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We went to a meeting with one of the Midsomer Norton councillors who by chance rents a house from the Duchy of Cornwall.  They evidently own about 350 houses in the area. The tenant had the occasion to ring up because the boiler had ceased to function properly.  A cylinder head had evidently blown.  A firm hired by the Duchy came along and spent four days renewing the entire central heating system including the radiators.

On another occasion they were finding difficulty paying the rent the Prince of Wales has given instructions that no one is ever to be thrown out for not being able to pay.  A representative from the company came along and asked them if they could pay anything.  They said they could pay part so were instructed to pay what they could and then when better times came they could make it up. My wife remarked that if very landlord was like this there would not be the housing problem there is today

I wrote to the local Midsomer Norton Journal about climate change.  Since I did the first time, a veritable storm of letters have been sent to the editor. I tried to point out that the main driver was sun modified by the wobbling of the planet, that carbon dioxide levels have gone up and down since time immemorial and we have still survived; that we should do our own research and not believe anything that is said or spoken.  I think the Climate Changes become a post science religious cult with very little thinking attached.  People who are frightened will do what they’re told and that is the aim of those who wish to make money.  I am most unhappy about children all over the world who are frightened. It is so unnecessary.

I wrote to my fellow allotmenteers reminding them of the tempest on Sunday. My favourite forecasting client is which gives far more information far more graphically than the BBC’s cut down dumbed down version.

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