Back to nature on the Somerset Levels


We never tire of walking in these ancient places. Due to the lockdown we had not been for some months so on this lovely day, off we went. We set our GPS to the Sweet’s Tearooms beloved of cyclists. Evidently, sitting inside is banned until late March but the staff did a good job offering a takeaway service. However the lines were too slow moving so off we went.

Come with us on this pictorial guide.

This used to be a railway line to Glastonbury and from thence to Bournemouth. Day return in 1962 1 shilling 10 p

On the way I met a young lady who showed us her bag made of hemp. I found myself congratulating and respecting her for ‘having got this far against so many challenges’. I have no idea why I said it.  When I become impressed by something I have to share it.  What is to be lost. If she thinks I am mad then never mind.  I have to say that she said she ‘felt emotional’ when I spoke so I hope something was triggered. I shall never know.

Reaching a decision on something


I am hoping to give a talk on Covid to a group of Christian men. This morning I was perplexed, feeling that if I came on ‘full blast’ I would alienate people so by strange coincidence I rang the organizer to discuss at about the same time as he was thinking about calling me for the same reason.

Any matter irrespective of the detail needs to be seen from three different view points.  Historical – how it came to manifest, nuts and bolts (what is going on at the moment) and inter-dimensionally – how it affects our spiritual nature – the body mind spirit complex.  This requires work. Big subject like covid are world-changing. You need to spend substantial time getting down and studying the topic to make any sense of it, including historical factors that don’t appear to have anything to do with covid such as the Georgia Guidestones.

Today I baked my own bread. In recent times I had a failure in that the bread did not rise.  I finally discovered that this was due to the yeast being out of date. It just takes one wrong link in the chain.

Today, wonderful sun, the allotment car park was full.  I loved seeing the children in one family jumping around with joy and anticipation.  It is also somewhat of a record. I cannot remember wearing shorts in February  but here am I  resplendent in them.

A letter from the Mall Gallery in London. Their finances are severely down due to lack of customers both the public and corporate so they are appealing for money.

What do I hear. From a date in April you can get beer in a pub for take-away?  This is year one of ten during which Western society is being systematically dismantled. Denying people their pubs and their sporting events based in a ‘virus’ from which 99.99% of people recover.  What could possibly be wrong in that.

I heard that Ian R. Crane, organiser of the Alternative View conferences and courageous campaigner died last Thursday. He will be missed. Its up to others to light the fire and carry the flame.

A canal on an early spring day – the first signs of nature awakening


The Avon and Kennet canal (from Bath going east) is our refuge from ‘civilization’ with the one exception of cycles that are ridden far too fast and do constitute a danger.

Here follows a pictorial series of observations on a warm but not sunny day.

To view, click the printer icon on the top right and the images will become bigger.

The first example is a chicken house. Yes it is, and it is on the canal and it looks permanent.
I wonder if planning permission has been obtained.

The example at the bottom: is this a generator or a ventilator?

The smile says it all


I am watching a fascinating video about an Indian lady who was murdered by her sister in law and transferred to another lady 100 km away. The lady assumed the personality of the deceased and remained in the body until her death 13 years later. This is evidence for the survival of human consciousness.

Geoffrey Mishlove has a wonderful stage presence. I commend it to anyone who wants to know the meaning of ‘walking your talk’ Here it is.

Next Thursday week I am due to give a 20 minute talk on Covid and its implications.   I know here and now that my bombshell  will not be appreciated by a conservative group of Christian men (Frome) but I have to do it.   We are really in the last times as described in the Book of Revelation.

Chapter 13, v 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

I refer to my website and to numerous references to damage caused by the vaccine and the novel and untested nature of it. Us humans are the guinea pigs. What do you know?

Almost continuous rain these days. Francoise is itching to get out into the garden but it is just too wet.   Our allotments have seen a change in treasurer. With everyone in the banks working from home it is difficult to get them to do anything – even such a simple thing as getting a mandate so the outgoing treasurer has agreed to stay on de facto and sign cheques when needed.

A down day – Boris keeping lockdown till JULY???


It was Amanda who did my eye injection on this occasion. I now go every 2 months to the hospital maybe for reasons of economy. I do appreciate feedback on how my eyes all going but I don’t get that consultation come out just the treatment which I suppose is better than nothing.

It was a rainy day when I set off for the hospital. I’m getting more and more intolerant of (or is it sympathetic towards) people who wear masks and just today I listened to a very good video about the fact that people have become hypnotized and controlled through the incessant publicity of the mainstream media. This adds to my feeling it is a waste of time to try and engage on an intellectual discussion with people who are wearing masks or going to have their vaccinations.

