three people were in there, a mother and her two children lingering around, completely unaware that they were stopping other people from coming in.  A man was standing in the small queue and he said something that I’ve never heard said before.  “These people had the intelligence of a Bournemouth pig”.  This must be a very local saying because I have never heard of it.

What came across was his attitude, just giving up against the world. This is another ‘lamb for the slaughter’ when they ask us – for our own good of course – to have vaccinations and even to have microchips.  The end days have arrived.  This is not theoretical, it is practical, it is here now and being run out at lightning speed before enough of the population wake up. If people wake up we can do a push-back so take heart.

To Tescos. Petrol at £1.05 per litre!! A quick twenty Quid’s worth and then into the Supermarket about 6pm.  Very few people. Certain empty shelves but good order, no panicking. The worst of the madness is over?

Watching a great video by David Icke … Fiddling The Figures – The Magic Trick – David Icke ‘Virus’ Update. He gives facts from scientists.  Shocking. In Italy, 99% of those that have died from alleged covid-19 have had 1,2,3 or more other health conditions which has compromised the immune system.

Anyway I have been on the case all day, populating my website, so time to sit in front of the fire and chill.

The Pace Increases


This morning about 9.30 went off to do part two out of three of a cleaning job.  It involved cleaning paving stones which I find as I mentioned before very satisfying and therapeutic.  As the weather hopefully gets better I hope to get involved in more physical activity to keep my body in trim.

Today, this afternoon after lunch, I went through all the responses to my controversial letter about not worrying too much about the coronavirus.  I do try to respond to letters because otherwise people may think they’ve gone into thin air.  Even if it’s only a short response, I’m happy to do so.  I received three letters from people with whom I had done psychic readings, some over 20 years ago, and one person has reported to me in detail how my recommendations and prophecies came true.  It is always gratifying as so many people leave my consulting room happily enough but do not trouble to come back and report.  Good or bad I’d rather hear from them than nothing.

It appears that there is a correlation between 5G and the so-called coronavirus.  One of the things that is poison to the human body are electromagnetic waves and interestingly enough Wuhan switched on 5G a couple of months before the trouble started; Italy is very heavily involved in 5G, New York and London particularly New York.  So there is a correlation between the two and people drop dead because the body just can’t take the radiation.  They normally include people who had pre-existing conditions, normally older people, but younger people in fact everybody has a duty to keep themselves fit and healthy.

I have been watching videos most the time.  there is a very long three-hour video that I must watch tomorrow called the rise and fall of the Cabal .  I have to be continually studying because as I’ve said before ‘the more you understand the less you fear’.

There is no question of the world situation is becoming more critical.  The powers that be are trying to close down small businesses which they do by starving them of customers and insisting everybody stays at home, churches are closed etc.  I find that I’m energised by such horrors and want to think more clearly and keep my head above the water so to speak and so far touch wood I’m succeeding.

The therapy of cleaning


amusing design on an adjacent wheelie bin

I don’t know whether there is some sort of psychological reason for this, but I have always been interested in cleaning things.  I like to make a difference.  This lady had been living in a bungalow for about 30 years and have never had her patio cleaned.  It takes up to 5 minutes to clean each stone.  First of all you clear off the grime, then you see where the mould has started to grow and you apply the jet wash to that. No two stones are the same.


I had a long chat about the coronavirus with a Ph.D. It is interesting that the method of transmission is uncertain and it may be that the viruses originate in the body and are bought on all bought out or activated by stress or change in electromagnetic field strength.  There is legislation of mandatory vaccination in Denmark although they don’t even have a proven vaccine.  There are also talking about it in the United Kingdom but the same applies so I don’t think it will come about for a couple of years and by the time the hue and cry will have died down. I think that it is very important to talk things out and not bottle up worries into yourself because the mind works effectively when thoughts are shared.

Having said that, I think that most people are too scared to think out of the box at the moment, as I mentioned yesterday.

My eyes are tired. The rest of me is fine.

And now to eat and to watch TV

What do we believe in


I rose early this morning to deal with correspondence and to focus on those emails that I promised to attend to. I can say that my study work is never boring. On the world trends side, it is not only the Club of Rome but many other organisations throughout the world including Planned Parenthood that are eugenicists.  The Club of Rome think that the biggest danger to mankind is, guess what, mankind.

I was listening to a program last night about the 80% of pay that self-employed people will receive, those who have been in business for three years that is.  The problem is they won’t get the money until at least June when I hope this nonsense will be over.  It appears that many flu-like diseases are being ascribed to the coronavirus so the statistics are suspicious to say the least. Oh and what about supply teachers. How are they going to eat.

A lady wrote to me – or rather I was part of a circular – asking people to pay attention to an important matter. Her words were

I continue to forward these links for one reason only. To hope that by reading them we will awaken to the evil that is being perpetrated upon us. I can’t make you wake up. I can but long that you do.  That the majority of you will not read the article, or dismiss it if you do, if just one person does, I say Allelulia.  The evil goes back a long time.  If we are ‘happy’ to be controlled then we need do nothing. Just continue to isolate ourselves and submit to vaccinations and the fear virus.  I long and pray for a world of health, harmony and beauty.  What would Jesus have done?
With my love always.  And to our beautiful young and precious children and young people

I wrote back saying

People who are frightened are unlikely to awaken.
People who are without a faith are likely to be frightened
Most people are without faith

She replied

Very true, and yet there is always the possibility to awaken to faith.
I wish you very well Brian.  How do the slumbering wake?
And 90% will be happy to be ‘looked’ after from cradle to grave.

So, the question is what do we believe in?  Where do we get our belief system from.  The Internet is definitely a mixed blessing. There are a few people who care about truth.  There are normally academics or retired people who don’t have to make a point but are just interested in truth for troops sake.  The majority of people do not take the time to look at both sides of a question.  They seek out their preferred information, even though its source is questionable, and take refuge in it.  This is still the case when people get a breakthrough, it could be of a spiritual nature, and believe that they have discovered “THE TRUTH”.  They think that the truth should be obvious to everybody else and if their friends don’t follow the truth there is something wrong with them.

We need to be in a state of mind that what is true today may not be true tomorrow or may be shown to be false by some further truth that comes along.  I’m not talking about absolute truth for example the power of love or the value of companionship I’m talking about a political stance.  Social media is again a mixed blessing.  People come along with all sorts of chips on their shoulders and present their own version of reality as if it were fact.  I am more inclined to believe something if it can be historically proved to be true or if I get the same thing from a number of sources that I trust.

Everyone needs to bear in mind one fundamental problem with seeing things as they are.  This is somewhat simplistic but there are two worlds.  If you see the planet as a Corporation that will help.  The powers that be behind-the-scenes, and they are there, are attempting to control the world and will so in due course unless we stop them.  If you want to do a search on New World Order, Agenda 21, agenda 30 you will answer the question.  The second information stream is what the public is deemed to need to know.  I often describe it as the crumbs from the table.  The MSM or mainstream media is complicit in this.  The people who run this world have if I can put it delicately a different set of qualities to the normal human being.  I think we’ll leave it at that for the moment.

To Sainsbury’s for provisions.  What do I find?  A long queue of people standing at 2 m intervals.  The policy seems to be one in one out. It will take me at least half an hour to get in so being impatient, off to Westfield and the local butchers where the queue is shorter, three people, but I get what I want and double up just in case.  I understand the queue for Lidl was reaching down to the high Street. That means a line 50 m long. I visited again later in the day and the queue was still there. I visited the Co-op and there were no queues.

Let us just think about this rule that people have to stand 2 m apart.  It’s the daftest thing I’ve ever heard.  What if there is a wind?  You could stand 6 m away from someone and if you were downwind of their sneeze you would get contaminated.  I find the whole thing ill thought-out.

Today the local newspaper, the Journal, has paused publication. The staff are in self isolation and the people who deliver the magazine are indisposed so the editor had to circulate it herself. Advertisers are hesitating fearing lack of response (quite rightly so)    Too much against….. they will be back.

We received a telephone call today, my first gardening job of the year.  It’s a very nice lady called Mrs Found.  I will refrain from making jokes. She is a lady of the old school, obviously a widow, but with a lovely garden and my job will be to clean the paving. I have never found two paving stones that are the same.  Every stone, artificial or otherwise, ages in a different way and is affected by overhanging trees.  I should be doing that tomorrow Saturday and that will be the way of paying my council tax which is due on 1 April

My travel company, Broadway Travel, bowed to the inevitable and gave us a credit note on a weeks holiday that we had booked in mid April to the Canary Islands.  I really do hope the travel and the airline industry recover from this assault on their economics.

Francoise and I had a Skype chat with my son mark, his wife Nidhi and her parents who are visiting them in Krabi, Thailand. There is a lock-down there also, so only takeaway food is available.  He is doing his teaching via the Internet and seems to be doing well enough. The parents said it would be nice if we could all meet in Thailand at some point.
Corona hand washing hand washing sing happy birthday more corona.
I turn to TV for relief.

Lock-down day three – a dead goldfish

early morning sunlight split into colours by a crystal projected on to my settee.

