cars, cars, and yet more vintage cars


We in Somerset know how to do things properly. If you are thinking of migrating or escaping from London and think there is nothing going on in the country you are incorrect. A lot goes on but it is not advertised widely mainly for economic reasons.

This is a car ‘meet’. The essence of such a meeting is its lack of formality. It’s free to everyone and show cars can come and go as they please. We arrived about 11 o’clock and found the whole field in Camerton full of people and cars. What I know about old cars from the technical point of view could be written on a postage stamp so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I just love the variety of colours, and the personalisation and care that people have gone to to maintain their vehicles and their motorbikes by the way. you can see the whole families sitting there with their picnic baskets basking in the fruits of their labour and keen to answer questions from the public.

I think I’m going to break the record for the longest web the page ever. How many of these car marques can you recognise?

PS If you want to see the images magnified, try Ctrl and + at the same time. Your own PC will have its own variation on this.

and especially built sidecar
for the Welsh 2 day trial 1960
a car driven by steam
subtle blue
the works
lemon yellows
two shades of green
VW traveller
embellished interior with memorabilia
Rolls Royce
not a common sight my dear
any guesses?
car with history
ever so twee
Zephir Six
from California
and more detail
A chevvy
The Edsel which if I recall did not sell well
a three wheeler I think
Oldsmobile? I can’t read the marque
no idea about this one
ultraclean detail
you could cook your breakfast on this one
An Austin
another Austin
two shades of blue not quite sure about this one
later Ford
Two USA cars
amazingly simple controls, brute force it seems to me

I have photographed only a fifth of the cars that were there but just to show you we do things in style in Somerset.



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