Peace and laziness

Do the two go together? Sometimes. I have been very lazy yesterday and today and making some plans for our forthcoming London visit.  Meanwhile, in spite of the wind and rain or perhaps because of it, our darkness slowly springing into lifeFrogs always come back to the same place to spawn and they were undeterred by the netting that covers the pond to stop birds eating the gold fish.

Humble though our garden is, it has many delights and reminds us of what we take for granted so often – the miracle of life.

I watched an animal program today where a young giraffe was being born.  It lay for a moment, stood up and wandered around and in a few minutes was suckling the estrogenous  milk from its mother. I find it amazing that this is all built in to what we call ‘instinct’.

As you sow, so you will reap. it looks like the recent virus is actually a developed bio weapon in the wild – accident or experiment with humanity we shall probably never know.  See the footnote to a previous entry for the two relevant documents. Poor old people of Lombardy and Veneto, Italy not being able to come and go.