Another lovely day, mocking the terrible things that are happening on planet Earth.  Extinction Rebellion do not lie down and die but are trying to draw parallels between what is going on now and climate change. By what mental contortions they do this I don’t know. I am so tired of them. It is commonly agreed that human activities cause about 3% of the existing carbon dioxide in the world.  The rest is a dance between the huge reservoir of carbon dioxide in the sea, natural phenomena like volcanoes, and the activity of the sun.  So 3% of 0.006% CO2  in the atmosphere is a very small sphere of influence and even if we tried, it is doubtful whether we could make a difference of more than 0 .1°C to the temperature of the planet.  Anyway, heating the planet is far more beneficial than cooling.

Just back from my local garage.  They’re going to close tomorrow.  Some of the staff had been sent home for their own safety.  The main reason for closing the garage is that the people who supply the parts are also closing.  This is in spite of the fact that the Corona virus has been downgraded by our government as I mentioned before to be nothing more significant than aspects of the normal influenza that kills thousands of people every season.

Today, we saw evidence that our mentioned goldfish, one of seven, has perished due to the mysterious attack that I mentioned before. It sits floating in the water, gradually deteriorating.  I know that such things may not seem important to the average person but we do care for our goldfish as we care for every living thing in our garden including birds, the hedgehog, the ants, the worms, even the bacteria that keep this garden functioning as a living entity.  We do not however have the same attitude towards a local cat that used to come and poop on our lawn and our beds at regular intervals.  However, since we bought an ultra sonic motion detector which blasts them with irritating high-frequency fields we have had no more trouble.

Today is a day for study.  I have watched several important videos about the coronavirus and about the control systems that are being bought in at a rapid pace.  the videos I am watching are on my relevant page on my website and anyone who is tired of watching the mainstream media and the incessant hysteria should watch these videos to get a balanced view.  The more depths of understanding you have, the less fearful you are.

I watched Eckhart Tolle reading, unusually, from the Bible reminding us of the parable of the man who built his house on sand versus the man who built his house upon rock.

As things get more frantic outside –  but this is nothing in the country compared with London or Madrid or parts of America or Spain where police are going round checking your reasons for being out – I’m becoming more focused within, and building up what I’m optimistically calling my ‘inner life’.  This results in my “meeting” qualified and inspired people with whom I can identify and tune into.

Lots more to get my head around.  There seem to be up to 80% false positives in ‘testing’ for the corona virus. Fear is about some imagined event in the future. I must focus on ‘the now’.

I have just been called by Susanne from my local church. She was offering to sing to me with Kevin the organist playing the piano to cheer me up and keep me positive. This would have been done on the phone on Sunday.  What a brilliant idea but not quite for me. I wished them all the best. Wonderful thing – the divine spirit in the human being. There is hope for us all.

Lock-down day two

The scene at 630 this morning with the BBC presenters sitting at the regulation 2 m apart, with the morning sun streaming in the window

The day started early with me at about 4 AM.  I listened to the BBC briefly and found that the World Service, local radio stations, and radio five live had been amalgamated presumably due to staff problems and the presenter was searching around for subject matters. She was speaking very slowly showing that she was trying to make it up as she went along.  She had my sympathy

I decided to watch TV and an excellent programme about the making of West Side Story back in the 60s. Due to the controversial nature of the subject matter, it was nearly not produced.  A director walked out six weeks before rehearsals were going to start but in the end, the right people came together and on the first night at a Broadway theatre there were 17 curtain calls.

I received a negative letter to my information document about the coronavirus.  The chap started by saying “I regret having to send this letter to another human being” so far I have received 67 responses to my information letter, 16 were positive and seven were either negative or abusive.  It is amazing how people interpret, if they bothered to read, the same material in so many different ways.  People will take out of it material that is determined by their previous beliefs and will be blind to material that they don’t want to see.

I tried to call my insurance company to register the car that I hope to buy later on today but all I got was recorded music and endless invitations to visit the website itself.  I think they are overwhelmed with panicky people.  From what I can gather the main concern of the government is that people do not cross contaminate.  We shall be driving a distance of 16 miles, then driving back with two cars which I will not be able to ensure that we get home.  I’m not unduly worried about having an accident or coming to the attention of the police (there are no police around anywhere at the moment) because I will simply say that I tried to insure it but could not.  I believe we are going to get an announcement today about what people must do if they are blocked into their homes and their MOT runs out.  I do not envy the government here.

UK car owners are being given a six-month extension of their MOT but the rule only starts next Monday and my MOT runs out this Friday

Once again, the sun is shining which is a real blessing. Daft thing to say really, it is always shining but today it is not obscured by clouds.  I spoke to a Christian friend of mine called John; he shared that he had been in America with his son who runs the freight aspect of a large airline and said that in the three days they had been together the number of flights was reduced by 75%.  As Christians, they were able to laugh, share, and pray together.  What an enormous difference it makes to have a faith.

After waiting a long time, we were finally given the go-ahead to go and see the new car to buy, a Volvo V 70.  I love my existing Volvo V70 which I’ve had for nearly 4 years now but it is now too expensive repairs wise to pass the MOT which runs out this Friday and I would have to pay probably as much as the price of the car.  The chap who sold me the car was a jovial enough fellow who has just been laid off temporarily from his job installing swimming pools.  He has little idea how to communicate with other people so kept us waiting a long time before he was in, but I decided that it was a waste of time to comment on this since it would be water off a duck’s back .  Anyway my concerns about driving without insurance were baseless but I wouldn’t do it for more than one journey.  We just got in the old and the new car and drove through an empty landscape and arrived home.  It is a turbo and it certainly does have a kick. Alas it will be a bit more expensive on petrol but you just had to keep your foot off the gas pedal.

More material about the inevitability of the coming of the New World order culminating in the year 2030 when all should be complete.  We would experience a new type of human being, obedient, subservient, emotionless, compliant, with most of the influence of Christianity for example being stripped away.  Anyway, overall I feel good today so there is a spirit of eternity within me otherwise I dread to think how I would be feeling.

Lock-down Day One

Our goldfish sun bathing in their favorite spot in our pond

After last evening’s bombshell by the Prime Minister we are informed that we must stay at home and only go out for exceptional reasons.  It is a question how the British public will respond to this.  First of all, we don’t have nearly enough police to enforce everything.  Tomorrow, I’m going to pick up a replacement Volvo car (2001 vintage)  from Trowbridge, which is 15 miles away from where I live, and since there is no risk of contaminating anyone else I don’t think there will be a problem.

Michael Gove. a UK MP, said that it was all right to go to allotments since the work there would be regarded as exercise.  I’m very much looking forward to this so-called lockdown because no one will expect anything of me.  I don’t have any immediate financial worries (touch wood) so I can enjoy the sun, have loads of time for reading, tidy up the house, and spend time on the telephone with those who might need help all those who just want a laugh.

I’m updating my coronavirus website and giving examples of how the current situation has been planned for years by the various governments including the Rothschilds, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, the usual suspects.

A friend has done me the great favour of introducing me to a charismatic personality, alas no longer with us, who is qualified in so many directions but where’s he’s knowledge likely.  I’m in the process of watching a video from him which you can find on you Tube. He is called Murray Rothbard the Texan delight in being perverse and his much loved by his audiences as you will see if you listen to any tape.  I’ve included a link just in case you want to have a look. This man really knows how to communicate because a) he is comfortable with himself b) he does not have a point to prove c) he loves his audience.

Françoise went shopping for the next door neighbour and left the package on the doorstep, the old lady concerned reached for gloves before picking up the vegetables.  I have just put an advertisement in the local paper for gardening.  It remains to be seen whether anyone will respond. I have a feeling with this burst of good weather nature will spring forth and people’s need for having the garden done will be greater than worries about the coronavirus in spite of the incessant fear mongering of the government about something that will die down itself if given half a chance.

I receive on a regular basis a publication called “The Week”.  There is a column that always appears called “it must be true – I read it in the tabloids”  there is a lovely story which I reproduce.

A woman in Vancouver thought she was doing her bit to halt the spread of the virus by carefully washing her hands with a lump of unscented soap she kept by the sink.  After a couple of days, however, she wondered, “why isn’t this foaming?”.  The answer, she finally tweaked, was that the lump was “literally a block of cheese”.  “I came to realise” she told readers on Reddit, “it was a dried – out square of Sharp’s Cheddar cheese.  I suspect I left it out when I was intoxicated and just forgot.”.

A strange thing happened today with the goldfish.  We went out into the garden to find a fish gasping for air about 60 cm away from the pool. There was a lot of blood on the ground adjacent. We rescued it just in time and threw it back. We do not know if it will survive.  This is a mystery.  It does not have the strength to go for a walk on the grass and why should it.  The pond is protected by netting so how could a predatory bird have pecked through the netting, taken the fish, and then decided he didn’t want to eat it and just left it.  Perhaps the fish was too large to be swallowed.  Since we have no remote video system we will never know.

I visited Tesco’s to get the balance of cash for buying my car, petrol and a wander round to see what and what is not available.  There were few people in the store and with the exception of the toilet paper and white flour everything appeared to be in order.  For some reason, the meat and fish counters have been closed.  I bought a few items and approached the till not noticing the yellow tape on the floor behind which I had to stand.  When I went to buy petrol there were road block structures in front of the mini-store where you pay on the idea is that you could not coming unless invited.  When I have bought my petrol I saw someone with a spray wiping down parts that I might have touched.

