Disasters happen in threes


Last Saturday we went to Bournemouth for a Freedom rally and it was very interesting to note the sort of people that turned up and the reactions of the general public. Bournemouth is basically a dump at least in the centre where there are many chain shops such as SportsDirect surrounded by the odd artisan Cafe or any that have not been driven out of business recently.

The journey there was very pleasant, cross country with no motorways. We were served sandwiches by our lovely host who has worked for the Samaritans for 41 years and who supplies me with a good sprinkling of Covid related events everyday for which I’m very grateful.

The above is part of the valley that divides Bournemouth into two parts. It is well maintained and a joy to run, walk or jog along.

I met a lovely lady on the march called Fern who made it her business to supply people with video tapes and leaflets. She has been doing this for the past 20 years and seems to be unemployed. When I asked her how she found the money to do this she just said that God supplies it. It does me good to meet such people and it restores my faith in human nature.

The march self was an informal affair with people waving placards but it was spoilt by a person with a loudspeaker who shouted so much that it was impossible to hear what he said. We went down to the seafront adjacent to the pier and at least we saw the sea. Between rain clouds we admired the perfect sands for which Bournemouth is noted. We decided not to go on  the pier. The entrance fee was 90 pence, the wind was blowing too hard for us to enjoy it.

They say that accidents happen in groups of 3. On Monday morning I was having my Cornflakes when when a filling just fell out. This left me with very few upper teeth and made it impossible for me to actually eat food. I phoned my dentist and luckily got a same day appointment at 5:30. He took an impression of my upper and lower jaw. He promised to try and make a replacement the same week as he is going on holiday next week.

My second disaster was that while cooking a cauliflower cheese on Tuesday, I pulled the very heavy dish out of the oven and it shattered into a number of pieces probably due to it’s great age and fell on the floor.  I cut myself quite deeply on the second finger of my right hand. I went to hospital to have it attended to and eventually needed 3 stitches. Whilst there, the nurse noted a redness in my feet and thought I might have cellulitis. I was dispatched that evening to a local health Centre, actually in Keynsham, which is about 12 miles away. I was prescribed Fluxloxacillin to blast the disease before it got worse. It is and infection of the layer below the skin surface and if not treated can be dangerous.

My third disaster was after I started taking the pills as soon as I got home and was told to take two to pills four times a day. Also with it I took what is called MMS treatment which concerns chlorine dioxide, and a potent oxidising agent. It is very good on its own but with the the antibiotic it was an absolute disaster. I woke up at 3 in the morning in great pain and had a very strong retching effect. On an empty stomach that is something to experience. I found myself sweating and then getting very cold so I eventually got to bed about six in the morning and slept through till 9:30 where upon I felt better.

On the topic of funding, I’ve recently started a campaign to fund my covid site; so far I have received about £550 including one generous donation of £300. I basically work for 40 hours a week for nothing and it is very nice to be recognised even though I’m not doing it for the money.

Also, my site where I advertise my psychic sessions has come alive and I have had 5 reading sessions over the last week. This is very encouraging and means that I don’t have to rely on gardening for my bread and butter. I was mentioned twice on UK Column which is a very good alternative news broadcasting system which runs on Monday Wednesday and Fridays at 1 p.m. on the internet.

An expedition to pick some garlic – with an unexpected disagreement


We have a friend staying with us so we decided to go to Wells in spite of an indifferent weather forecast.  Wells always has had a market on Saturdays specialising in food.  There were fewer stands (due to c****) but enough choice for me being seduced into buying a lovely walnut and almond slice.

We wandered around the High street where mercifully there were fewer mask wearers.  We had been considering buying an electric bike so went or tried to enter a bike shop. In front of the door was a bike chain to keep everyone out. We were not allowed to enter.  I can only feel for the poor fear-filled proprietor, frightened silly. We did not bother to engage.

To the Cathedral, or more specifically to the Gardens where we frequently go.  At the entrance I was shocked to find that the fee was a minimum of £15. Our friend refused to pay this. In what will be the start of a campaign by yours truly I wrote the first salvo to the relevant Facebook page:-

I wanted to take a friend to the Bishops Garden but found that arrangements have changed and that a single entry now costs £15. Apologetically the ticket seller said that the person could come back as many times as they wanted in the year. I said that this was no good as my friend was visiting from Essex and would not be returning.

So what about the occasional visitors, the tours, who is going to pay the same as you do for a large National Trust property. This is pure short sightedness and greed from the Cathedral Authorities. Incidentally my friend refused to pay and so we (with our annual tickets) did not visit.

We went for a walk in an adjacent wood and enjoyed the peace, birds in full song. Back to the car park then off to find some garlic (always florescent at this time of year) to our favourite ‘forgotten valley’ off the main road. We parked up at the top and worked our way down (see images).

and we discovered another display, similarly bedecked.

it was early in the season for garlic but we found some in a pickable condition by a stream in more daylight. We picked a couple of bags-full.

Odd to Pauls at Hartley’s Kitchen (passim) We treated ourselves to ice cream, a toffee barnhoffer cake. This completed the day. We finished at around 2pm as rain was threatened.

My Covid site ( is picking up momentum entry-wise but not reader wise. I must do some more publicity. Since 1 August 2020 I have added 5,359 entries. I am on my way to becoming the largest reference centre for this dreadful con.  I just hope enough people wake up before it is too late and we all lose our humanity.    Someone wrote an excellent letter to the Archbishop suggesting that he resign.  Resign, Archbishop Welby! You should be ashamed!

Fruit and gifts (of the spirit)



This morning was a men’s group. Today we were in a good mood telling jokes and discussing problems with our computer’s. I said that it was important for me just to be open with my feelings about what is going on at the moment and furthermore my need to feel accepted even though we might disagree.

