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I am hoping to give a talk on Covid to a group of Christian men. This morning I was perplexed, feeling that if I came on ‘full blast’ I would alienate people so by strange coincidence I rang the organizer to discuss at about the same time as he was thinking about calling me for the same reason.

Any matter irrespective of the detail needs to be seen from three different view points.  Historical – how it came to manifest, nuts and bolts (what is going on at the moment) and inter-dimensionally – how it affects our spiritual nature – the body mind spirit complex.  This requires work. Big subject like covid are world-changing. You need to spend substantial time getting down and studying the topic to make any sense of it, including historical factors that don’t appear to have anything to do with covid such as the Georgia Guidestones.

Today I baked my own bread. In recent times I had a failure in that the bread did not rise.  I finally discovered that this was due to the yeast being out of date. It just takes one wrong link in the chain.

Today, wonderful sun, the allotment car park was full.  I loved seeing the children in one family jumping around with joy and anticipation.  It is also somewhat of a record. I cannot remember wearing shorts in February  but here am I  resplendent in them.

A letter from the Mall Gallery in London. Their finances are severely down due to lack of customers both the public and corporate so they are appealing for money.

What do I hear. From a date in April you can get beer in a pub for take-away?  This is year one of ten during which Western society is being systematically dismantled. Denying people their pubs and their sporting events based in a ‘virus’ from which 99.99% of people recover.  What could possibly be wrong in that.

I heard that Ian R. Crane, organiser of the Alternative View conferences and courageous campaigner died last Thursday. He will be missed. Its up to others to light the fire and carry the flame.

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