A breath of fresh air during the fading lockdown

We decided to take a 10 mile trip to experience some fresh air in the deep country knowing that we might see a police officer on the way who might ask us what we are doing. However, the police you see on TV are on the main roads and motorways and there simply aren’t the officers available to patrol the country lanes. I believe that some are in self isolation so the chance of getting caught for anything is virtually zero.

I cannot tell you what a bliss it was to stroll along a quiet country lane, listen to the birds, and feeling the energies of mother nature coursing through my body. I enclose some photographs so please tune in and enjoy some of the feelings we experienced.

Can anyone identify what this was

There is something very strange about this corona lark. The very thing that could do us most good and make us strong, namely fresh air and sunlight, they are forbidding us from doing or making it very difficult. The virus has come and gone and the public are being fooled by lies and bad science. I’ve determined that as of today I will go for a walk every day. I really believe that the time is drawing near when the government will stop wrecking the country by freezing all economic activity and get people back to work.