Dark days, darker nights

Off to the garage to take my car and see if anything can be done to improve the performance. My auto was not changing gear without complaint. The garage changed the gear oil (at 60k you could say that it was due) and it now goes smoother.

I saw this car parked in the front garden of a house when I was returning from dropping off my car.It needs a prize of some sort for sheer stubbornness of the owner who refuses to part with his beloved stead even though it will only be road-worthy after extensive renovation.

This evening, yet more lock towns were prescribed by our puppet prime minister Boris Johnson acting on instructions from above. It is so depressing that measures that have been never proven to work are still being promoted by people who have a bias to put it mildly.

It is only when the country is completely broken that people would realise that there was a hidden agenda, namely that covid has nothing to do with anything and this was a smokescreen to introduce the New World Order. I shall ignore the rules and say a prayer for all those business that will collapse. Fingers crossed for Wetherspoons, and all the lovely restaurants that have been struggling for a year.

A partial answer is to create a comfort bubble but one based on truth. This means not listening to the poisonous ‘news’ AKA propaganda and do as much reading and thinking as possible.  Good music should be in the background.