Why do I bother listening to the ‘News’? plus Ladybird Books Exhibition

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Why do I bother to watch the news particularly in the morning? I’m getting sick of the repetition, the hypocrisy, the partial truths or the plain and simple lies and the sheer exhaustion of listening to people interrupting each other trying to score points. I have had enough. Instead, I have decided to start my day as from now with Trans World Radio which is a Christian broadcasting station based in America but with a satellite office here in the UK. There is an unfailing return to basics which I find more refreshing than swimming around in a sea of sewage.

The theme this morning was how to deal with a situation where doors are closed. They were saying that God will decide where is the best place for you. It’s simple wanted to move East and spread the gospel about the Holy Spirit said to him no and he eventually went in a westerly direction where he enjoyed great success. It may be that what we think is good for us with higher eyes is not actually good or it could be premature so waiting on God is not a passive thing but a state of mind of trust. Sometimes we get an impulse to do something but we don’t know why.

However, again talking about the news, I am sick and tired of the moribund nature of the House of Commons here in the United Kingdom. They are complaining that they feel threatened by the pro Palestinian protesters. What they are really saying is that their consciences have become deadened by vested interests and fear of going against the pack. Anyone who approves of this mass murder by the Israelis has compromised themselves I would almost say beyond recall. Just to remind people of what that term means.

Mass = a lot of people including men, women and children

Murder = causing the death of the above such as doctors, children, pregnant women, old people

Put the two words together and add the country and you get Israel mass murderers. Let that sink in.

Parliamentarians are too afraid to consider what the protesters are actually demanding which is that they take note of this calumny and do something about it. I see silence as constituting acceptance.  As Neil Oliver said recently in a very fiery broadcast in the name of God go.

I attended yoga this morning, my fourth exposure to this after many years of hovering in the background while Francoise carried on going every week. I have to accept the fact that at my age, the body does not automatically take care of itself and I have to look after it and tend to it. In addition to this, if as we are promised by the good guys there are going to be energetic changes on the planet then we need to change within to respond to it and keep up with the flow.

I have had great stomach problems, as I have mentioned, I continue to believe it is not systemic but the result of eating the wrong food and yesterday I talked in my diary about bread. I’m even wondering if I should have any coffee at all.  I’m going to have apple vinegar with mother every morning and try and avoid large meals. Yesterday evening my evening meal consisted of a piece of pork with mashed potatoes. There was zero effect on the stomach. YES!!!  In contract, once I ingest  the wrong thing, I get bloating, acidity, and I have to take all sorts of nonsense medication in order to counteract it. This is not the sort of life I want to lead.

To Bath hospital for my regular 6 weekly eye injection. Each time I go I treat myself to two things, the very nice and inexpensive lunch, The one shown is Beef and Kidney pie, potatoes, apple and pear crumble was £7.50. It was home cooked and of very good quality.

The other treat is the continually changing art gallery works for which I think the hospital is very progressive in its attitudes. I don’t know another hospital that does it on such a grand scale.

I turned up for my appointment one hour early but they don’t seem to mind so I was seen for eye checking within 10 minutes, and 10 minutes after I went in for my intervention. I know the questions they are going to ask me so I reel them off in advance.

I’m going home by bus.
I have not had any extra medication.
My date of birth.
You are going to operate on my left eye.
I am sensitive to cheap perfume.

This saves time to there amusement and mind.  Today I had my 57th eyelea injection. Privately each injection for this wet macular condition would cost £1,515. Had I done so privately it would have cost me £86,355. I can truly say that I have got my money back for my NHS class 2 contributions over the years.  People ask me if I can feel anything when people are injecting right into my eye. The answer is that they put in anaesthetic drops so I feel a slight prick in my eye and before I know about it it’s over and they put a few more aesthetic drops in just for good measure and remove the plastic cover.

Off to look around the images. They change the exhibition material regularly. All works are for sale. If anyone has cause to visit the hospital (RUH Bath) then do a walk around.

Special Ladybird Book Exhibition

To the Victoria art gallery in Bath running until the 16th of April 2024 and well worth a visit. The title of the exhibition is ‘the wonderful world of the ladybird book artists’. Wonderful it is, nostalgic it is. Website is here.

There are hundreds of books in this series. The mission statement appears below.


Francoise reading a selection of the books in an old fashioned caravan

A period image of the 1950’s

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