We watched a very good series on BBC four about Robert Capa, one of the greatest Second World War photographers who was entirely fearless.  He rushed his negatives back to the picture post offices in London but a darkroom assistant ruined most of them, about 100/111.  This is one of the most famous pictures at the moment of death we pay the price.Folk are suffering all over the world from the effects of a wobbly planet.  If you want to come back from Sydney Australia the cost is not less than £1100

What can we do but wait?


I completed my gargantuan mail-out yesterday and received many kind notes from people who were renewing their acquaintance with me after more than 10 years in many cases.  The worst thing about this Corona thing is not knowing what is going to happen and when it is going to finish.  My latest pendulum readings show that everything will clear by 1 June.  The growth in infections and the mortality is not so great in the United Kingdom compared with for example Italy or Spain.  The idea of the Government paying 1000 pounds a month to anyone who is self-employed will quickly empty the government coffers.

Although the sun is shining, I feel completely flat and unsure what to do so I stare at the TV from time to time but apart from this it has been an unproductive day.  The local council have produced a pamphlet called IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ, which includes helpful posters for the vulnerable people among us.  Françoise completed her tour of our street; one woman gave her an order for shopping which she happily accepted and will do tomorrow.  I heard on the news that a staff assistant in a supermarket was spat at because she refused to allow a customer to buy over the agreed limit for a particular item.  What is the matter with these people?

The frogs spawn in our pond has come to life and there are lots of little tiny beings the size of a pinhead wriggling around and blowing little bubbles, no doubt beneficially influenced by the sun that shines brightly on the clear water.

I shall compile a list of comments which have been made either for or against my letter which was mainly designed to help people avoid panic, and to do certain things that would raise their spirits.  I think it is good for everyone to see what other people say.  I know that this happens anyway on Facebook and Twitter but I would like to draw it together in a more artistic fashion.

So, all but essential travel is banned according to Boris our Prime Minister.  On Wednesday we are due to pick up our new car and we have to drive a distance of 15 miles.  I think will probably risk it because if I don’t go, my existing car will be without an MOT from this Saturday and we cannot use it.  If there is a fine to pay, so be it.  Life must go on.  I cannot imagine the havoc that is going to be caused by this grand perception management that is called a ‘crisis’.

a bombshell from me and what I got back


I was chatting away on the allotments to a couple of people and it suddenly came into my head as I should write to all my contacts on my account to give comments about how I saw the corona business moving.   I dug out all the latest facts I could find, mostly from government sources, and presented them to show that the actual chance of dying from this virus was very small indeed.

I have never mailed my entire database before but I thought I would take the risk of upsetting some people.  I managed to do this on a few occasions and I as I write and receiving replies.  The biggest reply was from the postmasters who could not deliver my mail and since I’ve had my system going for 15 years that it’s hardly surprising.  I have a total mailing list of 3850.  I estimate that the redundancy is probably about 12% so this was very useful to me.  I went through and deleted as appropriate.  Fastmail allows me to send up to 1000 addressees at any one time.  It was very simple so to do.

I got a lot of contact from people I hadn’t heard from for a long time with delightful messages of support.  I also got messages of abuse and called all sorts of names such as idiot, dangerous person, and worse.  I also got a neutral number of people who asked to be removed from the list, I think about 10, and I did it immediately and wrote back politely informing them of the fact.

If you have opinions about anything which could be divisive, you will get abuse in equal measure if you are lucky. It does not take much of a trigger to fire people off if they are already troubled about something and with the coronaviruses about the best example you can find..  If you want a quiet life, keep your head down at all times but it won’t be very exciting and certainly will not develop the character. My intention is that when all the replies have been received, I will circulate them to those people who replied to me so they can see where they stand in the rainbow of use from positive to negative. I imagine I will send this out about Wednesday.

I always keep my 5G site active but only put in items that give a new perspective on the whole topic.  I am listening to Ian Crane at the moment who is talking about AI, artificial intelligence, and how sinister it was.  A man was thinking of being engaged to be married and he noticed after a short time that he was getting adverts on his phone for engagement rings.  He could not figure this out until he chatted with Ian.  With his telephone on he walked along various High Streets and stopped outside the jewellers on more than one occasion in fact many occasions.  His phone, that is tracked by GPS, notice this and produced the advertisements accordingly.  We are being naive about how much we can be tracked.

I’m afraid that the combination of the legislative measures of the coronavirus, the bullying of the climate change brigade, the coming of 5G, vaccinations which may become compulsory, increased repression by the government, will cause a quantum change in how the world is run and it won’t be for the benefit of the “man on the Clapham omnibus” if you see the world as Corporation with no boundaries then you will understand how and why things unfold and how things happen at different parts of the world apparently in synchronicity.

For my own part, I’m quite happy to stand up and be counted.  I don’t want to be a moral wimp.  My belief is that when you leave this mortal coil you determine the vectors of your future existence by your push, your desire, what really fires you up, and you get a future world which for all I know may be intertwined with this world but act at an intra-molecular level.  We will not know this until we finally close our eyes.

And now, to the next batch of responses to my letter.

An ordinary day transforms


We awoke to a drizzly Saturday morning.  I refuse to watch or listen to the news because I’d had enough of you know what to last me some time.  The morning was very ordinary.  I went along to the allotment to take away all the bits and pieces, rotten wood etc, that can so easily accumulate and make the allotment look messy.  I also went to the butchers and got little bit of this that and the other.  They are local, are not suffering from shortages because all their suppliers are local and they just had to make a few extra phone calls to make sure that all suppliers are in place.

My wife Francoise was good enough to go round our close and ask if everyone was all right. Her original intention was to find the owner of a lost and wind-blown bin cover. She collected phone numbers and names along the way. People were very grateful for her visit. She bought some eggs to a couple who had run out of supplies. At least this event can be used to strengthen community bonds.

I was troubled because I was trying to conclude a purchase of a replacement Volvo.  My pendulum told me a couple of weeks ago that it would be the middle of next week before the situation was sorted.  I eventually got hold of the chap, he is in Trowbridge, and he seems affable enough.  We sorted out the remaining questions about the car.  He suggested the best time to come for the thecar would be Wednesday.  It was somewhat of a relief to have sorted that out because nothing was working.

The third good thing was an excellent video which we both watched about grounding presided over by Doctor Mercola.  We learn that the planet Earth is a giver of free radicals which can balance the body.  We learn that before man started insulating his body from the earth by for example wearing plastic shoes, the majority of problems presented at the hospitals were for the physical side of the body and only a minority for the emotional side.  After the 1960s when people started wearing plastics it was the other way round.

I found myself ordering an earthing mat which we could use either under the keyboard or under our bare feet when sitting at the computer or watching TV. When I read about something relevant I do it straight away whether it will bring a book or a piece of equipment or some pills.

A friend of mine from Helsinki wrote to me about a device developed by Russian scientists which would insulate us from the effect of 3G, 4G and 5G.  Evidently you carry it around with you.  I could not find this on the Internet so I asked him for the website.  Unfortunately, it was in Russian but I could use Google translate for an instant and quite accurate translation.  The machine is called the ‘Quintess’ and I wrote off asking how I could get hold of one.

I heard from my son Mark and how he was doing. He’s teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand and getting used to an eastern oceanic version of pushy parents.

In the afternoon the sun came out, and although the wind was blowing cold it was pleasant to be out. Amazingly there is some heat in the sun. So, in the space of a few hours, the day was transformed into something more meaningful.  I did more reading on the origins of the coronavirus to be told it was only the 17th most lethal virus in the world which has been around forever.  The only way you can get rid of this blanket fear is by knowledge.  We in the UK are still going to have to put up with two or three months of no pubs or restaurants.

I also finished reading the first volume of the author Jeffrey Archer and his time in prison, Belmarsh in this case, for perjury.

BBC Fatigue – wall to wall corona coverage

I was the only passenger on the bus to Wells

I did not turn on the radio this morning because I don’t want to hear Corona Corona Corona, and then more Corona.  There comes a point when you get sick of the whole thing.  I decided to go to Wells today to see how this normally bustling city centre was affected by fear and panic, mostly media induced, by a phenomena that you have less than one in 1,000,000 chance of being killed by – anyone would think the whole population had received a death sentence.

On the way to Wells, there were a few pick-ups at the intermediate stops within Wells City itself – mostly older people going shopping. How lovely (above)  to see Glastonbury Tor in the distance on a hill from the front of the upper deck of the bus (my favourite seat).

I passed through the main square, normally chock-a-block with people, to visit the castle and the Bishops Gardens. There were few people in the vicinity so I enjoyed the scenery to the full.

the ducks having a wonderful time


Back in the city centre to find that we are continuing the theme of swans.

I just missed the bus to Midsomer Norton so I took another bus, the 174, via Shepton Mallet to Midsomer.  I took the opportunity of visiting Tesco’s and from making photographs could have equally well demonstrated that the store was running out all food, the first picture, or that there was still plenty left, the second picture.  The hoarders have taken what lazy and selfish people take, pasta, which has very little nutritional value and tinned food, ditto.  There was also no flour at the time,and the meat supplies were disappearing fast.

I don’t think I will be starving anytime soon.  We have a good local butchers who do not have any supply problems, the farm supplies us with eggs, milk is no problem anyway, we can get bread locally from the two bakeries in town.  What impresses me is the number of people I met in Wells who were totally fed up with all the publicity and depressing news.  I went into a pub. A woman went to the bar to order a drink.  Next to her was the TV giving the usual depressing news.  She announced loudly that she was going to sit as far away from the television as possible.  She was wearing a multicoloured or should I say rainbow coloured sweater and I said to her that I thought she was doing the right thing by celebrating bright colours.

