Life in this open prison – a question for us all


My writings these days are less frequent due to – a black and white landscape of conformity, masks, bad news, lies, deceit. We have to focus on our own spirit and maintain our momentum when all is crashing around us or will do so.

I am a member of a men’s Christian group which meets fortnightly via Zoom. They are fond of saying that ‘God is in control’. Maybe my faith is weak but after reading the article below could someone please explain to me exactly how he/she is in control.

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ONE year after the Government announced a three-week lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ of the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, there can no longer be any doubt that the position in Britain and elsewhere has nothing to do with any medical emergency, and probably never did.

This is not to claim there was never a pandemic, but that the policies enacted in response cannot be explained or justified by any reasonable concern for public health. Every element of the justification for the lockdowns that have been imposed across the world is baseless scientifically, without exception.

Further, the deception and repression which the implementation of lockdown has involved cannot be accounted for as honest errors or incompetence.

Censorship of alternative perspectives, the creation of a legal framework for installing a police state, and now the roll-out of experimental vaccines with questionable health benefits and seemingly zero political or social benefits (given that mask mandates and lockdown still persists) all indicate a conscious intention to deceive.

Again, lockdown has absolutely no relation to any medical emergency. The policy is based entirely on political criteria and implemented in the service of political objectives.

The extent to which the members of the current government and the national elite, the most mediocre in the history of Britain, fully grasp this is an open question.

A global plan can be conjectured from the common outlines of the policies executed across different states and nations. If this be the case, what is the political agenda?

One objective of the social control measures, not excluding the deployment of the corporation-funded militia BLM last summer, appears to be to infantilise and tyrannise the population as a preliminary step towards centralising global political-corporate control.

With the destruction of economic independence, the elimination of social differentiation and the reduction of the population into an aimless, shapeless mass (as distinct from the political elite) freedom transforms into a privilege, defined as the absence of its deprivation, and made conditional on political obedience.

Who or what is driving this agenda forward is more complex and subtle than a single centre of malevolence. The network which today controls the West is an aggregate of minor ethical defeats, shallow motives, misplaced loyalties, naked opportunism, faulty thinking, cynicism, greed, and megalomaniacal delusions.

It is composed of journalists and politicians, actors playing scientists and pharmaceutical executives, demented billionaires and agents of the CCP. And normal people, who for one reason or another wish to avoid confronting the reality that they are living in a world in which normality has ceased to function as an ethical position.

Many of the architects of the current situation don’t fully understand what they are doing. Some try to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing, others suffer no illusions, or no conception of a difference between right and wrong. Some believe they need to save the world. Others want only to save their jobs or reputations. What defines them generally is private interest, camouflaged by self-deception, which adds up to a collective enterprise which is moving in a certain way.

Self-interest is the reason that the government is now more scared of ending the pandemic than prolonging it. When/if the emergency ends, the wreckage of the orgy of corruption over which Johnson and his allies have presided presents a set of questions to which they have no answers. Accordingly, the crisis cannot end so long as this clique remains in power.

Those who stand to gain from the new normal include politicians, the media and other parts of the establishment. It whispers an opportunity to join the highest echelons of power, as permanent administrators of an ex-democratic country, to become powerful and rich in their own right, like the inner circle of the CCP. Directed towards this goal, they sacrifice the principle of justice, suppress all ethics, disregard entirely the welfare of the people, and affirm allegiance to an international consortium of corporate and political concerns.

The rhetoric of ‘decolonisation’ which now underwrites cultural agendas across the West is part of this dynamic. The colony is Britain, or other individual Western countries. The term refers to the revocation of national autonomy and the elimination of national identity, as the territory is placed under direct control, as in Xinjiang, Hong Kong or Tibet.

What BLM and LGBTQ+ designate are artificial categories stripped of specificity and context: they have no relation whatsoever to any authentic cultural or ethnic group. What Starmer, Biden, Schumer and Pelosi and the Metropolitan Police all kneeled before, as US cities burned last year, wasn’t racial justice, a propaganda fantasy of corporate strategy, but global power.