On my way to the hospital I witnessed two sad situations. There was a man who didn’t seem to have a throat. He could only speak when he pressed a button hidden beneath a scarf around his neck. Even then I could not understand what he was saying.  I just nodded politely and he gave up after a couple of efforts.

In the hospital itself, I was aware of someone shouting and I realized that this was a seriously disturbed young man who could not even speak words. All he could manage was grunting and shouting at intervals. His parents and particularly his mother tussled his hair so lovingly. I cannot believe that the parents have the energy to put up with this on a 24/7 basis.

A small event but someone with a mask on tried to smile at me (probably out of force of habit) but the impact was minimal for obvious reasons. Why when there are so many studies showing that masks are useless indeed dangerous do people continue with them. I regard them as a sign of submission and no more.

I saw in the papers that Boris out Prime Minister plans to extend the lockdown until July. This is the kiss of death. How many furious MP’s will it take to change his mind.

I did my usual walk around the art works and features.









A day of shame


I went to the chemist for a prescription. As it happens they are positioned next to my doctor’s surgery.  Whilst waiting I noticed a woman complaining that her daughter was in extreme pain and had scars and blotches down her legs. She showed the photo to anyone within earshot who showed signs of interest.

I heard her say that the daughter had been vaccinated a few days before. She had previously been to the hospital with her daughter, so great had been the pain.  The doctor had told her that it cannot be the vaccine that was the cause; only symptoms within 24 hours would be relevant. What utter tosh.

Nearby, people were lining up like sheep to the slaughter at the Somer Centre here in Midsomer Norton to get ‘their jab’.  I escaped.

Francoise and I have bought a vacuum packer against the days when food supplies may get more difficult. This is a mid-range domestic model which seems to do the job. It was about 50 pounds which together will two rolls of plastic cover came to about 75 pounds total.

Practice time. Easy once you get used to it.





Just finished my 10th ZOOM meeting this week


Slowly but surely I am adapting to life without many real social contacts. I guess we have to survive to live but whether it is a good thing is questionable. Am I over adapting? I look forward to the meetings and each have a different flavour.

Today’s was about lockdown – if the benefits outweigh the costs. Others were on covid (my regular ZOOM meeting), one on consciousness and spirituality, two on 5G, one on how to engage with people who are frightened of a particular topic, one was my local Christian Men’s group and then our local Church group led by the one and only Adam.

Having said all that, you cant beat a good hold-fashioned hug.

I very seldom include a video but this one ‘talks to me’  She discusses everything spiritual, alien, off planet and makes references to children who are born into this life with an understanding of what ‘reality’ is and more importantly are shielded by their parents so that it is safe to be different.

She is recognized internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is an author, She has produced 2 EBE award-winning documentaries, She is a national and international lecturer and has appeared regularly on national and international media news programs. Mary’s website is

The video I am talking about is here.

I watch many videos. Some I endure, some get my attention, some enthrall me and imprint themselves. Same with books.  Amazon kindly allow you to return a book within 30 days for a refund the extent depending on your reason for the return. In my time I have bought about 100 books but returned maybe half a dozen.

The darkness of the night is intense and the wind blowing cold. We have been cheated out of the promised snow which is persistently sticking to the east of England. Rain will be coming from the west.

I heard rumors that the lockdown will be lifted in time for Easter. Even our obtuse and compromised Government are realizing that if they don’t open soon there will not be a viable country to continue. On Monday incoming travelers will have the privilege of paying about £1500 for ten days quarantine – tests included (wonderful) at a designated hotel. How to ruin the travel economy in one single step. Does ignorance and fear know no bounds. Clearly not.

I am taking more refuge in music. Spotify has its benefits. I put up with ads. I love Ravel’s String Quartet. It makes me nostalgic.  Still no news-watching. Such depressing propaganda I do not wish for.

Sainsbury’s vs the unmasked raider


So off I go to our local Sainsbury’s in the middle of the day to refresh our stock of bread and wine (not for communion). When I enter I say that I am exempt from the wearing of a mask. Instead of the nice lady there is a rather hostile man who tells me  I have to wear a mask or wear a lanyard. I say that I don’t. It is enough to tell him I am exempt.  He follows me in and repeats the request. I repeat my answer.

In the store an assistant tells me I have no mask.  I repeat the above. A third one does the same and says that they will not serve me if I  do not wear one.

At the check out there are three staff members waiting for me including the same man who accosted me at the entrance. I insisted on my rights. He waves me away angrily and assists with the self service check out (the wine).

