Time, time everywhere and not a drop to drink

Time seems to be speeding up. It is true that more and more Covid material is landing on my desk and I have dedicated myself to adding it to my burgeoning website directory of ‘all things covid’. I still do not have time to do half the things I need to do, including reading, exercising or just relaxing.

This morning I went to collect some ordered scones for a tea party we are having today. I popped in to Lidl first thing and admired their huge £1.50 offering of mixed vegetables and fruit. It could almost keep a single person going for a week. We reckon there is about £6-£7 worth. What you cannot see here is a pomegranate and a melon.

Last Saturday we went to Wells and to another visit to the allotments and gardens. They still insist on charging one time visitors £15 so if you are coming from afar and cannot take advantage of the unlimited visits per year then ‘cough up or shut up’ seems to be the motto.

Locally, The Methodist Church here in Midsomer Norton is willingly following the government guidelines. This is the first time in my life I have seen that you have to book to come to Sunday worship.

I am increasingly worried about forthcoming food shortages which are due to deliberate policy of food destruction,  shortage of drivers (70,000 in the UK), shortage of labour to harvest food, disruption at ports around the world.  Those of you who eat might like to watch the 10 minute video.

Its going to be a different world out there. There is no escape.

For once it is a sunny day so I look forward to our afternoon tea with some new friends.