I will just say one thing about this corona lark.  In 2008-9, 13,000 people died from the influenza epidemic and that was in the United Kingdom. We now have about 150 deaths but the way the media is reacting you think we all got a death sentence.  If my mathematics has not failed me we have got another 12,850 people to go before reaching the 2008 death level.  So – relax dear people, enjoy, make the best of any time you have on your own and let your immune system protect you.

A challenge for our spirit


I woke up today to hear that as from tomorrow afternoon all schools will be closed.  I look out of the window and see a grey sky and drizzling rain. I have eight days left before my MOT runs out so I’m hoping that the contact I made in Trowbridge will result in a sale.  I’m debating whether to hoard food for our fridges full and the local supermarkets seem to be well enough stocked.


Some of you may know that I have editorial duties with regard to the site called 5G exposed which does just that, drawing attention to the health effects of the forthcoming 5G penetration of the world.  I have just written to everybody on my mailing list to help you get some sort of perspective about the whole thing and I thought you might like to see what I wrote which I feel is relevant to us all in any event.

“I’m writing as a human being who like everyone else is being subjected to the stresses and strains of the you-know-what virus.  I particularly feel for self-employed people and those on zero hours contracts who have got to pay their rent and eat.

A news item that gave me a strange pleasure was reading that dolphins and numerous small fish have returned to the Venice canals.  I expect they couldn’t cope with the noise of the boat engines. Nature takes back its own. 🙂

All around me, meetings are being cancelled, even the coffee morning at  our local church. Our modest high Street, quaint at the best of times, is empty.  The only activity is at Lidl and Sainsbury’s and oh yes the Co-op.

I’ve actually made the decision not to watch the news, particularly BBC News, because I find it makes me more anxious and does more harm in a situation that I can do little about EXCEPT look after myself and those closer to me.  The chances of catching this particular virus are vanishingly small especially if your immune system is doing its job.They close schools even when no pupils have been victims???

An increase in our body temperature is the body’s way of killing the viruses – they do not like warm temperatures.  I wonder why our government is not concentrating on the most needy group, the old people, instead of making people suffer for what they have not caught and in all probability will not suffer from let alone die from.

I have decided to open a new page on my 5G site to help people get some sort of balance to counteract the alarmist and fear-inducing stance that, surprise surprise, the BBC and other organisations are encouraging.  Anyone would think that they want to make us frightened so that we are grateful when they bring in restrictions to our freedom ‘for the greater good’.

I strongly recommend the video (scroll down on the page) by David Icke who has a record of being consistently right about forthcoming events and who speaks mountains of commonsense.

The page is

The 5G site itself continues to be well read but I’m having more difficulty in finding articles since all but virus news is being pushed aside.  However, there are still thousands of relevant 5G articles in the site which as a far as I know is the largest on the Internet, correct me if I’m wrong. PS My policy is to advertise all other relevant sites

My main concern is that people maintain their sanity and to assist I recommend turning to nature.  Nature has an amazing ability to heal which can take the form of grounding or earthing, simply standing outside for half an hour in bare feet and (re)tuning into the earth.

Such events as the virus bring about the worst (aggressive hoarding in supermarkets) but also the best (looking out for other people).I know we’re not supposed to congregate together with other people but we can catch up with old friends on the telephone or Skype.

We now have an opportunity to read books and study matters that we haven’t had much of a chance to before. My dentist said to me yesterday that he would ‘love’ to have some time for himself decorating the house and being a dad ‘if we have to close’.

My feeling  and it is only a feeling is that the so-called virus will peak by the end of April as it has already done in China and in six months time we will look back and wonder what all the fuss was about.  Daily-Mail type forecasts are wildly out.

Meanwhile as far as I know, 5G continues to be rolled out by stealth in more and more places. As for ‘climate change’ – funny – it keeps on changing. I wonder when that started.

Keep happy keep positive and eat well.

Brian Snellgrove
10.45 AM GMT Thursday 19th March 2020

Will Bath become a ghost town?


We escaped from our London holiday last week just in time because within a couple of days of our leaving, Boris Johnson our Prime Minister made all sorts of announcements that put the fear of God into most people and made them less likely to touch never mind hug, to have fellowship with each other, to gather together and described the need to self isolate at home for a period of so many weeks, particularly those over 70, the ‘vulnerable’. Well I have news for him. My immune system (I was born with it!!) is doing perfectly fine and I am sure it will adapt as it is designed to do.

X-Canche Cenote – Ek Balam, Mexico but Alan Brook

I needed to go to hospital for my monthy eye-check. To my surprise, my left eye which has the wet macular has stabilised and the doctor decided I did not need an injection so anyway whilst in the hospital I enjoyed myself as I normally do by taking photographs – of which there are samples below. Just to remind you, in the RUH all the main corridors are festooned with paintings and drawings and photographs which can be purchased, a proportion going to hospital funds.

We had a new ophthalmologist called John, who had joined the team in the eye Department. He was a natural Doctor.  He respected the patient, had a little hint of humour, listened carefully to what I had to say, and seemed genuinely interested in the work.  I grant you he was young. I guess most doctors would start like that but I shall see him again I feel.

‘Lonely’.  The Milky Way seen rising over a lonely tree in Kaza Valley in India.  The Milky Way is our own galaxy.  It appears as a broad band where  we look through the flattened disc of billions of stars that makes up its spiral structure.
Yevhen Samuchanko, from the Royal Photographic Society, international images for science

My goodness this was a mess.  It was in one of the intermediate areas between the wards and clearly the tree has been blown over in the recent winds and for some reason three foreign looking trees,  palm trees or baobab – type trees, had been planted in the vicinity.  I have no idea what they’re doing and they seem out of place.

And so to Bath on the bus. I notice that very few people are wearing masks, mostly foreign visitors. To my relief, Wetherspoon’s was still open though for how long we do not know as our Prime Minister has advised that we avoid congregating in groups and do not attend pubs and restaurants.  However, the Odeon cinema adjacent to Wetherspoon’s is definitely closed.

As if to compensate, there was a lovely box of spring flowers on a bench outside Witherspoon’s.There is no question that there was only a fraction of the normal crowd of tourists, far less than I saw in the supposedly unfavourable months of January and February.

Bath Cathedral ahead, and the tearooms on the right with no queues

I thought this was a brilliant advert for a more compact camera so that goes on my list.  Below is a lone person playing a piano in the square outside the Cathedral.The River Avon which flows through Bath was at positive boiling point due to the recent rains and to my great entertainment and fascination there was a blockage below a bridge which I would love to have released with a stick.  To be quite honest I would have needed a boat and someone who could row quite strongly against the current.

I then went to the city art Gallery to see an exhibition of Toulouse-Lautrec’s work. He revolutionised advertising with his unique creativity. He set a style, the power of which remains today, starting from the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.What a joy to see the liberation of this work.  The lady in the museum did not know if it was going to be open tomorrow. I ask because I wanted to make a return visit.  It is due to finish in May but who knows what will happen.



Home – via Tate Britain


This is our last day in London.  I have managed much better than I thought with the energies of the capital,  probably assisted by the fact that there are very few people around.  I was happy to give a tip to one of the waiters at the breakfast in the hotel. She is called Luz,  which in Spanish means “light”. The given name is shortened from Nossa Senhora Da Luz, a Roman Catholic epithet of the Virgin Mary as “Our Lady of Light”. She certainly lived up to her name.  I guess she is a Roman Catholic.  She delivers her child, who is very bright, to the Catholic school over the road before starting her work.  I gave money for books for the education of the child who I understand from other members of staff is very bright.

After a huge and hearty breakfast (I might as well get my money’s worth) we set off with bulging suitcases  for Belsize Park, Northern line, change at Euston and alight at Pimlico for Tate Britain. Details matter when you’re carrying large suitcases. We arrived at the gallery shortly after 10 AM.  There were very few people there which is to be expected with the coronavirus.  We saw a few Japanese going round the gallery itself but the visitors were mostly middle-aged well-to-do people who were not working.  The Tate has this good idea of donating to the gallery itself and indeed all the baggage storage room by touch card at a fixed price. It is much more convenient than searching around for small change, not that I carry cash that much these days.

I know I’ve said this before but it is very easy to get back the value of your annual subscription, in our case a combined subscription of 120 pounds.
At the Tate modern, the Andy Warhol was £20,  Doro Maar was £13.  At the Tate Britain, the Baroque exhibition was £15 and the Beardsley £16. These are prices when bought on the Internet. The combined amount is £64.  For two of us that makes £128.  This is slightly more than the annual subscription which includes unlimited visits to all shows in all branches of the Tate Gallery (Liverpool, St Ives).

It is very easy to forget the philanthropists.  This image modestly placed outside the library is of Sir Edwin Manton who gave a generous donation in 2006. Sir Charles for contributed substantially to the Clore Gallery which is home to the largest collection of works by Joseph Turner.

Recently pruned plane trees outside Tate Britain

Henry Moore (who else?)
A – to the wearer -well defended mask against the corona virus but alas the virus enters through saliva and in the air when it makes contact with the skin.
I suppose the Evening paper makes the floor a little less hard. The homeless person has probably gone to relieve himself.

