It all happens underground


Saw a delightful potential customer this morning who is secretary to social services, a division that cares for disabled children which she does three times a week. It is always a pleasure to work for such people and I try to give extra to those who give to others – simple as that. The daughter was the spitting image of the mother and works on a freelance basis for John Lewis as a designer. She works in London. What a delightful and polite young lady and not a mobile phone in sight. I wonder if there is any correlation, surely not.

I was able to welcome a new plot holder on my allotment. He has a few months to go before he retires and was looking for something to fill his time. This was not a brilliant time of year to take over an allotment because there’s not much you can plant except broad beans for the winter so the holder felt the best thing to do was to prepare the plot for next year. Luckily, he has access to a shed which was left by the previous tenant and there is one huge amount of rhubarb and several raspberry plants so they should be off to a good start.

This is the time of plenty for runner beans and for potatoes. The various creatures in the ground are very choosy about which ones of my varied potato varieties they consume. So much goes on under the ground you wouldn’t believe. Wireworms, flea beetles, potato tuberworm and white grubs are all soil-dwelling pests that feed on potato tubers. I find a marked difference in their attention between Desiree, which is a large red potato which they ignore, and other white varieties that are completely riddled with the accursed mentioned above and are hardly worth storing. I have decided this year to store potatoes in the loft in hessian sacks. Paper bags can be used but in any event the potatoes must breathe otherwise they get mouldy. Before storage it is important to weed out any diseased potato and therefore look at each one carefully.

The more you pick runner beans the more they grow and we have far more than we can cope with either in the bottom of the fridge or in baskets. Other Half is going to try and freeze them as they are and see whether they taste fresh in a few weeks time. The problem is the freezer is almost full so what do you do ha ha

Lord Howe was castigated by the mainstream media for daring to question the basis of climate change and was put up against Brian Cox who is the thought and paid for spokesman for the mainstream media. Ad hominem is normally a sign that you don’t have a good case and the only way the climate changers have managed to win their case so far anyway is because they suppress and ignore all the scientists who disagree. I’m told on good authority that the temperature of the oceans has gone down by 2°.
Hot and cold periods have been going on since time immemorial especially the famous Medieval warm period. I don’t think there were a lot of motorcars around at that time but they were certainly volcanoes and lots and lots of animals. The vast amounts of CO2 produced by ocean liners and the above-mentioned volcanoes more than cancel out  any tiny change in carbon dioxide levels resulting from more stringent requirements on motorcars.

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