Time, time everywhere and not a drop to drink


Time seems to be speeding up. It is true that more and more Covid material is landing on my desk and I have dedicated myself to adding it to my burgeoning website directory of ‘all things covid’. I still do not have time to do half the things I need to do, including reading, exercising or just relaxing.

This morning I went to collect some ordered scones for a tea party we are having today. I popped in to Lidl first thing and admired their huge £1.50 offering of mixed vegetables and fruit. It could almost keep a single person going for a week. We reckon there is about £6-£7 worth. What you cannot see here is a pomegranate and a melon.

Last Saturday we went to Wells and to another visit to the allotments and gardens. They still insist on charging one time visitors £15 so if you are coming from afar and cannot take advantage of the unlimited visits per year then ‘cough up or shut up’ seems to be the motto.

Locally, The Methodist Church here in Midsomer Norton is willingly following the government guidelines. This is the first time in my life I have seen that you have to book to come to Sunday worship.

I am increasingly worried about forthcoming food shortages which are due to deliberate policy of food destruction,  shortage of drivers (70,000 in the UK), shortage of labour to harvest food, disruption at ports around the world.  Those of you who eat might like to watch the 10 minute video.

Its going to be a different world out there. There is no escape.

For once it is a sunny day so I look forward to our afternoon tea with some new friends.



A weekend in London – conglomerate account and many images


We visited London between Thursday 17th June and Monday 21st June. The bus from Bath left 11.10 am and traveled the long route to Swindon (long diversion) and then Heathrow. Travel time the best part of four hours.

The last time we went the cost for the two of us was £25. This time it was £59.60. The train is about double that (£100 plus) so we think of what we would spend the saved money on. Buses are very sociable places and we often chat with others even in these Covid times.

To the Hotel, Premier Inn, in Haverstock Hill. I like a base for activities. We are staying for four nights. The first thing I do is arrange all my stuff in a familiar way. Its a bit like setting up home – in miniature. We discovered that the air-conditioning had failed so that was why the corridors were so steamingly hot and the ‘air conditioners’ did not work.  Even with the windows open, fresh air did not come in. This affected our ability to have a good night’s sleep. This explains why the prices were so reasonable.

We had a large influx of very strapping men with kilts. Scotland was playing football.

We planned to visit my sister and brother in law in South Croydon, an old friend in N21 (miles away)who we met on the Heath, A long established friend at the Army and Navy club in Waterloo, an old friend in Leatherhead,  lunch in Swiss Cottage with my oldest friend of 55 years, and finally two friends in Dulwich involving a visit to Dulwich Art Gallery and then a Greek Restaurant.

I have focused on advertising hoardings as this is a good indicator of how people are thinking, or not thinking. We will start with those and then move on.



How dare they invent such misleading nonsense.




Is this supposed to make someone more attractive?  Please.


common sense advertising – well done


Top of the range beef in a VERY expensive Hampstead shop (photographed at 2am on a night wander)











Some 20’s surrealist art in the Dulwich Art Gallery



Poppies at their best – Afternoon Tea



On a lovely sunny day, these poppies in our garden are full of light and colour.

Yesterday afternoon we had a delightful tea with two people on the same wavelength as us. We had lovely fresh cream, cottage cheese, freshly made scones, and a variety of teas. I can’t remember the last time I had such an occasion; as a bonus it was in a delightful conservatory attached to the property which gave an extra room to the house, 12-ft by 16- ft and was about the same size as an average living room.

It’s not often we make friends that are couples who are on our wavelength, red pill people I mean, this was certainly the case and we have arranged to meet again.

Earlier today I gave a business reading to my furthest flung customer, a German living on the south island of New Zealand who had to make decisions about whether to hire a particular person. I always look at the background and the childhood of the person to tell what qualities of dependent and honesty they have. Very often dishonesty is a sign of defensiveness when one has been attacked – often unjustly – in earlier years.

Boris has threatened to put off the time for opening up this country (UK) from the 21st of June as originally promised to 21st of July citing various variants that are appearing and the difficulty in getting hold of Vaccines. When will the great British public realise that Boris is working for someone else than the British people. I suppose when they get out of their fear induced trance.

More time for myself – a real tonic


Today I had back-to-back meetings about advertising my psychic and Remote Viewing  services in LinkedIn. This is an enormous potential marketplace with millions of people sharing with each other every hour of each day. The meeting was at 8 a.m. There was another meeting which was a video teaching conference lasting for two-and-a-half hours that again was very interesting and helpful. I seldom get a chance to learn new subject as I’m so busy maintaining what I do.

I went along for a routine check up of my new dentures this afternoon. The queues out of Bath were so long due to road works that I decided to give myself a little time to myself and went off to the Kennet and Avon canal which goes to London via Chippenham. In the local restaurant adjacent to the canal I treated myself to a latte and the best drizzle cake I have ever had in my life. It was so good that I had to go back to the chef and tell her.