To Victoria coach station. This is our customary walk on the last day of our trips to London.  On balance we prefer the Tate Britain as it is less tiring and more intimate.  Normally the crowds in the Tate Modern are just too overwhelming. I jump on the coach as soon as the doors open and try to secure the front seat. They seem to have taken out the front row to accommodate people in wheel chairs and so there is now a single one with a ‘reserved’ sign on it.  The sign means nothing so I asked if I could sit there. I love being up in front with the driver so I can see what he sees. I mentally drive the bus with him. Sad eh.

It can take ages to get out of London.  16:30 on a Friday afternoon is not the best time to leave.  An hour to Hammersmith Flyover is not uncommon. (Suggestion : think of the saving of money and meditate). We normally pay £5 each way London to Bath.  Try getting that on the train.

from my favorite seat at the front of the coach




Art Gallery day – London at its best


To the Mall Gallery, situated amazingly enough in The Mall,  in central London where they have frequent exhibitions including many by portraitists.  There were three exhibitions on when we came.  One was by The Wapping Group of Artists. It was entitled “London and its River”. I saw many examples of the Thames at Richmond, my old stamping ground.  In the spring and autumn the tide comes above the tow path so cars get flooded their quite regularly.  They soon learn.

St James Park, as immaculate as ever.

I had a lively chats with the two volunteers who were members of the group and commented that there were no lady painters.  They replied that they had been trying to attract them without success.  Evidently one woman has joined recently and they hope that one will attract more.  The group itself was founded in 1946 as a plein-air group of painters and now has a substantial history of painting outdoors in all weather conditions in London, along the River Thames and it’s far reaches.  For some reason, the membership is limited to 25.  In case you’re interested, the website is here

‘Blue Sky’ Richmond


And so to lunch with a friend, Andrew with his wife and whom I have known since the early 70s.  On the way we went through Charing Cross station and I was very entertained by a radical new type of seating where for once someone has put some imagination into.

An intriguing vertical wall garden
An old cinema projector (1954-1968) in the British Film Institute on the South Bank

You can watch thousands of hours of old films courtesy of an donor who made a substantial contribution to digitize old films.
who knows what the story is. Taken near Waterloo Bridge

Amazing saxaphone and clarinet shop.

Our venue was at an ex-servicemen’s club called the Union Jack Club just opposite Waterloo station.  The staff are noticeable for their politeness and accommodation of any type of person. We had a lovely three course meal with much jovial chat and teasing.  I like the fact that you can tease people if you know them very well because we both know it’s just a game but a sign of liking and accepting the other person with all their foibles.

Next, off to Tate Modern which is to big to do justice to on these pages. If you do a search on this site for “Tate Modern” you will get the essence of my many visits.  We went to an Andy Warhol exhibition, among others.

A classical view of St. Paul’s on a perfect afternoon.

Off back ‘home’ . The hotel is adjacent to the most expensive petrol station in London (except for one in Park Lane).  They are £1.39.9 per litre. Other stations are from £1.21.  How they get away with it I shall never know.

And so to bed, more invigorated than I would have imagined. Out last night in a very comfortable bed. Better make the most of it.

I enquired if the waitress that I was going to tip would be on duty the next morning but was not told for ‘security reasons’.

To Leatherhead to relive old times

A clever and humorous poster seen en route – good example of how to involve people

I wonder how much old friends change.  I suppose we wouldn’t notice because of us both changing, for example getting old physically. In that case we would see the other person in exactly the same light. I normally only speak to the friend that I was meeting by telephone or e-mail and in a way we have telepathic contact which means that a physical meeting is not necessary from the technical point of view but from the spiritual aspect I think a meeting of energy fields is a good idea.

We went off to have lunch at a restaurant (obviously) and once again I found the service very impersonal, casual and I could almost say indifferent. It would be nice if the waitress had showed just a little bit of interest in us, and in our welfare, but on this occasion she had a bored even stony face.  After the main course, the waitress took so long to come for our sweet order that we got up and asked for the bill.  No apology from her,  no “sorry to keep you waiting”, no enquiry about whether we enjoyed the meal.  Throughout, we had to suffer, or I had to suffer, a screaming child which the parent ignored as I’m so often used to seeing. In the end we left and I spotted an ice-cream shop  and scoffed a delightful ice cream in a cornet consisting of strawberry and then vanilla… and so the meal was complete.

We completed our day by being entertained at the Garrick Club in the centre of the West End which is a favourite haunt of writers, artists and actors.  No photography is allowed so you have to look it up on the Internet.  We were told that there is a five-year waiting list, with a total membership of about 1300.  You are elected to join by the confluence of a number of existing members who will sign a book in one place or another depending on how highly you are held in their esteem.  All very traditional and I love it.

A visit to the wilds of North London


It’s very nice to get up when you feel like it.  The only restriction we have here at the hotel was that the breakfast closes at 10 AM so if you’ve any sense you go down to the breakfast room by 9:30 AM unless you want to feed on scraps and ‘been kept hot for too long’ food.

As we had a little time to spare before meeting our friends, we alighted at Euston and popped in to the Wellcome Museum, which gives regular and interesting exhibitions on topics of interest. This time it was on the topic of play.  As I may have said before, I have a natural antipathy of staged pictures of which there is one example below. Why do I find this picture so unconvincing? It does not communicate anything apart from the fact that the young lady has been asked to grab some toys together and pretend to be screaming.  Why bother to take the picture at all?


The text reads as follows:
Kristina in Luganke, Eastern Ukraine.
Mark Neville, and artist and activist, has created a series of photographs (2016) documenting children in the immediate aftermath of conflict across the world.  Neville took shelter with her family during shelling, and observed how Christina started to play 20 min after the attack ended.  He describes how she replayed the events of the shelling, echoing the sounds in her dramatic play, processing trauma with defiance and resilience.

Now excuse me please.  This is a staged recreation.  If she was really suffering or being angry, it would not be such a pretty picture.  What the great War photographers did is to capture the moment. Example below.

I found a most telling diagram showing the distance that parents allow their children to go.  This is self-explanatory so please enlarge your screen to read it.

A rather sophisticated bike stand outside Euston station. Lockable I see.
goin to so many places, near and far

It was necessary to take transport from Euston/ King’s Cross to visit our old friends. This requires a Victoria line journey, change at Finsbury Park for the overground line and catch the 12:24 to Winchmore Hill. This is most definitely a wealthy residential suburb without much going on, with the vast majority of the population commuting to central London. Timing depends upon method but reckon on a little over an hour by car and a little bit less by public transport.  There is a new fleet of trains in North London which has one continuous carriage from one end to the other which means it is far safer in the event of personal attack.

We went to a Turkish restaurant which offered a special two course menu between 12 and 3 PM.  There was nothing particularly special about the food but it was tasty and standard.  It is so pleasant when you realise that between four people there is a common wavelength that makes conversation easy. I have an ‘alternative view’ of events as you may know and as a bonus the male companion of my friend agreed with me in pretty much every respect.  This causes me to unleash my great amount of data that most people are not interested in.  I try not to rant for longer than 10 min and even in those 10 min I try to be good-natured.

One of the shops making great attempts to attract customers.

We went to their home and as usual the lady of the house apologised for the mess. There are two things that you should never do in my view.  The first is to apologise for food that you had served at the table, and the second one is to apologise for the state of your house.  People should take as they find.  If there is a cushion disarranged or the washing up not done and visitors take exception what are you doing as their friends.

We had a splendid hour or so then were taken to the train station for the journey back to London.  If anyone is reading this who has not been to London, ‘London’ is regarded as the area within the M25 which is reckoned at about 300 square miles. The population is about 9,000,000 .this is dwarfed by Tokyo, with 37.5 millions,Osaka with a population of 19,000,000 Delhi in India, with 28.5 millions and Sao Paulo, Brazil, with 21.7 millions. I think I’ll stick with London. Midsomer Norton, where I live, has a population of 22,000. London is 410 times the size of where I live.

On to Swiss Cottage where I had arranged to meet a very old friend of mine. He’s doing quite well and has an amazing Mercedes-Benz car.  It does not need keys since it reads the fingerprint of the owner.  It has a voice-activated Internet system where any tune can be selected and played.  It also has a hand movement activated volume control so when you move your fingers around in a clockwise direction, the volume increases.  Also, the other front seat has  massage equipment built into it.  I was offered a quick spine massage which was very pleasant.

We had a Chinese meal and chatted about old times.  I met my friend G.  in 1965 through a metal grille at Streatham, London, sorting office. I love the way things happen like this.  You couldn’t make it up. It is very nice to speak with someone who goes back a long time because they have a very good perspective on your strengths and weaknesses.

Back to the hotel to watch the 10 o’clock news about the spreading corona virus. Coronavirus has cost the manufacturer of the Mexican beer, Corona, £132m  it’s CEO has admitted. Corona was facing its worst financial quarter in a decade.  The massive drop in sales is largely due to falling demand in China, where the global Corona virus outbreak began.

I decided to add a corona page to my website on 5G exposed because every person on the planet is affected by this.   Our room was not ventilated so it was necessary to open half the double glazing and then the outer window whereupon the ferocity of the wind became obvious.  It is so nice to be  inside immune from the forces of nature.  So far, we have been very lucky with the threatened rain.