Trump was removed from power for attempting to represent the interests of Americans against the interests of the global corporate centre. Johnson, less the leader of an independent nation and more the satrap of the global empire, has no comparable ambitions for the British. As Sir Desmond Swayne noted in the House of Commons, speaking to empty benches in March last year, we are in a situation of State capture.

The faction which is today calling the shots is not concealed: it includes above all Bill Gates (whose foundation has invested heavily in Sage), the WHO, the Centers for Disease Control, Neil Ferguson, Chris Whitty, the Wellcome Trust, Imperial College, Johns Hopkins Medical School and lockdown advocates in other countries, including Anthony Fauci, whose US National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease supported ‘gain of function’ research on coronaviruses in the Wuhan lab now believed by US State Department analysts to be the point of origin for SARS-CoV-2.

Explicitly identified by Dominic Cummings in his testimony to the Science and Technology Committee last week as the architect of Britain’s vaccines planning, Gates is not a Bond villain operating on his own initiative. He is closer to a project manager, working in collaboration with partners including the CCP, other oligarchs and their foundations, and associated global corporate interests. The World Economic Forum is the central committee of these interests, but Klaus Schwab also is a functionary rather than the author of the enterprise, which has no single author. The ‘great reset’ is the work of a committee, not a single vision.

Hence the vagueness of a slogan designed to mean different things to different people, to the point where it is possible to reconcile within it the ideas of Prince Charles with Schwab’s transhumanism, the antithesis, under the rubric of a shared concern for the environment.

What now seems on the cards is less a reset than an acceleration of the devastation of the last two decades with technocratic globalism replacing democracy and capitalism, a doctrine of collective guilt, and privilege replacing freedom, and behaviourism replacing human dignity as homo imago dei.

The future will be characterised by new restrictions on movement, restrictions on speech, restrictions on free enterprise, rolling campaigns of psychological terrorism, intimidation and suppression of the opposition, and total surveillance of the population.

In effect, lockdown will never end, but instead be concretised as a lockdown without walls. The device for achieving this objective is the vaccine passport.

Vaccine passports are not about vaccination: rather they will facilitate the implementation of a new system of control. For the elites, they will confer freedoms to move around a new world without borders. Meanwhile, the masses will not be allowed to leave their countries or cities, or eventually perhaps even their houses.

The destruction of the private sector and the immiseration of the middle class which has defined the economic story of the last twelve months have created the conditions for the second phase in the new order: the elimination of cash.

What is coming is a universal basic income, paid in digital currency which must be spent in global businesses on certain products, and cannot be invested or transferred.

Tethered to social credit, which will be linked to vaccination status and speech policing, those articulating opposition to the priorities of the new regime will be flagged for violations and cut off from accessing society, as easily as anti-lockdown scientists were removed from YouTube or the President of the United States was removed from social media.

Global government is not considering these policies: it has already decided on them.

In September 2019, ID2020, a digital identity initiative organised by Gates, launched a trial programme to ‘leverage immunisation as an opportunity to establish digital identity’ in collaboration with the government of Bangladesh.

These policies are coming to Great Britain. The campaign of psychological warfare of the last twelve months has consisted of an operation to render them not only plausible but desirable to the point where one now reads the amazing argument that the ‘vaccine passport gives us freedom’.

What is crucial to appreciate is there are no natural limits to how twisted and repressive this system can become. The record of the last twelve months, with the elites’ total disregard for human rights, the rule of law, and the principle of truth, together with a willingness to inflict endless suffering on other people, in the service of political objectives, in the context of a campaign of global psychological and economic terrorism, suggests no basis for extending any benefit of doubt.

Perhaps there are benevolent and wise authorities in whom, in circumstances of real emergency, society would be prepared to place its trust. But Bill Gates and friends, individuals seemingly devoid of any spiritual attainments, are not those authorities.

In the first phase of the pandemic, Gates Foundation-funded propaganda models projecting hospital capacity would be overwhelmed resulted in a policy to empty them by cancelling routine treatments and releasing elderly untested patients into care homes.

The policy resulted in the excess deaths of tens of thousands in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and a backlog of six million patients that will kill hundreds of thousands more.