A tented area to enable boat servicing in the winter

Many boats parked up. (Dundas Aqueduct)

I realised that I need to take frequent breaks even small breaks but I do need a break from the computer and from my immediate environment and it it refreshed to me in a way that watching television and even reading books  does not. It’s all part of my new birthday resolution to give myself more rest and recreation; the day before yesterday it was music and today it is little treats like I allowed myself.

I went on a zoom call this afternoon talking about how to deal with family members who do not agree with the the idea that Covid could be a fake. Sad that if you argued with them both people would be losers. If you fill yourself with the correct information your energy will change and you will not radiate aggression but compassion. I think this is the long term those things; nature abhors a vacuum and that includes the vacuum of ignorance.

I presided over the Frome men’s group this evening. There were only three of us so we decided that we were not quorate and drew the meeting to a close after it became clear that no one else was coming. I find that for no apparent reason, meetings can be successful or not. I say that whatever will be will be.  Worry did no one any good.

Some rain showers but in general the weather it set to be warm.  I must prepare for next weekend’s trip to London,  mainly to see friends.

Where did the time go? Today it is my birth day. Clue is in the song ** Sunset Strip


For some reason our plans for celebrating my birthday which falls on today Monday 7th of June 2021 were not working. We discovered that all the local restaurants where we planned to go were closed on Monday or certainly at lunchtime. I looked around in the way I do and I thought that we should go to Weymouth. We went there some time ago, two or was it three years ago for a fish Festival so we decided to check the place out and I found a good fish restaurant in advance so we could have lunch, more of that anon.

The journey was about 52 miles and took across country one-and-a-half hours. We decided to leave in good time at 9:30. The weather was overcast with periods of rain but it soon cleared up.  We went to the park and ride because the parking in Weymouth can be very tricky (expensive)  at times. I decided this was going to be a day of self indulgence; my partner was very kindly going to pay for the food so we started off by walking around the harbour, picturesque even in the worst weather and as it was shortly after midday it seemed a very good idea to have a drink, one which I had not had for at least 3 years – a large gin and tonic. We had a chat with someone about their electric bike. His weighed a ton but had 45 miles of power in it.

I find Weymouth much more attractive than Bournemouth. The latter has far too many large chains as I have written about before; Weymouth has lots of little shops all of which have character. We bought some nuts and raisins and other attractive foods from a health shop and having decided not to book turned up at the chosen restaurant, Rockfish,  at 1 p.m. Only to be told that there was no vacancy until 3 p.m.

Not sure about this image seen on the main promenade


We decided to ignore the opposition and so we spent the next 2 hours walking on the very large beach. We noticed three very large cruise ships which had been parked about a mile out. I understand the area around Southampton is so full that this became the overflow parking area. Local initiative has provided boats to go and view these parked behemoths, so long have they been there.

We returned at 3 p.m. And were seated. Francoise had a ray fish and I had a mackerel. Both were cooked in butter and were delicious and fresh. We had an interesting experience when paying the bill. I noticed that we have been billed £40 for a magnum of bubbly that we had not consumed. The staff were not sufficiently apologetic, and I did not get a good feeling about their attitude. However, the meal was good and particularly the ice-cream was of excellent quality being real cream not some pig fat or whatever else they use in the more common brands.

After the meal, I went to buy a 200 million-year-old fossil tree section, my eye having previously been caught. It was beautifully polished and I decided that this was my treat to myself for my birthday. This section of the coast is known as the Jurassic Coast for a good reason.

We then went to a very nice coffee bar abutting on the sand of the beach. I had a latte and cake. We got talking to two ladies both of whom lived in Turkey for substantial parts of the year and of course with the red restriction, travel was impossible there so they compromised by taking holidays in the United Kingdom.

We then returned to the park and ride. We had one unpleasant experience on the bus. The driver hammered on the window and told me to wear a mask where upon I told him I was exempt and he said no more. We made a trip to Aldi just to see what was available and I found a very good bargain, an inflatable mattress which we could use for visitors to our house with its own motor built in for the price of £19.99. I decided to treat myself to that as well. We tried it when we got home and it is very firm.

We arrived back home about 8 p.m. I decided to continue the celebration by having a birthday cake and champagne tomorrow Tuesday. I look forward to this.

I have decided that there is not enough music in my life at the moment so I’m going to declare my 77th year to be the year of music.

You may have noticed  larger gaps between my entries in my journal. This is not because less is going on in fact I am more busy than ever maintaining my covid-19 site but there is nothing new of note to advise you on. I do not want to bore my readers to death but be assured the when something interesting comes along I will record it