Off to London Town during the corona ‘crisis’


Up early, the usual check around to see that everything is locked and that the gas is turned off. We normally turn all electrical appliances off except the fridge and freezer that we have to trust to behave well, not catch fire etc

We had breakfast at an eatery called the Giraffe opposite Bath bus station. Porridge was the order of the day with which we had with generous amounts of fruit and it as good way to start a day as any I know. Table service was just getting going and there were people staring into space waiting for their order to be taken. I normally talk to everyone but I make an exception first thing in the morning when people may not have had their coffee. They are in a private space until this time so far as I am concerned.

Our coach left promptly at 10:15 AM – due to arrive in London 1:30 PM. We had the usual sprinkling of passengers. 90% get on at the starting station of Bath and we go through via Box, Chippenham, and then if we have to, pick up at Reading and then for certain journeys we call at London Heathrow which we did this time. I like coaches because you always have moments of rapport with other people, including exchanging comments when the behaviour of other drivers leaves something to be desired, having a joke with the National Express driver and wishing people all the best when they get off the coach at intermediate stops. I always take a book to read on such journeys but never get round to reading it. There is always something going on. The only thing I do is to check my messages from time to time but even that is not high on my priority list. All in all it’s a relaxing experience.

Use of the mobile telephone is universal these days but this time we had a lady with a rather loud voice who was going to Heathrow. She was obviously having a business conversation discussing whether a person called Scott should be contacted and if so why. A number of other passengers were getting irritated and eventually Francoise went up to her and told her to keep quiet. She did terminate conversation and said, muttering, “people have to do business you know” as it was our fault that she had a loud voice. I don’t mind people talking if they don’t go on for too long. It’s much better if people speak in other languages as I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about and it is less annoying.

a contrived yawn. Sorry dear, wrong set of muscles.

To our hotel on Haverstock Hill, one of the Premier Inn group, which was recommended and arranged by my old friend, actually my oldest friend of over 50 years, Gregory. It does not look spectacular from the outside but inside the money has been spent on good quality fittings in the rooms including an excellent mattress. The bedroom was as soundproof as I could wish for and we did not have to wait ages for a lift. Everything was prepaid so the registration was as painless as could be hoped for. We had room number 319 which was memorable and I liked the sound of. Our room was at the back of the hotel facing the car park and it was quiet.

Is my grammar knowledge deserting me, but should it not be ‘more sincere’. ?

We dumped our stuff and went straight off to South London to see where I lived for 10 years, Cedar Close in Dulwich. This was first stage community living where you’re expected to look after yourself but there is a warden in case of need. But before that, the journey.

A discreet photo of the place where I lived for 10 years. Only 50m from the South Circular Road but almost noiseless. The sound bounced off the houses to the front.

It normally takes me a day to get used to being in London where the transport is of necessity efficient and buses come every few minutes. Buses have three doors; front, middle and back to speed ingress and egress of passengers. You are expected to sign in using your travel pass thought Somerset Freedom Passes are not recognised by the machines. Whereas in Somerset we say thank you to the driver on exit this does not happen in London. In Somerset it is very unusual to see someone of colour. In London, on a bus in particular, you can be sometimes the only person who is not of colour. When I was living in London I got used to it and actually quite liked it.

A rather soft – blunt message on a subway escalator

We took the train from Victoria to West Dulwich. We sat down with the warden in her flat and had a big catch up on the last seven years. She and I were both interested in the same topic, alternative views of the world etc. It is very interesting that when there is a soul connection with someone, you can meet them 10, 20 years later and it’s just like it was 5 minutes ago when you last spoke. You just carry on where you left off.  We were there for about one and a half hours then it was off walking in the rain.

We visited Brixton, not the best time to be there because most of the stores were shut so after walking in – and out – of an overcrowded and noisy Wetherspoons  we walked all the way to Stockwell Tube past what I remember as the Portuguese restaurant quarter of London but amazingly most of the restaurants had disappeared. My eyesight is not that bad but there were none to be seen. After a time we got tired of walking so hopped on the Northern line instead of having a rather expensive meal in a restaurant (you can’t expect much change out of £30 even for a simple meal).  We went to the local Budgens and bought a salad each which we consumed in the hotel room.

So far so good.

So many books to read


A week does not go by without my buying another book.  This is a very small selection of books that I intend to read and in some cases are reading.  Let’s go over these in some detail.

Prayer – Philip Yancey.  It is so easy for prayer to become a shopping list.  Philip looks into why we pray, how we pray , to whom we pray and for what reason.  His main tenet is that God knows what we want before we ask so what is the point of telling him what he already knows or for that matter, bargaining with him.  It seems to me that prayer is for our own benefit, aligning with the forces or should I say lack of force  of the universe of love. Philip says we should treat God as a friend and speak to him accordingly.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Doctor Mark Sircus. It is amazing how effective is very simple and unpatentable chemical this is, a combination of sodium and carbon and yet it has a multitude of uses right from cleaning ordinary materials to rejuvenating and clearing out the body. We tend to forget how the pharmaceutical industry is trying to tell us that every cure requires the ingestion of complicated and expensive medicines when in fact our grandparents managed on very simple substances such as sodium bicarbonate, such as vinegar particularly apple vinegar or cider vinegar, such as “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, such as herbal remedies not to mention lifestyles.  We really do need to get back to basics.

EMF*D – Doctor Joseph Mercola.  I read about this yesterday, Saturday, and immediately had to buy it. It arrived, courtesy of Amazon Prime, today.  It is such a relief to read about these dreadful subjects such as 5G, mobile phones, and dirty electricity and the way they impact on our system – but this time it is done with gentleness, compassion and a touch of humour.  It is not straight from the shoulder dystopian material but a candid, straightforward and simple description of what is going on and when and how it started.  People who know nothing about this subject should start with this book. We need to learn how to warn and inform.

Earthing– ‘the most important health discovery ever’, by Stephen Sinatra and Martin sucker. Who would imagine that by simply standing outside for a period of time your body and indeed your mind can be healed and balanced. It is so intriguing to be told the science behind this, and as with the other book I’m reading, how the best remedies are the simplest.  I believe that many of our malaise are caused by lack of respect and understanding of Nature of which we are apart.  Do we not get a clue from ‘acting naturally’.  Natural > nature  get the idea?  Again, it’s a lovely book to read.

The Bible Book – Nick page.  Nick is one of those evangelical Christians with a common touch in other words he can make heavy things explainable particularly the words in the Bible that some people find a bit off putting. He  is more or less saying things like “this is what it says but this is what he really means, or what is really going on”.  I find this book very easy to dip into.  Very few people can make the Bible live as it has done for billions of people in the last 2000 years but Nick Page is one of them.

Falling Upward – Richard Rohr.  I was recommended to buy this book by a monk that I found sitting in a church at an open day for something or other and just being himself.  He, talking to me,  recommended this on the grounds that it was for people in the second half of their life and was suggesting certain differences in attitudes that should pertain for someone of my age.   Every sentence breathes unconditional love, understanding and lack of being too self-critical. In this abrasive world, I find the effect of reading this book is a soothing balm and hence I dip into it from time to time.

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker.  My doctor recommended this to me.  I never really realised how much there is to the topic of sleep, how important it is, what happens when we sleep, why the lack of sleep can cause us so many physical difficulties.  This is particularly useful to me because I tend to wake up at three o’clock in the morning on a regular basis and have some difficulty in getting to sleep again.  I can go to bed at 10 o’clock or 12 o’clock but I still wake at 3 AM. opinions are interspersed with the results of studies so the whole thing is very scientific.

The Fake News factory – David Sedgwick.  This is a brave book to write and could only be written by an ex-BBC employee. It’s subject matter is about what anyone with more than two brain cells should know, the disgraceful bias of the BBC, the manipulation of news, the general disrespect to the public and indeed to truth itself.  I was watching a very good video discussion today about the possible future the BBC and what shape it should take.  It really is worth a watch for any BBC fans here. It is called ‘Too woke to Joke?.

My own problem with reading books is that I get distracted at the time of day, which I suggest is the morning, when the mind is at its freshest and most able to ingest and absorb new ideas.  I do not have any paid employment apart from gardening in season, writing this diary, and maintaining three websites so I should be able to allow between three and four hours per day in order to study.

A day of good conversations


In spite of of Samuel Pepys’ many duties he used to occasionally lie in bed until late in the morning.  I suspect he needed to because the pain from his various ailments were stronger than he cared to admit. However, this has nothing to do with the fact that today I stayed in the lovely warmth of my bed until 11 o’clock. I disregarded my portable radio news programs which are permanently dedicated to talking about the coronavirus. BORING.

My earlier attempts to get a new car failed due to personality clashes and now I have discovered another example in Somerset which has done only 91,000 miles over a 21 year period, also a Volvo V70 by the way, and I will now be in the process of negotiating a price.

I have always said that a good conversation is far better than either a gin and tonic or an antidepressant pill.  A good conversation gets the brain going, tones up the system, and makes you think that life is worth living – at least it can be on a good day.

My first conversation was an unexpected call from a friend,  a very talented lady therapist and diet expert trying to export her magic medicines to America.  The Food and Drug Administration, FDA,  have a stranglehold on anything and everything that might conflict with the profits of the Big Pharma.  They objected to her inclusion of the word “therapy” on her labeling and also studied her website and found certain unacceptable claims.  Fortunately, my friend knew someone who had worked for an American company who specialised in getting round the rules and regulations of the FDA.