Around the same time came efforts by public health officials to discourage and suppress cheap, simple and effective treatments to give pharmaceutical companies a captive market for lucrative experimental vaccines. This policy was similarly bloody.

The cruelty which the British government is now inflicting on young children continues to defy every standard of morality. Schools, which should never have closed, are now returning under a regime of psychological conditioning including pointless and obsessive testing and a mandate to wear dehumanising masks.

These measures have just as little basis in any medical necessity as the CCP/Gates Foundation lockdowns: they are psychological control techniques devised by Communist Party member Susan Michie and other Sage behavioral scientists to humiliate and compel submission, and amount to child abuse at a national scale.

Johnson, a man without convictions, or even the capacity to form convictions, has implemented all this in Britain purely for self-interest, weakness, and inertia, likewise his cabinet of pygmies, likewise broken robot Starmer, likewise Gates Foundation tools of Sage, likewise the police who have betrayed their oath, likewise the actors playing editors or journalists or conservatives, likewise everybody else who chooses to comply.

Spring Equinox – and some synchronicity


Off to Glastonbury for the Spring Equinox. Due to the continuing Covid restrictions, Chalice Well was closed for group events but still open for pilgrims. They had just dressed the well-head and beautiful did it look.



I wandered around whilst Francoise spent time in meditation.



This was a small chapel off the High Street available for prayer and meditation.

Very depressing to see well liked pub in Wells up for sale


Oh dear when will this madness stop. We went to Wells on a whim, the weather being fairly good. A walk down the High Street confirmed our fears, that many shops that we had taken for granted would likely not open again. Do they get relief on their rent and rates?  I don’t think so.  They are being squeezed from both ends. This included my favorite pub, one that served good quality drinks and cheap prices, and had a lovely garden where you could escape from the heat of summer.

We went to the Bishops Garden – well populated by people with no masks. Francoise met a man who was gardening, he used to work in the kitchen but has taken so much to garden work that he has resigned his jobs at the Cathedral and is going to re-train as a landscape gardener. Forced relocation you might say but in his case not much force was needed.

Here follow some pictures of this ever-changing environment.

We then popped in to the Rocky Mountain Garden Centre. It was very strange how everyone wore a mask except us though most of them were outside. In the Wells gardens, virtually no one wore a face covering. We then went to collect some fish and chips from Hartleys Restaurant. I saw the sign below which further endeared me to them


A sad day


We went off yesterday Friday to have fish and chips at Hartley’s tearooms  (a slight misnomer as they serve breakfast and lunch). We consumed them in our car as you cant sit down in a cafe until …….date ? when covid inexplicably goes to sleep.

Prior to that we went to Rocky Mountain Nursery. Next to them is a shop that sells a variety of practical bric a brac and household items. There were closing down signs outside accompanied by a 50% discount.  Francoise went in and purchased a few things. She asked the proprietor what he was going to do as he has been running the business for years and he looked down and said ‘I dont know’. He was near to tears.

Francoise had to leave the shop as she felt tearful also. This is the price we have to pay. Multiply that thousands of times up and down the high street and there will be some indication of the destruction wrought upon this country of UK and indeed western society in general.

It is a strange time when I have to remind myself what day it is. Here we are a year in to the period 2020-2030 during which the world is slated to be completely reconstituted and controlled by artificial intelligence. ‘They’ have not done a bad job (for them anyway) and its only a year in. The public are so gullible it makes me cringe.

I have about 800 books. I need to read them all at at least ten yearly intervals but that is a hopelessly optimistic goal.  The problem is. they are all good.  I must tear myself away from TV more. Easier said than done.

I am reading Bill Brysons ‘At Home’. I love his reading style. It’s a ‘page turner’ as they say.

Last night we had much wind, and sheds on the allotment which I did not expect to succumb did indeed do so.


The glories of re-cycling – the ‘Monday morning feeling’ with a difference


I woke shortly after 8 am worried that my full care service and MOT due on Tuesday would run over to Wednesday when i had booked a precious slot at the local re-cycle. We have a new system which I quote like where you book a time on the Internet – a 15 minute slot – and turn up thus avoiding the queues which can often appear.

