The curse of the masks spread to Midsomer Norton


We went out to lunch today at Wetherspoon’s and had a pleasant enough meal.  As I previously stated, the chain has done a sensitive job with the redesign to comply with the welter of instructions that emanate from the ‘government’ . The only feature you would notice is that the seating is a bit more spaced out and that the condiments are offered in little sachets rather than bottles. As of today, milk and sugar have been reinstalled by the self service coffee machines.

We next went to a coffee place called Essence which is in The Hollies. I decided to go and have a coffee there but to cut a long story short, I was told that unless I washed my hands in the jell provided I would not be served. I walked out.

I then went to Costa coffee which is a big national chain here in the United Kingdom if not elsewhere in America. I notice that the woman in front of me was giving her name address and telephone number. I learnt that she did this in order to qualify for having a cup of coffee in the establishment. There was a note about the track and trace system. I asked for a takeaway coffee which was no problem and did not attract an identity enquiry. I refuse to give my name and address to anyone. If I really have to I will sign myself B. Bunny, Buckingham Palace and my number 01234 567890