On this occasion we were discussing the difference between gifts of the spirit and fruits of the spirit. We are all given intrinsic gifts either at birth or perhaps during our life when talents or skills  just appear. The process of converting them into actions and life-changing events is  what  is called a fruit. That is why it says in the Bible ‘a tree is known by it’s fruit.

After the meeting ended, I had a warm feeling which lasted quite a few hours and was very pleasant and comforting.

I have not decided whether I want to take an interest in gardening this year. We do need to earn some money but I would prefer to get my website for giving advice more effective.  I would rather make it through doing readings for people especially in this time of need. People are paying a heavy price for isolation and loneliness during the recent lockdown though this may change.

If there is any nerdy person listening, I became frustrated with my inbuilt text-to-speech built into my Windows 10 so did a quick search for ‘free speech-to-text’ programs, preferably one that works on the internet itself. I found a Google based one called It does work well and is about four times as fast as typing and it is free. It only works with Chrome. it is necessary to speak clearly and fairly slowly. There is a skill in watching what you are ‘typing’ as well as thinking of the next few words.

Boris Johnson has been speaking on TV since 5 p.m. Goodness knows what pantomime we will have now. He has fully sold out to the globalists and wants to ‘build back, build better’ which is a code for saying ‘destroy culture and society as it is and renew it with a communist Marxist based’ Society. It’s a pity he didn’t think to ask us first but then globalists would think that asking the actual useless Eaters is a waste of energy and what do they know anyway.

An Easy Jet plane crosses the moon in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. See SWNS copy SWCAmoon: A passenger jet ended up being silhouetted dramatically in the night sky – as it crossed perfectly across the centre of the full moon in this “once-in-a-lifetime” photo. Photographer Ralph Symth, 57, had set up his camera to photograph the once-a-year ‘snow moon’ – the name given to the full moon that occurs in February. But Ralph ended up capturing something much more rare than the annual lunar event – as he saw an aeroplane perfectly intersect the large, bright, silvery moon.

What an absolutely lovely shot. Sometimes events just go the right way and you are in the right place at the right time.

Back to my stomach. I had two pills this morning but more importantly I ate the right food so I’ve been entirely without pain today which is a great relief. I am amazed that pain in the stomach drains me altogether and I feel about 10 years older. Without the pain I am my usual mischievous self. My son who works in Thailand recommended that I have smaller meals rather than two big meals. I still tend to be greedy so this would be a good discipline for me.

I bought a 32 Mb memory stick and gave it to Francoise so that she could store large files on it without risk of loss. I paid only about 6 pounds. I remember 20-years ago that £6 would not have bought even one megabyte. How times have changed, not always for the worse.



To Wells, and various


Having met a delightful psychic lady called Christine, one of the trustees of Chalice Well, we went to have a psychic reading. The reading was interesting but unfortunately I was afflicted by one of my more frequent stomach/digestion problems.  Such was the discomfort i had to leave the session (a first for me) and let Francoise represent me.  It seems my stomach is increasingly intolerant to Gluten, and also to any food consumed after about 5pm.  My routine will therefore be a good breakfast, and a late lunch between say 2 pm and 3pm. provided i have nothing else afterwards I will get a good night’s sleep.

Striking crimson tulips in the Palace Garden

This is a seat with the moniker “Happy to chat”. Problem is, if you sit in the middle no one can see the sign. Nice try.

Yesterday’s bargain from Lidl – £1.50 worth of vegetables and fruit. This could keep someone going for a couple of days.

Also yesterday my Covid site was mentioned on  by Alex Thomson. That coincided with my 5,000th entry on the topic since 1 August 2021.  I have 1,700 page reads which is encouraging and shows i have hopefully not wasting my time.

The weather continues to be unseasonably cold, going down to 2 degrees at night and maybe 12 degrees during the day. We were going to have a friend stay with us next weekend but what is the point if we have to sit in front of a fire rather than outside in the sun.

Without an significant growth I have no garden work.

Beltane celebrated at Chalice Well, Glastonbury


Today is Beltane otherwise known as mayday the 1st of May we are off to Glastonbury in general and chalice well in particular to celebrate. Many people particularly the ladies come bedecked with flowers in their hair. Men bring along their wizard sticks.

I had a number of wonderful conversations with strangers as you do. Chatting goes down well as we are on the same wavelength

I met two young ladies who were videoing and making their attempts to spread love light and female empowerment on the planet. I told them that their efforts were very important and that they should continue; they seem to be moved by this .

I met a couple who were from the north of England on their first visit and encouraged them to talk to anyone they met and also to go up the Tor were they could find a what almost amounted to a social club.

I came upon a young man called Solomon who clearly had done his homework and was at peace with himself. I was able to exchange a few sentences and wish him all the best. He is evidently known and respected locally at least according to one of the staff members that I met subsequently. I commented that he would be the type of person to draw people and good luck to him without ‘effort’ because he was ‘right’ with the universe.

We then went up The Tor. It takes about 20 minutes and requires a reasonable amount of energy and fitness. What gets me is the distance between the steps, or should I say the width, which you either do in one large stride or two small ones. I preferred to walk on the turf either side.

I was a little bit worried about my shortage of breath. I do not have any lung diseases so far as I know but anyway we took it in stages and made it to the top where it was a little bit windy but very well populated with a lot of people enjoying themselves having picnics and celebrating.

Rain threatened so we left about 4pm, good timing as it happened.

Sad in a way that we had more meaningful conversations in two hours than we would normally have in a week whilst stuck at home. The next years will be tough as the New World Order people turn the screws. The Powers that Be see us as cattle.

The Well dressed for the occasion.