The regulations go to greater extremes than I have ever heard.  Believe it or not, you are not allowed to advertise the benefits of drinking water or infer that it is a good idea for the reason given that people ‘might choke’.  This goes beyond the crazy to the downright immoral.

My second conversation was with chap called Richard who was volunteering to serve drinks at a private view evening of a local art gallery, Andelli Art.  We got on like a house on fire and agreed on so many things.  He and his wife are both enthusiastic readers and we discussed the state of the world, the declining standards and so on.  While I was standing next to him serving drinks, people assumed that I was part of the team and asked me if they could have this or that type of wine.  Throughout my entire life or should I say from the age of about 18, I have noticed that people think I’m an official person and defer to me.

This is particularly true if I wear a waterproof blue jacket.  Don’t ask me why.  I should add on this occasion I was not wearing one.  I decided to offer my services to the gallery and to Richard to make a double act and give a further bounce to the already existing excellent ambiance.  I wrote a letter this evening to the owner of the gallery to propose this.  I’m sure she will say yes.

I have discovered through random surfing on You tube a most excellent site and channel called The Luxury Travel Expert.  The site owner has made a number of excellent videos on the most luxurious places to stay on the planet and we spent a couple of hours this evening wallowing in watching long and self-indulgent videos about hotels in for example Singapore and the Maldives. The Singapore example is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel which as a huge infinity pool on the roof.  Rooms go from 222 pounds a night without breakfast which I think is very good for such facilities.

There are over 2,500 rooms and suites in this hotel; I would love to have a couple of nights there just to experience a bit of luxury. Having said that, I have a look at TripAdvisor and it seems that the service has been better in the past but then you cannot please everybody.  The pool is on everybody’s tick box list.  The breakfasts, from looking at the images, are gargantuan and would probably keep you going for the whole day.

Thank goodness, after all this torture of the last few days, my stomach is restoring itself to something approaching normality and I no longer suffer horrible acid or bloating pains.  Fingers crossed.

I don’t know how Samuel Pepys managed with lack of painkillers and medications.  I will take a guess, alcohol.

Anti BBC rant + virus hysteria


This post is somewhat of a rant.  I take considerable care to make sure that I’m evenhanded in my opinions.  In this case I’m reviewing my attitude to the the BBC.  This is an excellent film (below) which shows the bias the BBC and their unwillingness to engage with those who disagree with them..  What I like about this interview is its measured page and thoughtful nature.

After watching this video I got the most enormous sense of relief because I realise that I was being fed the BBC’s version of the truth and unwittingly absorbing it. This never sat well with me but today is a seminal day when I finally realised this and how carcinogenic it is and distorting my mind set. This is another video about the ‘British Biased Corporation’.

The second video that I have been watching is of  one of my heroes, someone who goes round talking about his subject namely electromagnetic radiation.  He never takes a fee or travel expenses and is one of the few people around who dedicates himself unstintingly and without any wish for personal recognition. His name is Barrie Trower and I would like anyone who does any public speaking or any research to take good note of how this man works as well as what he says.  I admire his making himself available to anyone who wants to come round to his house,see original documents and question him, and take away copies of any material required.

A news item item that impressed me most for all the wrong reasons was this young madam (below) who screamed and kicked pilot of an aircraft because she was refused leave to take her buggy on the plane.  What are these people playing at?  What is in their mind? Do they have anything in their mind?

This is the lady concerned (below)  trying not to look embarrassed. I’m talking about the daughter on the left-hand side of the picture. She denied all the charges against her. Below, is another picture of them outside court behaving just like people who are innocent.

I mean, that’s the way you would behave wouldn’t you.  I find some of these people of colour surly, resentful, on the borderline of appearing stupid and attempting to use the race card when they possibly can. On this occasion it did not work, the judge found  accordingly. If people are visitors to this country or even living here they should respect the country and its rules. If I went to Africa and I behaved badly I would expect short shrift. I think we are so afraid of being seen to be discriminatory that we lose our minds and our courage. I don’t think we are helped by the judicial system and Political Correctness so maybe we deserve all we get. Page link here.


 My local authority, Bath and West Somerset have set their own rates or shall I say council tax for the next year.  They have included in this an allowance for “addressing climate change”.  The sum?  800,000 pounds. It is amazing how people can be bullied and frightened into believing for one single moment that we can prevent the long time workings of this mighty planet and its dynamic reaction with the source of all life, the sun.

What with one thing and another, 5G, climate change, viruses, anyone would think that the powers that be are trying to frighten us into conformity.  They wouldn’t do that would they?


As wise man and long time observer David Icke has said, in order to be rational you need to be calm. if you look at the papers this morning you might think the world was going to end due to this Coronavirus.  Even the death of one solitary person in a country is a declaration of a forthcoming pandemic for some specific reason.  It is interesting to note that seasonal flu kills many times more people than the virus so why isn’t seasonal flu declared a pandemic?  Back in 2017, between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza related respiratory illnesses each year.  My goodness that’s a tight statistic isn’t it.  Think of a number and double it. The authorities are not even quite sure what type of disease it is but don’t worry they will make something up.


Today I had a telephone conversation with a doctor in the practice that I’m registered with. These days, most of the contacted by telephone unless a visit is necessary.  As unknown patient, I do appreciate this and the savings in time.  You ring in first thing in the morning before 8:30 and you will get called in the morning and the same goes for the afternoon, you calling by about 2 PM.  I was complaining about the vomiting that I mentioned yesterday.  I was discussing whether it was due to a gastro virus,  bad eating habits or something dysfunctional in my digestive system.  I gave the symptoms to the doctor, tried to be as truthful as possible and got the answer that it was a bit too early to decide if it was something serious and that I should eat bland food, drink plenty of water and observe the situation.  I have done so, and I’m glad to say that today was much better.  I’m having to take my allopathic medicine but it’s a small price to pay for not throwing up.   On that note, I close.

A day of pain


My exemplar Samuel Pepys used to describe his anatomical problems in great detail.  He had gallstones; the method for operations and for pain protection was somewhat more basic than in today’s world. What I’m about to say will seem meek and mild compared with him.

I don’t really know what extreme pain is but I do know what discomfort is.  My stomach problems are entering into a new phase with or without omeprazole I still get repetitions from my meal, in old-fashioned language throwing up, and I spent most of today regurgitating a most bland breakfast.   I got the idea that I might have an infection all viruses, not THE. virus but something that doesn’t want me to take in any food because that’s the way it seems to be going at the moment. I even reject alkaline food. Tomorrow I must call the doctor.

The media is wall-to-wall talking about pandemics and so on when in the United Kingdom, all of 27 people have been confirmed with but the virus and I think the grand total of 87 people have been identified as carrying the virus and two people have so far died. Influenza itself caused the death of 6,600 people in 2019 in UK. The mainstream media seems aiming to cause as much panic as possible. As I said before the chances are negligible for those under 60.  There is even talk of cancelling the Glastonbury Festival which I think is absurd because the infection will peak and then die down.

Let’s hear it for the immune system which will keep us protected.

What went on in Pirbright?


I bet you anything you like you would not dream of what I’m going to reveal but first, my day.   I went along to the normal coffee morning at Paulton church.  Eventually there were about 20 of us and among them were a retired Church of England vicar and his wife.  I heard him mentioning that he had brought along some books for the book exchange and we started chatting about books that he himself had published.  He is very interested in books for children, getting the message of the gospel across in a way that will not put people off so he uses parables and stories to great effect.

We discussed the merits of self publishing, imprint publishing where you link yourself to a known publishing house and full on acceptance by a well-known house with all the distribution and publicity implied. He started to write these type of books after he retired so far as I can gather about  eight years ago.  For once I was glad to sit down and talk. (For some reason, my energies are not what they should be and I had to cancel a consultation that was to have taken place in Bath on Thursday but I think unless you are up to speed there is no point in spending money on interventions such as therapy).  Anyway, I invited the vicar and his wife to the Book Barn, Hallatrow,  as he is such a bibliophile that I think would enjoy a visit.  I found it strange that he had never been there as its reputation is worldwide but he does live in Keynsham and you would not necessarily want to visit this establishment in your normal daily course of duty.

My wonderful Alan, who does all my tree work, came along today and trimmed the three trees on the front of our bungalow. They had not been pruned for seven years but look halfway decent now.  He was telling me that two weekends ago his van was broken into and tools worth 2000 pounds were stolen.  Worse than that, he knows who the culprit is, a very nasty men in the area, and Alan is afraid of going to the police because there might be reprisals.  He is not insured. He has never been insured.   Insurance costs 1200 pounds a year to take out the right insurance and this is the first break-in he has had in 18 years so over all he is up at the end of the day.  Very sad to say that as a reflection on the society in which we live.

After the trim


Well, blow me down with a feather, you are aware of the corona virus which is threatening to cause havoc throughout the world.  I mentioned a video yesterday which showed that the virus is mainly lethal in combination with ingredients of vaccinations that had been previously given to the clients.  The technical aspect is given out on my last video but this one will amaze you even more.  The virus was made in Pirbright, Surrey, UK.