I said that if this happens again I will contact the manager. He said you are welcome to do so. He claimed to know the law. I said he did not.

I arrived home and after finding I could not speak to the local manager wrote a letter of complaint to Sainsbury’s head office as follows:

Dear Sirs
I entered the store as usual this morning and announced that I was exempt.
Instead of the usual nod I was told I had to wear a lanyard.
I replied that this was not correct.
I was pursued through the store by three people who told me they could refuse service.
I was eventually served though I would describe the atmosphere as ‘hostile’
According to the government

If you have an age, health or disability reason for not wearing a face covering:

  • you do not routinely need to show any written evidence of this
  • you do not need show an exemption card

This means that you do not need to seek advice or request a letter from a medical professional about your reason for not wearing a face covering.

However, some people may feel more comfortable showing something that says they do not have to wear a face covering. This could be in the form of an exemption card, badge or even a home-made sign.

Carrying an exemption card or badge is a personal choice and is not required by law
I am indeed in the vulnerable category. I do not wish to carry around a card.
I feel the staff were ‘over enthusiastic’ and I felt shaken.   Are you allowed to go over and above the law?
Thank you
Brian Snellgrove
We shall see what happens.  I felt disturbed for about an hour after the encounter so the wine came in useful.

A visit to a ghost market in Wells


Saturday is a bigger spend day because we go out. Off to Midsomer Norton market. The bread person was not there due to a medical operation. We went to our fish stall. Deliveries of fish were very limited due to delays at the channel ports. Everyone except one or two were masked up – in the bright sunshine.  These are the people who believe anything they are told.

Back home to deposit our purchases then off to the city of Wells. What a lovely sunny day. I almost forgot what the sun was like. We could have done with sun glasses. We drove to the market to find – nothing but bare cobbles.  We asked around to be told that they could not find enough marshals.  What a weak excuse.  The market has gone on since 1136, when Bishop Robert granted a charter. Wells itself goes back to Roman times and has retained its charm and character.

We took a walk along the high street and noticed a number of shops closed. We wonder how many of them will re-open.


An almost empty high street.  I went into my favourite coffee shop to get a take-away coffee and pastry. The notice outside said that only 4 people should be in at the same time. There was one person in the shop and one man in front of me. I indicated that I wanted to go in and he refused saying that it was ‘polite’ to only have one person in. I did not bother to engage.

To the Bishops Palace and garden. There is a new arrangement where you can get an entry ticket for 15UKP which covers you for 12 months. Must better than the old 42UKP for two people. On the way we saw swans enjoying themselves in the warming sun.

We met a lady who was celebrating her 50th birthday with her friend, complete with a glass of pink champagne. She was from Lancashire. Why do I get the Yorkshire and Lancashire accent mixed up ? We had a great sense of humour and we spent about 15 minutes chatting about nothing in particular. I said my only fame to Lancashire was having worked at Newton Le Willows and she said she lived 3 miles from there, describing it as an unremarkable place that she does not wish to return to.

We met a man with a camera with a huge telegraphic lens. We talked about many things – photography included – and he told me he was on Instagram and we could see his work. He told me about stockimo, the world’s largest web site for picture buyers. This site is bought to us by Alamy, ‘the world’s largest stock photo agency’ We discussed the day light pertaining that particular day and how when the sun is in the west, you get a back light on the flowers which gives clearer relief.

In the city itself we met a couple who had two dogs. These were rescue dogs bought from Romania and delivered -to your front door’.  One looked a bit like a wolf.

The chats we had are to me one of the main reasons for going to the gardens.  I told the lady on the way out how much I had enjoyed the visit, and was looking forward to the next one.  Few people had masks as opposed to the High Street where practically everyone had them on.

My friend reminded me of the healing value of music tuned to 432 Hz so I found some and played accordingly. We have to work twice as hard to maintain our sanity and listening to music is one of them.

I spent an hour or so compiling a miscellany of photos of the allotment gardens which I sent to our allotment group here in Midsomer.

A cold cloudless night. Snow due Thursday but not much of anything before.

Fish and chips haute cuisine


So we decided on a whim to go to lunch at Hartley’s Kitchen for some fish and chips. Now these are not your average product. They are not cooked in fat but I guess butter. The batter is very thin and edible. The mushy peas were home made with fresh onion; the horseradish sauce was also freshly made as were the chips.  Result – a meal that goes down well. No after effects. As the restaurant was only open for takeaways we decided to eat it in the car. A little cramped but who cares. At least we were out of the rain showers.