I decided to see if there was a cancellation and sure enough – there was. The one and only slot was offered – for 9 am.  Quick as a flash I booked it. Francoise jumped out of bed to assist the loading of the car.  We went via the allotment and made it with three minutes to spare.

I did not quite like the look on the receptionist’s face – ‘blank and puzzled’ was the best description. I said I had booked and showed him the booking to prove it. Only one problem, in my haste I had booked for the depot in Bath, a good 30 minute drive away.   Quite how this could have happened escapes me but there I was, sitting like a lemon with a car full of spoil.   The man kindly let me in ‘this time’.

My problems had not ended. I could not get the rear door of the car open because it was jammed by a few small branches so we had to unload through the side doors but eventually through kicking the rear door several times I managed to open it. We finally unloaded and left without further ado.

I worked hard on the Internet site yesterday Sunday  so decided to have a day off (which means working about four hours instead of eight). I had a nap during the afternoon and tidied up papers and fiddled around in the garden.

I uploaded some quite dreadful work (I mean – content that causes dread) which was about how the  vaccine which is not a vaccine at all interferes with the DNA. In the second shot it introduces new instructions into the body with all sort of programming implications. All those who want to be robots controlled by AI, step this way.

Another sunny but cold day, another walk in the fields around Wells


What a relief to see fewer people wearing the dreaded mask. We parked out of town and went for a country and woodland walk.

Today I sold my foldable bike for fear I would have an accident. I am wobbly sometimes and do not want to risk ending up in hospital. I advertised it on the local FaceBook pages and had 16 replies within a few hours. I offered it to the first person on the list (first come, first served)

The moat around Wells cathedral gardens

A clever idea for a seat – though slightly rough

A very old pill box

Brutalist architectural feature


The Christian attitude to becoming vaccinated


Last night I attended a ZOOM meeting. The conversation was slated to be on covid.  After the usual gay banter we got down to it. I told the 12 attendees that I had a covid web site and gave a demo of what it contained. I had organised a private page on my site so people could input whatever they felt was appropriate without the general public seeing it.

I led a discussion on how we change people’s mind or how we influence others. This elicited one or two comments. Then everyone split up into groups of four. ZOOM calls them ‘breakout rooms’ and I left them alone for 25 minutes. I could have joined in one of them but I decided they would be more spontaneous left to their own devices. At the end of the time we reconvened.

What followed was to me a demoralizing episode. The Christians’ attitude in the room was ‘God is in Charge’. I do not disagree with this in principle but a glance at what is actually going on would be a good idea.  There was no questioning of the ‘vaccine’ or the ethics of taking it or recommending it.  One person said that not taking the vaccine would be tantamount to not loving one’s neighbor presumably because I would infect them. Funny, the manufacturers do not claim that the vaccine changes transmission rates.

I told them that the whole was far too complicated to tell at one sitting, and the happenings before 2010 would take a whole evening but no one responded or blinked an eye.

It was clear that conformity was a solid wall around a castle.

I was asked to sum up, and I quickly realised that if I told them even one fact for example ‘the vaccine is not a vaccine within the accepted definition of the word’ I would lose everyone.   Eventually, all I said was that my site attempts to reflect all views and I preferred to be a referee rather than a player. Even this produced its own suspicion. One asked me how I filter out the fake news. I could have said that the BBC is the biggest fake news producer of all time.( If the BBC had investigated the truth there would be no ‘pandemic’ in the UK and the country would not be in the broken state that it is now).

My attitude is that I have done my duty of care. I made some recommendations of what to start reading – three Christian doctors and researchers whose opinion I trust.   I felt that the group were acting like hypnotized subjects. I have nothing against them as people and we are a jolly and communicative crowd. However,  fear can do strange things to the human psychology.

It was a sad evening as I have to keep my mouth shut on certain matters or remove myself from the group.

I read a most interesting and relevant article about the power of thoughts. I commend it to everyone who is assailed by negative thoughts and thinking. Here it is.

Out for a simple walk


As a discipline we must get out and about. This is a simple walk up a lane, through some fields and back home with a good appetite for lunch. About a couple of miles, a windless day alas with no sun but soothing to the spirit never-the-less.