The Pirbright Institute (UK) has been awarded 11 U.S. Patents, including Coronavirus U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701

The Pirbright Institute is controlled by the Queen’s Golden Share along with SERCO and QinetiQ (pron. kinetic)

Pirbright’s controllers track back to SERCO, QinetiQ & Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie, Chairman Marconi and the British Intellectual Property Institute

Outrageously, British SERCO—today runs the U.S. Patent Office (proof below), U.S. FEMA Region 04, and Zone 02, websites for U.S. Obamacare, OPM, GSA and U.S. Navy SPAWAR, Virginia, New York, 63 U.S. city air traffic controllers, and more…”

if you don’t believe me, read the original website. I really do wonder where this evil will end if indeed it will. Oh and there are contradictory claims for example that this patent (U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701) is for only part of the virus but if you look at the funders……

Oh and one very brave person who has lost everything for what she believes in. Katy Kopkins speaks.

Health and Safety (non-thinking lunacy)


So my wife works for AgeUK. This morning she asked why water jugs could not be placed on the tables where the elderly clients sit to remind them to drink water. The answer was a no because they might infect each other as they do not wash their hands often enough

Sometimes the clients do not show up at the weekly meetings. Francoise wants to know how they are. She was told that they, Age UK, have to wait six weeks before calling the client to enquire otherwise they could be accused of harassment.

This type of organization is drowning under rules and regulations made by people who have no day to day contact with the client group.


Today I watched a  video about the corona virus. There is a suggestion that it is the combination of a previously given vaccination AND the virus which causes people to drop dead. Check it out.if interested.

The most wooden film of all time – Bristol trip


You will have to wait a little bit to find out what the film was.

Last night, Saturday night, I had the feeling that we should go to Bristol and in particular visit the Royal Photographic Society at the rather strange address of Gallery, 337, 340 Paintworks, Bristol BS4 3AR.  We do seem to pick our moments as the morning was not short of showers so we found ourselves on the 376 bus from Farringdon Gurney to Bristol which rocketed us through in about 30 minutes. On the way from the bus stop we walked along some amazing side roads including the steepest hill I have ever seen in Bristol (Park Street, Totterdown), there may be steeper ones but in this case I felt quite insecure walking down the hill because it was so steep. Earlier that day there had been a shower of hail and snow some of which remained on the cars so that did not help my grip.

I’m having to wear sunglasses because I find the sun is now so bright it causes spots to appear in my eyes and I cannot read text.

A further entertainment along the way was a lovely work of street art.

Bristol does excel in this and while I’m on the topic here is another one which I saw on a building adjacent to the river bank, that’s the Avon River by the way.

On the way to the photographic gallery, I was impressed by the fact that the whole local area have been built up from bare ground into an exquisite mixture of businesses, shops, lovely Scandinavian looking apartments and had I chosen to seek to live in Bristol I would kill for one of those.

The photographic exhibition itself was so impressive that I said to the lady on reception and if there were a few more exhibitions of this quality it would not be necessary for me to go to London. They have regular free talks and we have signed up for the mailing list. Here are some examples from the hundred or so works on display.

A very original method to remind people of the history of photography, writing the main dates on the stairs.  I liked everything about this place.  If you wanted tea and coffee you could just make it yourself with the materials supplied, minimalist style and laid-back and understated.

I did not know that Bristol was the headquarters of The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain. I hope to be a regular attendee.


This was a day for serendipity. We were walking by some of the Norwegian style apartments when a young couple opened the door and came out.  We engage them in conversation as we do with anyone who has a pulse, and before we knew it we were being invited into the house, the ground floor anyway, to see that this was a combination of working space suitable for a sales outlet and private accommodation upstairs.

 Jim Green is a potter and produces very high quality pottery; he allowed us to touch it and have a feel – very sensuous I must say. I was motivated to give him some advice about how to do the best to sell his work to the general public and when I got home enjoyed writing a long and detailed letter to him.  I just love it when you’re in “the zone” magical things happen by way of meeting; this was not the last significant meeting of the day by any means.  Anyway we chatted away for about 20 minutes.

His wife works for independent TV companies selling to the BBC.  They were very jolly and open and we parted on the best of terms. I love this synchronicity.  If we had been just a few seconds earlier or a few seconds later we would have missed them and I would have missed the chance of being able to give someone advice and they would have missed a chance of meeting us and hopefully being encouraged by what we had to say. We were very stimulated by them.

Off over a yellow Iron bridge to a path which took us nearly all the way to Bristol Temple Meads station. In my fantasy, I think of myself as the honorary chairman of British rail because I think I could do much better.  On a Sunday, not a working day, there was plenty of activity with trains going to Edinburgh, Swanage, Penzance, you name it.  The ticket inspectors on the gates are very alert.  A chap dressed in a duffle coat tried to sneak through by putting his head down and walking slowly but the inspector, who I’m sure has seen this type of thing dozens of times, ran over and caught up with him and asked to see his ticket.

He was actually traveling on yesterday’s ticket, that being 29 February, (happy birthday to all of those who are lucky or unlucky to have their birthday on such a day). He was swiftly detained and taken over to a corner to explain himself.  I never saw what happened. I’m sure that when you’ve done the job of ticket inspector you get a good sixth sense about who is trying to do what. This is a bit like people at immigration and customs at an airport.

We jumped on a number 8 bus and went to College Green to see the complete mess that Greta and her cohorts have made of the grass.  It was really churned up like you wouldn’t believe and that’s from a police estimate of 15,000 people not the original estimate of 30,000.   I understand that Bristolians have gathered some of the 20,000 pounds that will be required to repair it.  We then went to the Watershed which is a combination of a cafe and a subsidised cinema – thank you Bristol Council – and saw what I am about to describe as the worst film I’ve seen for some considerable time.  I gave it 4/10 on the comments board and during the film I was aching to get out.  It was called “Little Joe

The story is about chemical researches growing flowers cultivated so that when they exude pollen feelings of happiness are caused among those who inhale the pollen. The subjects are not aware that they have been changed, and think that other people are the problem. The script was wooden and almost juvenile without any attempt at sophistication.  I know what they wanted to do which was to create a dystopian feel but all it did was make me feel irritated. I nearly threw up on one of the younger science assistants told the main researcher the he had feelings for her and had fallen in love with her.  He kissed her at one point unconvincingly.  How amateurish can you get. Was anyone actually directing this film?

We also saw a young boy of about 12, the son of the researcher that wanted to live with his father. He ended up living with his father who lives in a   cottage in the middle of nowhere and meanwhile the research had gained a first prize at a science fair which means that everybody looked out for the profits and forgot about any morality of changing people’s lives for the worse. If I want to see human nature at its worst, I can tune into American TV or simply sit in the street for a bit and watch.  Françoise appeared to enjoy it so I’m very happy for her but for me it was not sophisticated enough.  See what IMDB says about the film.


The film finished just as we were about to have a meeting with the lady Françoise met yesterday and I spokee with on the phone later on in the day.  She works for an organisation called Christians Against Poverty, CAP, and had many interesting stories to tell us about how breakthroughs can be made if your heart is in the job.  The biggest debt she’s had to deal with was 80,000 pounds and the smallest  was 600 pounds. Basically people are either anaesthetised or in denial.  Many people do not have the necessary writing and reading skills to conduct their own affairs and she often turns up to a client with a months worth of un-opened letters on the floor, many of a threatening variety.

I’m very impressed by the fact that they always offer to pray with their clients.  To one client who said no thank you, the worker said that she would go outside and pray in the car.  The next time she visited the client and asked the same question, the client said that the worker might as well stay and do the praying with her anyway.

She said you should never judge by appearances.  The company, CAP, was trying to raise money. A scruffy couple turned up with the man wearing trousers tightened up with string who produced 200,000 pounds cash to support the company and buy bonds. She gave many examples of synchronicity.  She was asked to do a job interview by telephone while she was at a shopping outlet.  While she was talking, a woman passed her, tapped her on the shoulder and told her she would get the job.  The interviewer heard this and asked what it was about and when told said “well you better have the job then”.  She never knew who the woman was.  We are reminded that everything works together for those who love God.

I was fascinated to hear how patient she was in dealing with people and how necessary it is for workers to have their own peer group support because otherwise you take your job home with you and may find things a bit much.  She told us she would be delighted to offer her services to come and give a talk and I said I would have a chat with our local men’s group to which she replied that some men’s group prefer to have only men speaking but I will make enquiries and see what happens.

At Bristol bus station we met a  chap who had just returned from a wedding in Mumbai. He had obviously had a long journey but was upbeat nevertheless. The henna that tradition dictates should be used on the hands of guest was still on him.  We chatted about different customs of marriage which depend on the religion.  One religion has no alcohol, another religion has lots of alcohol.

It turned out that he was a research scientist looking at the energies of the planets and the sun.  He said that on the surface of the sun the temperature is 5600°C  but a few miles aboveit varies from 1 million degrees C to more than 10 Million degrees C.  (Ed- not sure if I got these figures right).  ‘We don’t understand why’ he said.  I postulated that there were lots of types of energy perhaps to do with gravity which we could not measure.

So, on to our bus. No time in the bus station is complete without a whinge on late or no service and this ritual was duly observed. We drove through the dark countryside with the wind blowing and the occasional squall of rain.  Job done I think. Travel on Sundays is great, there is not much traffic.