Why do I write this diary?


With coming up to 900 entries – actually 894 and  640,400 words (587,287 words in War and Peace) this has definitely become a habit, very unusual as a discipline for a Gemini, for ever looking for new stimuli.

I can give a number of reasons or perhaps rationalizations why I write.

# it’s a very good way of venting emotions
# it’s a good way to emotionally stabilise myself
# writing down how I feel helps me to come to terms with my feelings
# writing helps my mind stay organised
# being obliged to express myself at the end of each day makes me think more clearly about what I experienced
# writing is a good test for honesty and candidness
# if I need a memory revived I can go back to it and relive it
# sometimes I can say in words what I find it difficult to speak out
# writing is a good end of day routine to calm yourself before bed
# writing is a good way of being a testbed for new ideas, putting the mountains seeing what people think
# writing is a good way of telling your friends and acquaintances what you were up to should they choose to visit.

Samuel Pepys’ diaries were very useful because very few people went to the trouble of making daily diaries in a time before the Internet and indeed before newspapers.  I regard my diaries as works of art.  I write for the sake of writing irrespective of the benefits because I enjoy manifesting the diary and making an accurate record of my daily life be it interesting to others or not.


At my church is coffee morning, it was pancake day served with great enthusiasm by one of the choir members.  About 20 of us gathered in quite a small back room.  I do find the level of noise disturbing after a certain point.  It is when I have to shout, or cannot hear what people are saying, that the pleasure of the event tends to diminish. I always meet the unexpected and I met a chap who is a volunteer driver for a local company called Swan who take people to hospitals or to appointments when they cannot manage it for themselves.  I decided to take the bull by the horns and went along to their office and met the very agreeable Sarah who explained the ins and outs of this commitment. I must get 2 references and be cleared by the government for doing this but I think I will give it a go


Françoise had a friend around this afternoon and they did some meditation in our library.  I entered after they had done this and found that the atmosphere of the room was very enhanced and purified.  This reminds me again of our intention to offer our place for weekends to help people who need relief from stress.  I must get round to it sometime but my lack of ability to deal with social media is I  must say a handicap or a perceived handicap anyway.


Today I finally decided to go and apply for a Civil Partnership.  We are not officially married at the moment so if one of us were to predecease the other, the remaining person would not get the proceeds but it would go to the family of the deceased.  Surprisingly, I got an appointment the next day.  You have to show documents that you are who you say you are and if you have been divorced as I have you have to show a document of divorce, decree absolute it’s called.


My goodness, the weather continues with the wind and rain.  Snow is forecast for Saturday.  I’m trying to get one or two gardening jobs done but no sooner do I think about it than along comes another rain shower.  Thank goodness we are not in the gardening season.