Prior to this we went to the green grocer come wine shop. The greetings now seems to be ‘have you had your injection yet?’ We of course will never have it but some think that it will benefit them. See elsewhere for my fruity comments about this.

Afterwards a trip to adjacent bakery run by an Israeli chap called Az.  His food is expensive 2.50-3.50 per slice but home made and delicious with no chemicals. How he could afford to take the whole of January off beats me. He cannot be making any money from his new venture yet.

This afternoon, a visit for tea from a friend who deals with patient flow at an adjacent hospital. She refuses to get ‘the jab’ and is about the only one to resists. She thinks that she will eventually be forced to do so on pain of losing her job. We thought she should apply for another position with less patient contact elsewhere in the hospital.

We decided that we would like to meet more lively people in the area who are not afraid of discussing matters of common interested.  We will start a Facebook group and then announce to the other groups that there is a new kid on the block.  We might get 6-12 people. That would have to be on ZOOM in the first instance until the restriction on numbers is lifted. Covid is so clever that it does not bother to visit groups of six or less. It is also wind-sensitive so has learned not to travel more than six feet due to a special set of wings to slow its progress.

The only way of staying sane is to be well informed and active.

Some snow for later on next week. It will be deep on the ground in Northern Germany. ( is the best). Forecast for this coming Sunday at 1pm is shown below.


My stomach benefits from very little food in the evening, only small amounts of wine and no sugar. For the third day under the new regime, no bloating.

The day I met an expert on toothpaste (yes, really)


So off to have my stomach ultrasound scanned at RUH, Bath. Members of the staff are fussing about masks. I got on and put it on (no choice here) . I was told three times to cover up my nose. I basically ignored them. Do they want a 20 minute lecture when they would not listen anyway. I don’t have the time or energy. They will lose their jobs if they don’t obey orders.

The one thing that lightens me up is the ever-changing art display along the corridors.

a wild animal, strangely out of place and looking lonely
three girls having fun
a whole family having fun. Where are they looking I wonder

On my return home I popped in to a chemist in Peasedown St John. I am having some hot/cold problems with my teeth though my dentist tells me there are no caries. Maybe its the gums.  Anyway, this very obliging lady behind the counter brightened up when I asked about toothpaste. Evidently during a boring period she had decided to do some research comparing toothpaste brands.

Evidently there is a maximum amount of fluoride that can be in toothpaste – 1450 parts per million. The expensive ‘fluoride added’ toothpastes contain just the same as the Colgate toothpastes costing just over one pound. I do not do fluoride anyway. It is used to calm prisoners down and occludes the pineal gland.

Low tide – the ups and downs of human nature


I wrote to my sister telling her about covid and my work. She responded saying that it is all in God’s hands and that He will triumph; she did not want to go down the route of discussing or arguing. I wrote back saying that my covid site was for research and information and that people can make up their own minds. I don’t think we should be conversing again on the topic.

Some days I feel just plain flat. Francoise came back from Frome to report that there was virtually no one in the town centre except for those shopping for food. this is the plan of the new world order to disempower us as a prelude to a Marxist/communist take over.  The public think that somehow, things will get back to normal. In the absence of a rebellion, I cannot see this happening. I wont say it is depressing, just sobering.

Today has been strangely peaceful, nay flat. Francoise went out to have a massage and to meet a friend and I was remaining at home doing my usual entries of the latest information about Covid and 5 G. Monday is a slow day for news. It will come in this evening and then go on through the week until Saturday.

I’ve just been watching a fascinating film showing how the pyramids are much more than simple tombs, about 10,000 years ago,  and that many similar structures around the world have a large set of underground structures beneath them. It is suggested that the Annanuki gave inspiration about the transmission of energy both to Nikola Tesla and to the builders of the pyramids. If anyone wants to watch it, see here.

I have just noticed that with YouTube it is possible to search by voice for videos. For years I have ignored the small microphone button to the right of the search bar.  Maybe it has just appeared but in any case it is very useful and has intelligence of its own, figuring out what you are saying and making the best guess.

I cannot draw a lot of inspiration from what is going out on the media. I did watch the ITV good morning program to notice that Piers Morgan is castigating a poor unfortunate person by seeking out the lowest common denominator  and focusing on that and calling them daft. I do not know why anyone goes on this program because they know what will happen if they disagree with the mighty Piers.

Just been watching a series entitled ‘The Greater Reset’.   Did you know that when you buy a smart car, phone …. smart anything…. you are buying into a system. SMART is an acronym


That’s where we are going, folks.

Off to slump in front of the TV, with lovely crackling log fire to boot.