Faster and faster

To Tesco’s to find an orderly line of people, about 40m in length, waiting to be admitted.  I wanted to cut a key for my new car of that particular outlet is closed. To Lidl.  No queues.  Another skeptical person wondering why we have to stand 2 m apart when a puff of wind will blow whatever we have someone else.

Françoise went out to visit a neighbour, a lady of 82 years of age.  She had recently been to the dentist who gave us some antibiotics.  Since the dentist has closed she cannot get relief so she rang 111, our NHS advice service, to be told that if you wanted attention she would have to go to Gloucester which is about an hour by car.  The fact that she is 82, and has no car, is not deemed relevant.

I’m watching a really shocking video, though I should not be shocked by now, with David Icke talking about the connection between the so-called Covid 19 and 5G.  It’s hardly worth putting up the link because by the time I do people have been taken down by those lovely people who think they know better than us what the truth is.

I don’t know if there is any future for the human being.